Saturday, August 18, 2012

Period Drama Trivia Quiz

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with the post.  It's just funny
and I'm currently in a rather silly mood.

Last week, Anne-girl and I went to a sleepover at a dear friend's house, and naturally all three of us suffered from a serious overdose of Giggles.  During our visit, we put together a period drama trivia quiz just for laughs, and with the other girls' permission I decided to post it on here.

Each question is multiple-choice, with four choices per answer, and each comes from a different period drama (though some come from the same one).   You can get one point for each correct answer and one point for each correct guess as to which question comes from which film.  Maximum number of points: 24.  Comment with your guesses and I'll reveal all the correct answers next Saturday.  I won't publish your comments until then, to make it fair.  (There are some other random references/quotes sprinkled throughout the answers... you will not get any more points for identifying these, but you may tremendously impress me, so go for it!)

I have now said quite enough, madam, so... good hunting! (name THAT quote if you can.  The "good hunting" part, that is.)

1. What does Mr. Guppy call Esther Summerson?
a) "My angel"
b) "Woman"
c) "Your Highness"
d) "Lady Dedlock"

2. Why does John Ridd get dressed up in his good clothes on a weekday?
a) He's going to London to get his hair cut.
b) "No reason."
c) "It's Sunday, Annie.  Duh."
d) It makes him feel pretty.

3.  What kind of food does Hyacinth Clare find vulgar?
a) Cheese
b) Peanuts
c) Chocolate
d) Organic baby banana food

4.  What makes Mr. Bingley special in Mrs. Bennet's eyes?
a) His beautiful curly hair
b) His charming and elegant sisters
c) His private petting zoo
d) His 5,000 a year

5. According to Squire Hamley, an engagement is not...
a) something to be taken lightly
b) an elephant
c) a thing to be broken
d) a llama wearing pink pajamas with penguins on the bottom.

6. According to Lizzy Bennet, what is a happy thought indeed?
a) shelves in the closet
b) a single man in possession of a good fortune
c) Pemberley
d) Mr. Collins doing the cha-cha

7. What did John Chivery want inscribed over his ashes?
a) The name "Lorna Doone"
b) The word "Mother"
c) The name "Amy"
d) The symbol of Batman

8. Complete this quote: "Look back..."
a) "Look back at me."
b) "And don't move a muscle."
c) "And say goodbye."
d) "Do I have toothpaste on my face?"

9. Why doesn't Mrs. Potter want tradesmen in the house?
a) They carry dust.
b) They carry fleas.
c) They try to sell you things you don't want.
d) They eat all the leftovers.

10. What epithet should be used to summon Mrs. Forrester's runaway cow?
a) "Bonnie dearest"
b) "Betty dearest"
c) "Bessie dearest"
d) "Get back here immediately you stupid cow"

11. What does Colonel Brandon offer Edward Ferrars?
a) A coach and four
b) A goose that lays golden eggs
c) A spyglass monocle thingy
d) A living in Delaford

12.  What does Marguerite Blakeney drop in the library?
a) Her earring
b) Her glass slipper
c) Her glove
d) Her timey-wimey detector.


Hayden said...

Ooooh! Fun. Let's see...

1) a- my angel
2) uhhh...
3) a- cheese
4) d- his 5000 a year.
5) b- an elephant. Amen to that :)
6) d- oh, I mean a. Shelves the in closet. Mr. Collins doing the cha-cha? Horrid thought indeed!!
7) c- Amy
8) a- "look back at me". *sob*
9) argh. I don't remember!! a?
10) c- "bessie dearest"
11) a spyglass monocle thingy!!! Oh, wait. C. A liveing. Bo-ring.
12) a- her earring.

Molly said...

1. a.
3. a.
5. b.
6. a.
7. a.
9. c.

Kirsten Fichter said...

This is just the sort of thing we period drama nuts, er, I mean, enthusiasts love! Though, I will confess that your "good hunting" quote has me stumped....

