Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Birthday, Molly!

Heehee... couldn't resist.  :D 
My dear sister Molly turns thirteen today, and I am both shocked and delighted.  Shocked because the last thirteen years have flown by so fast, delighted that my sister is now a teenager and her Jane Austen indoctrination can begin.  We start reading Pride and Prejudice together this very night. :)

Molly and her fantastic fashion sense  at age two... though for privacy's
sake you're not going to see a "Molly at thirteen" picture.  :P
I was a wicked sister today and hacked into Molly's blog, Each and Every Hour, to wish her a happy birthday--so if you have an invitation to her blog, you might wish to hop over there and read thirteen fun facts about Molly.  (If you don't have an invitation and would like to read Molly's blog, leave a comment requesting one and I'll see about procuring one for you.)  Oh-- and if you are hrmmm-ing and scowling at me for doing such a deplorable thing as stealing my sister's Blogger password, I will defend myself by saying that when she first created her account, she was so pleased with her password that she shared it with the family.  

I'm in a rather silly sort of mood tonight, so I'm just going to ramble about why my sister's so awesome (with manifold inside jokes for the family), and I shall also insert random cat pictures.  Because though Molly is well known for being a dog lover, she has a particular affinity to captioned cat pictures.  

Molly is quite an early bird.  I, though I would like to be industrious and early-rising, am usually not an early bird.  Hence, I identify with the kitten above.  Molly would be the kitten who is being threatened.

When Molly gets mad, she gets very mad-- but sometimes it's such a cute mad that it's all I can do not to giggle.  In general, however, she's the Beth in our circle of little women--calm, quiet and good-natured.  (The rest of us are a bunch of harum-scarum hooligans.  You didn't hear it from me.)

Molly loves to act, and currently she's gearing up for the triple role of Hero, Don Pedro and Borachio in our severely truncated production of Much Ado About Nothing (hey, when you're limited to five actors, characters start dying left and right).  We have discovered that she's very good at back-slapping. ;)

The picture above is one of my favorites (and rarely fails to reduce Anne-girl to hilarity-induced tears) but I must say, Molly would never be one of the Neglectful Humans in the picture--she has one of the tenderest and most compassionate hearts I've ever encountered.  Metaphorically speaking, since her heart is not actually visible.

Cough, cough.  Molly and I both have a tendency to Direct Things and Tell People How To Do It The Right Way.  It's not bossiness.  It's called Being Right.  "You know what it is.  Now swalley it." 

When she was wee, Molly used to ask, whenever we went out shopping, if we could go to Old McDonald's for lunch.  Ironically enough (in light of the picture above) it so happens that she has also had a long-standing ambition to volunteer at a vet's office.  :D

Last but not least (sorry... no cat...) Molly's skills as an actress are highlighted in her spot-on, bud-nipping impression of Barney Fife.  "Juanita? ...Barn."  She does, however, seem to get a bit annoyed when we repeatedly ask her to do her Barney thing.  "You just wanna see that little vein stick out!" 

Happy birthday, Molly!  May this next year bring you joy, fun, delight and a nice MLT, mutton-lettuce-and-tomata, where the mutton is nice and lean and the tomatas are ripe...



Mal said...

Happy Birthday, Molly! I hope you had an amazing day!
-mal :)

Melody said...

Heehee, I loved all the random cat pictures. :D

I'm so THRILLED for Molly that she has reached thirteen so now her life can begin! (Heehee.) And I'm quite proud of you for starting P&P already! *claps*
And this means YOU have to be rereading it, too. Hee. Hee, hee, hee.


Rachel (Cynthia) Heffington said...

Happy Birthday, Molly! Oooooh! Much Ado About Nothing! Sounds fabulous! I have been contemplating putting on a rendition of that play since I found a copy of the script in a thrift store!! :)

Jack said...

She sounds like a sweet sister and a blessing to your family! Happy Birthday to her!

Miss Melody Muffin said...

Happy Birthday, Molly!! (And yes, I said it over at Anne's blog, but I wanted to say it again!)

Pride and Prejudice! 'It is a truth universally acknowledged...' :) I love that book!

I LOVE that 'whoever woke me up' picture!!!

'You're not my real mom' I'm dying of laughter!! I'm one of those 'director' types, too. Is that quote by chance from Belles on Their Toes? The 'You know what is is' one?

Alexandra said...

Loved all the captions! Happy Birthday, Molly! I told Belle and she's like, yeah, I knew! And I'm like, WHY did no one tell me?! :-P

Happy happy birthday, Molly!!!

Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Molly! Hope your birthday was great! :-)

Kiri Liz said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Molly!! I hope she has the best thirteenth birthday ever! Sisters are so much fun! :)

Amy, I laughed heartily over each and every one of the pictures. Might I request an invite to Molly's blog? I've heard so much about it and have become very interested in reading it!

Anonymous said...

Happy 13th Birthday, Molly!! :-)

Amy, those cat pictures were HILARIOUS! I about died of laughter.

With love,


Mykaela said...

Ok, two things...for one thing, it's so funny, because my next brother also turned 13 yesterday!! And the other thing, I finally watched Tangled for the first time about three weeks ago and LOVED IT!!!!!!! I have been singing "When will my life begin" and "I see the light" ever since. :) Happy Birthday, Molly!

Rebelise said...

Hi Miss Dashwood! I tagged you over at my blog:
You have such a fun, interesting blog! :) I love reading all of your posts, especially your movie reviews! They are awesome and hilariously witty!

Alicia Showalter said...

Okay.. so I know that this is an extremely late request, but would it be at all possible to procure an invitation to Molly's dear little blog?? I would love to see it!! Thank you!!