Monday, June 23, 2014

Giveaway Winner! (and more shameless Novel Promotion)

“In old days books were written by men of letters and read by the public. Nowadays books are written by the public and read by nobody.” 
― Oscar Wilde

(this is a random funny quote related to publishing/writing to take up space in your Blogger dashboard so you won't see the winner's name until you click on the post.)

Thanks so much to everyone who entered the giveaway! Out of 42 total entries, the winner is...

Michaela Guerrero!

Michaela, please contact me ASAP at missdashwood95 AT gmail DOT com so we can discuss shipping details and all that jazz.

For those of you who did not win but might still be interested in ordering a copy, for this week only I'm offering a 30% discount if you use the code ZJUJHQEX in the CreateSpace estore.  Yeah, shameless plug.  Hey, I only do this every once in so often.  I'll shut up for another year, at least, now.  Promise.  (Buthere'sthelinkagainincaseyoumisseditthefirsttime.)

Thanks again for entering and showing support and all that classical!  (I said jazz already. One has to vary one's word usage now and then. Plus, classical music is better than jazz. Obviously.)


Melody said...

I could see the winner in the preview, eheheheheh.

Congrats, Michaela! Or I guess... happy luck? :P Congratulations never makes sense in this case.

Emma Jane said...

*Emma snaps her fingers disappointedly*

I was hoping to win it, but oh well. :-) I'd still like to buy it. Congratulations, Michaela!

Miss Elliot said...

Congratulations, Michaela!!!
"Lucky guess."
"Not luck at all. Just talent and intuition."
-Emma 2009
Okay, that doesn't make sense either, but...whatevah.

deryn joy said...

I would TOTALLY buy a copy, but...


you're going to enjoy it, michaela. don't say I didn't warn you.