1. a) "My angel"

2. b) "No reason" (though I think we're all agreed he should have said d) ;)

3. a) Cheese

4. d) His 5,000 a year

5. b) an elephant

6. a) shelves in the closet

7. c) The name "Amy" ("Here lie the mortal remains... :)

8. a) "Look back at me."

9. a) They carry dust.

10. c) Bessie dearest (d is what Major Gordon wanted to say, but didn't)

11. d) A living in Delaford

12. a) Her earring

jillian n. said...

Oh, what jolly good fun! Here are my answers:

12=a (although I'm sorely tempted to put d!)

Melody said...


2-B (Or D according to you and your sister. :P)
4-D (A amused me)
5-B, ahahaha (Wow, D is...random.)
7-C. The first C, that is. Tootuz there are two.
10-C, though D is my favourite.

Glad I had a chance to do this! :)

Miss Dashwood said...

Ladies-- don't forget to guess the films that these questions come from if you want to accumulate more points!

Ten points, great job! The only ones you missed were 2 and 9--feel free to guess again.

You have five points! The only ones you missed were 7 and 9.

Kiri Liz,
Hint: the "good hunting" is not from a period drama. Sorry if that was confusing! :)
You have twelve points! Hahaha about #10... I agree.

Twelve points, congratulations!

You have twelve also!
A on #4 amused you, did it? Haha. That is the general idea. D is actually not random on 5 if you're from my family. :D Whoops, thanks for catching the second C on 7! I'll fix that.

Chloe M. Kookogey said...

Oh, this sounds fun, Amy! I haven't seen all of the period dramas you named, but I'll do my best. ;) My guesses are below:

1. b
2. a
3. a
4. d
5. c
6. a
7. c
8. a
9. a
10. c
11. d
12. c

Elizabeth Rose

Chloe M. Kookogey said...

Oops, I forgot the films! :P

1. Bleak House
2. Lorna Doone
3. Wives & Daughters
4. Pride and Prejudice
5. Wives & Daughters
6. Pride and Prejudice
7. Little Dorrit
8. North & South (love this movie!)
9. Miss Potter?
10. Cranford
11. Sense and Sensibility
12. Odd's fish, m'dear, it's The Scarlet Pimpernel, of course! ;)

Ella said...

My guesses:
Thanks for doing this.I enjoyed it:)
P.S.This si totally off subject,but have you seen the new Great Expectations 2012 movie trailer?

Miss Dashwood said...

Elizabeth Rose,
You have 20 points total! You guessed all the films correctly but you missed a few of the questions (1, 2, 5 and 12).

You have eleven points, good job! The only question you missed was #12.

Melody said...

Oops, totally missed the thing about mentioning the period dramas!

1. Bleak House
2. Lorna Doone
3. Wives and Daughters
4. Pride and Prejudice
5.Wives and Daugthers
6. Pride and Prejudice
7. Little Dorrit
8. North and South
9. Miss Potter
10. Cranford
11. Sense and Sensibility
12. The Scarlet Pimpernel

Okay, you have to tell me about the llama thing now. :P

Charity U said...

1. a, Bleak House.
3. a, Wives and Daughters.
4. d, P&P. :)
6. a, P&P.
7. c, Little Dorrit.
8. a, P&P?
11. d, S&S.
12. a, Scarlet Pimpernel.

I like these. :)

Rhoswen Faerie Wrose said...

1. b?
2. b? (a. is from Emma)
3. a- Wives&Daughters
4. d- Pride&Prejudice
5. c?
6. a- Pride&Prejudice (rather a favorite quote)
7. c- Little Dorrit
8. a- North&South (I tear up at that line every time!!!)
9. c?
10. a?
11. d- Sense&Sensability (c. is from The Scarlet Pimpernel)
12. a- The Scarlet Pimpernel (b. Cinderella...d. Doctor Who!!!! :-D Goes "ding" when there's stuff!!)

Kathryn said...

Here are my guesses:
#1 is (a.
#2 is (b.
#3 is (a.
#4 is (d.
#5 is (c.
#6 is (a. (One of my family's favorite quotes ever!)
#7 is (c.
#8 is (a.
#9 is (b.
#10 is (c. (To be said in a Scottish accent!)
#11 is (d.
#12 is (a.

