Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Yep, it's another birthday...

We like August birthdays in my family.  :P

Today my littlest sister, known as Laura on this blog, turns eleven years old.  *Amy falls on the floor in a dead swoon, unable to comprehend this phenomenon*  Pretty much every birthday post or card I've ever written for my siblings contains some variation on the "I can't believe how old you're getting" theme, so I'll skip it this time and write a little open letter to Laura (not her real name, but you knew that).

Dear Laura,

First of all, happiest of happy birthdays!  You're a very fine girl with no nonsense about you, most of the time at least, and I'm so grateful to have you as a sister.

(The fact that you really do bear a startling resemblance to Melissa Gilbert in the Little House on the Prairie TV show is no small joke amongst our siblings, so I thought it quite fitting to have pictures of her to illustrate this post.)

Your bubbly sense of humor, your passion for the ridiculous, your flawless talent for mimicry and your easygoing nature make you a tremendously fun person to be around-- I love all our inside jokes!  I'll never look at prowl cars, dirty socks or the name Jeffrey in the same way ever again.  :D

Our family has so many special memories because of you--no one has forgotten the time you put a toad in your mouth at the age of two or when you locked yourself in the bathroom and promptly fell asleep the same year.  (Your talent for taking impromptu naps whenever and wherever was a great source of amusement to the rest of us when you were a toddler.)  I'll always remember the night you were born and how I was the first sibling to hold you.  I was so excited to have a third sister, and you've been an amazing one in the last eleven years.

Your tender heart and boundless compassion are a constant source of inspiration to me-- okay, maybe I'm not inspired so much as to feel sorry for half-dissolved vitamins that get thrown in the trash, but you've definitely taught me to be more thoughtful of other people's needs.  Because we all know you're very sensitive to other people's needs... right? :D

Every day you impress me a little more with your musical abilities-- I remember back when you were eight and picking out ragtime music and the William Tell Overture on the piano by ear.  You've progressed so far since then, and we're all so proud of you.  Just stick to playing "Happy Birthday" on the piano and not setting the pitch when we sing it, okay?  (For the rest of you: Laura's notorious for starting "Happy Birthday" somewhere around the D above high C.)

You're so special to me, little Miss Egbert!  Happy birthday!



Jessie said...

Happy birthday to your sissy! Being 11 is, in a single word, awesome. Have a fun year, Laura!

Miss Melody Muffin said...

A very Happy Birthday to you, Laura!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!


Melody said...

Okay, curious about the Jeffrey thing... has it anything to do with The Pens?

Oh, and happy birthday to Laura! Heehee. ;)