Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Autumn Allure Fashion Event: Outfits Two and Three

I've decided to do my outfits two at a time to save space, so here you have Saturday's and today's.  I made no attempt at fashion whatsoever on Monday, since I babysat a one-year-old for a good part of the day and the old sweater I wore ended up rather... wet.  And chewed.  Ahem.

So, Saturday's outfit!  Denim, Khaki and Dolphins.  

I could call this "full-length shot" if I chose but I prefer to title it Paper Face On Parade.  (Because books are made of paper, you know.  It's a PUN.  It's supposed to be FUNNY.  Which means you should at least smile.


Khaki skirt - Goodwill
Denim top - Goodwill
Dolphin necklace - Outer Banks gift shop
White tank top - Walmart.

Everyone has at least one top that doesn't come up high enough.  I happen to have several, and for the most part I resort to using snaps or safety pins.  But that doesn't work too well on denim.  With this one, I could just sew a new button in place of the missing one, but I don't have one to match, so I usually just take the lazy easy way out and wear a tank top underneath.  But what about tank tops that are too low? you say.  Why, turn them around and wear them backwards, dahling!  That's what I did!

Tuesday's Outfit- Autumnal Ruffles (because that name sounds Romantical)

I didn't wear a necklace today because of deep, dark reasons known only to myself.  (read: I forgot)  Today the weather was that perfect fall-ish kind-- crisp and chilly but warm in the sun, so this lightweight long cardigan was perfect.  And it made me feel Dressy and Stylish, which are not bad things.  Not in the least.

White t-shirt - Land's End, thrifted 
Brown cardigan - Urban Outfitters, thrifted (cough... that's a theme in many of my outfits, so 'twould seem).  The sweater ties at the waist but that's the only way of attaching the two sides.  I didn't like the way it kept flopping open at the top (the perfectionist in me couldn't stand the sides being uneven) so I safety-pinned it.  Is there a statue somewhere to the person who invented safety pins?  There should be.

Denim skirt - hand-me-down from a friend
Brown pumps/loafers - J.C. Penney's.  I love these shoes to pieces.  Well, not literally to pieces.  But almost.

What have you been wearing these lovely autumn days?


Kiri Liz said...

"Paper Face On Parade".... I smiled, m'dear. A lot. :)

And my sisters and I do the same thing with the white tank tops. Including turning them around.

Are necklaces a must with every outfit? I must say, I *really* enjoying seeing the jewelry with everyone's outfits, but other than a watch, I hardly ever wear jewelry on weekdays. Hmm...

Rachel (Cynthia) Heffington said...

I'm so glad you're keeping up, Amy! :) And I love the brown sweater!

Melody said...

Paper faces on parade... ahem. I'm trying to think who told me about that idea before...


All the books and boxes in your room makes me want to jump into the picture and play Nancy Drew (who is always nosing into things, you know). Heh. ;P

Anyhow. Enjoyed looking at the pictures! :D Wearing tank tops under things may be easy, but it just so happens that it usually drives me nuts when I try to do that. Heh. I have so many pet peeves and picky-ness when it comes to clothes that it is a wonder there is anything in my closet at all... and what there is I probably don't wear half of. HAHA.

Molly said...

I smiled! I love your Autumnal Ruffles outfit!