This was a really fun quiz, even though I had to guess for the two or three period dramas that I have not seen.

S.K. said...

Here are my answers_
1. a, from 'Bleak House'
2. b, from 'Lorna Doone'
4. d, from 'Pride and Prejudice'
6. a, from 'Pride and Prejudice'
7. c, from 'Little Dorrit'
8. a, from 'North and South'
9. a, from 'Miss Potter'
10. c, from 'Cranford;
11. d, from 'Sense and Sensibility'
12. a, from 'The Scarlet Pimpernal'

Kirsten Fichter said...

Oh, we're to guess the films as well? Oops... that's (cue Mr. Guppy) mortifying. I hope you don't mind me posting a second comment. :)

1. Bleak House

2. Lorna Doone

3. Wives and Daughters

4. Pride and Prejudice (*ahem* 1995 version, of course ;)

5. Wives and Daughters

6. Pride and Prejudice

7. Little Dorrit

8. North and South

9. Miss Potter

10. Cranford

11. Sense and Sensibility

12. The Scarlet Pimpernel

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

How fun! :)

The "quite enough, madam" sounds like Henry Tilney, the "good hunting" doesn't really strike a familiar cord. hmm...nope can't think of it.

1. a, from Bleak House
2. b, Lorna Doone
3. a, Wives & Daughters
4. d, Pride & Prejudice (1995 I assume ;)
5. b, Wives & Daughters (d...oh my goodness!!! haha)
6. a, P&P 1995 (Mr. Collins doing the cha-cha would be something quite scary! heehee "Other way Mr. Collins!")
7. c, Little Dorrit (love d! "nah nah nah nah nah nah nah Batman!")
8. a, North & South (I might have toothpaste on my face, it is Sunday morning after all! :)
9. c?, from Miss Potter (I actually have only seen that once, because it made me cry the first time, so I can't remember what she said.)
10. c, Cranford (although "stupid cow" is quite appropriate too, but don't tell Mrs. Forrester that!)
11. d, Sense & Sensibility (although "a good that lays golden eggs" might have been more helpful if he'd thought of it. "a spyglass monocle thingy" - so Col. Brandon is Sir Percy now? hee)
12. oh dear! is it c? must be. from The Scarlet Pimpernel ("timey-miney detector" huh? Is Marguerite to be The Doctor's new traveling companion? ;)

Very funny and silly quiz, made me giggle tremendously! :D

Jessa Bri said...

1. a) "My angel" -Bleak House

2. b) "No reason." -Lorna Doone

3. a) Cheese -Wives and Daughters

4. d) His 5,000 a year -Pride and Prejudice

5. b) an elephant -Wives and Daughters

6. a) shelves in the closet -Pride and Prejudice (1995)

7. c) The name "Amy" -Little Dorrit

8. a) "Look back at me." -North and South

9. a) They carry dust. -Miss Potter

10. c) "Bessie dearest" -Cranford

11. d) A living in Delaford -Sense and Sensibility

12. a) Her earring -The Scarlet Pimpernel

Rachel Heffington said...

YAY! I know them aLLLLLLL! (I hope and think!)
Let's start:
1. A "Bleak House"
2. B "Lorna Doone"
3. A "Wives and Daughters"
4. D "Pride and Prejudice"
5. B "Wives and Daughters"
6. A "Pride and Prejudice
7. C "Little Dorrit"
8. A "North and South"
9. A "Miss Potter"
10. C "Cranford"
11. D "Sense and Sensibility
12. A "The Scarlet Pimpernel!"

Thanks for the fun quiz, Luv!

Miss Dashwood said...

Your score is now 24 points! Swellissimus!

Okay, I'll just tell you about the llama thing on here for everyone else's benefit. :D If you've ever heard the song "Circle of Life" from The Lion King, you'll know that it begins with a whole bunch of Swahili that Google says is "Nants ingonyama bagithi baba." But one time my cousin Emma said that it sounded like "pink pajamas with penguins on the bottom" and now that's how we sing it. "Pink pajamas, penguins on the bottom... pink pajamas, penguins on the bottom... from the day we arrive on the planet..." Et cetera and so forth.

