Thursday, July 9, 2015

In Which Melody and I Natter On For a Very Long Time

Aaaaand here it is.  The promised, long-awaited (well, maybe) Podcast of Amy and Melody.  Recorded during our recent Visit.  For your listening pleasure.  With answers to the questions asked in this post and this one.

Strictly speaking it isn't really a podcast... it's a video... but whatever.

And if you wanted to see the dresses we were referencing... here is another shot of Melody's favorite of my dresses.

And here is a shot of her favorite of her own.  (I included only my favorites in the video pictures, heh.  How selfish of me. :P)

And there ya have it. ;)

Edited to add: after a subsequent re-watching of the Les Mis movie (when the podcast had already been recorded), Melody decided Courfeyrac was her favorite of Les Amis. :D