And a llama in pajamas is just one of those things, you know? So it seems reasonable enough to extend that to a llama in pink pajamas with penguins on the bottom.

That was a long explanation.

Miss Dashwood said...

You have twelve points! The only ones you missed were the movie for #8 and the answer for #12 (the movie was correct for 12 though).

You have fifteen points! Your movie guesses were all correct but unfortunately your answers on 1,5, 9 and 10 were incorrect.

Ten points for you! The only ones you missed were 5 and 9. Don't forget to guess the films to accumulate more points!

Twenty points, great job! All your guesses were correct.

Kiri Liz,
Heehee, that's okay-- you're not the only one who didn't seem to notice that part. :P
You now have a total of 24 points!

Miss Laurie,
The "quite enough, madam" is actually not Henry Tilney but you're on the right track. :D I'm not sure you would know the "good hunting" reference though.
Your total is 22 points! The only answers you missed were 9 and 12; you guessed all the films correctly.

Jessa Bri,
Great job, you have 24 points and no mistakes!

You're welcome, luv! You have all 24 points! :D

Julia said...

Oh, Amy, I am chortling over here about this funny quiz!

Here goes.

No idea about "Good hunting." None. Zip. Nada. Moving on.

1. Have not seen this movie, whatever it is.

2. B! I know this from reading your hilarious review.

3. CHEESE! or A. :D Wives & Daughters is a new favorite of ours since reading about it on your blog. :D

4. D - oh my, the options for this question had me in stitches.

5. B! An elephant! HAHAHA.

6. A. But I think she likes B and C too. ;) NOT D. OH MY WORD.

7. C. "Amy". *SOB-WAIL*

8. "Look back at me". I only know this from Pinterest. ;) North & South, right? I've only seen it once but it got all messed up because we switched DVDs too early and got majorly confused.

9. Never seen Miss Potter! Want to!

10. C. Bessie Dearest? That was a guess. :D I've only seen the first half of Cranford once on TV.

11. D. (again, cracking up here)

12. A! Her earring! And that cheeesy Chauvelin found it, the dirty rat. :P

Such fun! Thanks for sharing the quiz, Amy!


Lady Bibliophile said...

"I have now said quite enough, madam"--Mr Darcy, Pride & Predjudice (?)

1. a. (Bleak House)
2. b. (Lorna Doone (?)
3. a. (Wives and Daughters)
4. d. (Pride and Predjudice)
5 b. (Wives and Daughters)
6. a. (Pride and Predjudice
7. c. (Little Dorrit)
8. c.
9. c. (?)
10. c. (?)
11. d. (Sense and Sensibility)
12. c. (The Scarlet Pimpernel

Very clever, Miss Dashwood. :D I am a newcomer to your blog and enjoy it excessively. I heard of it through Austenitis, and hope to visit often!


Marie said...

Okay, here I go.
#1: a (Bleak House)
#4: d (Pride and Prejudice)
#5: c (Wives and Daughters)
#6: a (Pride and Prejudice)
#7: c (Little Dorrit)
#8: a (North and South)
#10: c (Cranford)
#11: d (Sense and Sensibility)
#12: a (The Scarlet Pimpernel)

Miss Dashwood said...

You have fourteen points total! Don't forget to guess the films for the questions you answered!

Lady Bibliophile,
Thanks for stopping by--it's lovely to "meet" you!
Your total is eighteen points-- you missed questions 8 and 9, and guessed the movie correctly on 12 but missed the question. Feel free to try again, though!

Great job, 18 points!

Mykaela said...

Oh no!! I forgot to guess the movies! Can I try now? Please say yes! :) Ok, I am going to guess anyway, even if you said no.
1. Bleak House
2. Nicholas Nickleby?
3. Wives and Daughters
4. P&P
5. Wives and Daughters
6. P&P
7. Little Dorrit
8. ???????
9. ???????
10. Cranford
11. S&S
12. I am guessing TSP.

Anonymous said...

OOH!! FUN!!!

1. a) My Angel. The movie is Bleak House and it's awesome and I just watched it for the first time a few months ago but I've already had a texting conversation with Arwen in all Guppy-ese. "I fink..."

2. Umm... I don't know. : )

3. Organic baby banana food - ha! No, that's not my answer. : ) Cheese? I haven't seen that movie in a while. : P Wives and Daughters.

4. d) His 5,000 a year. "AND he has five. THOUSAND. a year." P&P95!

5. b) An elephant. : ) Wives and Daughters.

6. Sir Percy isn't an answer.... : ( I'll go with a) shelves in the closet. (Mr. Collins doing the cha-cha - HA!!!) P&P95.

7. c) The name "Amy." Infinitely preferable to the Batman symbol. "Here lie the mortal remains..." Sob. Gets me every time! Little Dorrit, one of my top favorite period dramas. : )

8. Sniff. a) Look back at me. (And try not to sob as your carriage drives away!!) North and South.

9. Ohhh... I don't know! I'll guess a) They carry dust. Miss Potter.

10. D!!! HA!! Kidding. C) Bessie Dearest? The Return to Cranford.

11. D) A living in Delaford. And he's so nice about it... : ) S&S.

12. HER TIMEY-WIMEY DETECTOR!! HA!! Have you seen Doctor Who? What do you tink about it? If not, are you going to see it? the answer is a) Her earring. From the best movie EVAH, The Scarlet Pimpernel. (Sink me, that's only the title!!)


Jessica said...

1. A- My Angel (Bleak House)

2. B- No Reason ( Lorna Doone)

3. A- Cheese (Wives and Daughters)

4. D- His 5000 a year (Pride and Prejudice)

5. A? I couldn't quite decide between A and C, but I'll go with A. (Wives and Daughers)

6. A- A happy thought indeed. ;-)(Pride and Prejudice)

7. C- Amy (Aren't you flattered? hehe)
(Little Dorrit)

8. A (I cannot place the movie, I am afraid.)

9. A- They carry dust (Miss Potter)

10. C- Bessie dearest (Cranford)

11. D- A living (Sense and Sensibility)

12. A- Her earring )The Scarlet Pimpernel)

Awdur said...

I have not looked at the answers - am I too late to guess?

1. b)
2. b)
3. b)
4. d)
5. c)
6. c)
7. a)
8. a)
9. c)
10. a)
11. d)
12. c)

Margaret Hale said...

This quiz was so much fun!
1.A, from Bleak House.
2.B, from Lorna Doone (I was actually just guessing on this one, because I haven't read the book yet.)
3.A, from Wives and Daughters.
4.D, from Pride and Prejudice.
5.B, from Wives and Daughters.
6.A, from Pride and Prejudice. (I can almost imagine Mr. Collins doing the cha-cha.)
7.c, from Little Dorrit.
8.A, from North and South. (Do I have toothpaste on my face? heehee.)
9.A, from Miss Potter.
10.C, from Cranford.
11.D, from Sense and Sensibility.
12.A, from The Scarlet Pimpernel.

Lydia said...

1)a) "My angel"- bleak house
2)b) "No reason."- Lorna doone
3)a) Cheese- wives and daughters
4)d) His 5,000 a year- pride and prejudice
5)b) an elephant- wives and daughters
6)a) shelves in the closet- pride and prejudice
7)c) The name "Amy"- Little Dorrit
8)a) "Look back at me."- North and South (does anyone else get shivers when he says that?)
9)c) They try to sell you things you don't want.- miss potter (never seen it so i am just guessing)
10)c) "Bessie dearest"- cranford
11)d) A living in Delaford- Sense and Sensibility
12)a) Her earring- the scarlet Pimpernel

Scullery Maid said...

#1 A
#2 B
#3 A It is society in general who finds peanuts vulgar(Except for Tom and Polly, but the are not society in general)
#4 D
#5 B
#6 A
#7 C
#8 A
#9 C
#10 C
#11 D
#12 A

Scullery Maid said...

Oh, I forgot about guessing the films!
#1 Bleak House
#2 Lorna Doone
#3 Wives and Daughters
#4 Pride and Prejudice
#5 Wives and Daughters
#6 Pride and Prejudice
#7 Little Dorrit
#8 North and South
#9 Miss Potter
#10 Cranford
#11 Sense and Sensibility
#12 The Scarlet Pimpernel

Miss Dashwood said...

Certainly you may guess the movies... but did you answer the questions? If you did, your comment never showed up. :( You have nine points-- the only one you got wrong was #2.

You have 21 points! The only one you missed was the movie for #10. Hahaha, I should have used your suggestion as one of the options for #6... now that IS a happy thought indeed. :D
I haven't seen Doctor Who, but I've heard a great deal about it (enough to quote and make random references so people think I've seen it. Heehee.)

You have 22 points! The only one you missed was the question for #5 (you guessed the movie right, though).
Haha, yes, I always do feel a bit flattered at that part... Well, pleased would probably be a better word. :P

You're not too late! You have three points-- the questions you missed were 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 and 12. Feel free to try again and don't forget to guess the movies!

Margaret Hale,
You have all 24 points, great job! Heehee, I was quite sure you'd get #8 right... ;)

You have 23 points-- the only one you missed was the question for #9.

Scullery Maid,
Heehee, good point-- but then *I* am not society. Are you? ;)
You have twenty-three points total-- the only question you missed was #9.

Mykaela said...

Ugh. That's very annoying, because I DID answer the questions! :( Oh, well. Here we go again. The "Good Hunting" phrase is originally from "The Jungle Book" but is quoted a lot in the Bastable books. (Swoon) Ok, maybe they aren't anything to swoon over, but since I am in the middle of reading them for about the 15th time, I swoon anyway. Ok, here are the question answers. (I hope:)
1. a
2. b
3. a
4. d
5. c
6. b
7. c
8. c
9. b?
10. c
11. d
12. (never watched this...but is it c?)
Anyway, I hope this one comes through, because I made wild guesses on a couple of them. Thanks! It was a lot of fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm Eowyn and Arwen's younger sister Beatrix, Eowyn told me about this so here goes...

Q 1. a)"My Angel"

Q 2. I'm not really sure but I'll guess b)"No reason"

Q 3. a)Cheese (though baby food is really funny)

Q 4. d) Because he has 5,000 a year (his weath is nothing compared to Mr. Darcy0

Q 5. c)an elephant (one of us was very silly)

Q 6. a)shelves in the closet(?)

Q 7. c) Amy (His real identity was boy wonder)

Q 8. a)"Look back at me"

Q 9. a) They carry dust(among other things)

Q 10. c) Bessie dearest (Moo!)

Q 11. d) a living in Delaford(chaseing chickens)

Q 12. a) Her earring ( And a Timey-wimey detector)

Thanks for the trivia!!! It was fun!!

Marguerite Blakeney said...

1) a - Bleak House
2) b - Lorna Doone
3) a - Wives & Daughters
4) d - Pride & Prejudice
5) b - Wives & Daughters
6) a - P&P
7) c - Little Dorrit
8) a - North and South
9) a - Miss Potter
10)c - Cranford
11)d - Sense & Sensibility
12)a - The Scarlet Pimpernel,the Awesomest movie of all!

Marguerite & Percivala Blakeney

Miss Dashwood said...

EXCELLENT! I was SO hoping that someone would recognize the quote, those books are some of my favorites! :D The only ones you missed were 5, 6, 8, 9 and 12. You now have 16 points!

You got all the questions right and now have 12 points! Do you want to try guessing some of the films to get more points?

(Lovely username by the way!)
You got all the questions and films right-- your total is 24 points!

Anonymous said...

Beatrix again!

1)Little Doritt
2)Lorna Doone
3)Wives and daughters(my personal favorite)
4)Pride and prejudice
5)Wives and Daughters again!
6)Pride and Prejudice
7)Little Doritt(Who doesn't like John Chivery?)
8)North and South
9)Miss Potter(My namesake)
11)Sense and Sensibility
12) The Scarlet Pimpernel(a humble wayside flower...)

Thanks again! I love trivias!!