Thursday, August 30, 2012

*racks brains for a clever post title*

I could call it "The Future of This Blog."  I could call it "Updates and Blatherings."  I could call it "Randomness and More Randomness."  I could call it "Sarah MacLachlan's Voice Really Annoys Me" (but that would have absolutely nothing to do with the content of the post.)  Or I could just stop trying to find a good title for this post and instead just get down to business.

(Brain, stop playing "I'll Make a Man Out Of You."  Seriously.  I should be able to say "get down to business" without you chiming in "to defeeeeeeeeat the Huns!" every single time.  Make a note of that.)

Today begins a new episode in my life.  Today I attend my very first college class.

I'm taking a Shakespeare course at a local Christian college (for free! Well, almost for free!) this semester, and though I'm terribly excited about it (Shakespeeeeeeeeeare!), I'm also a little nervous.  You have to understand that I'm pretty much the epitome of the Nerdy Sheltered Homeschooler.  (Not that I mind.)  I've never taken any kind of class outside my house (except a nature study at a wildlife reserve when I was eight) and I've certainly never taken a college-level course.  So naturally, I'm a bit scared about being out of my element.

I'm also a bit nervous that my time might not be my own this year.  I have no idea what the workload for this class might entail, and though this is my senior year and I have a much lighter school schedule than I did in eleventh grade, I might find myself extremely busy with class assignments from now until December.

In other words, Yet Another Period Drama Blog might not receive quite as much attention as I'd like to give it.

So with that in mind, I'm purposing to make each post as good as it can be.  If the posts are to be few and far between (which they might very well be) then I want to focus on quality over quantity.  And that means I want to know what you want to see on here.

A couple of months ago, I held a poll asking what I should rename my blog.  Shelves in the Closet won out over Raindrops on Roses and Miss Dashwood's Writing Desk... and yet if you're one of those particularly observant people, you'll notice that my blog name has not been changed to Shelves in the Closet.  Because I simply couldn't bring myself to change the name.  I like YAPDB, and if it doesn't bother anyone else... well, I'll keep it.  (If it does bother you, no one is forcing you to read this. Just sayin'.)  Really, the only reason I had contemplated changing my blog name was that I felt my blog was becoming more than just a place for movie reviews.

And you know what?  That's okay.  Period drama and everything related thereunto is still the focus of this blog, but I'm getting excited about branching out into new things.  Since I joined the Classics Club back in April, I've begun writing book reviews here and getting a much better reception than I had hoped for.  (Note to self: finish that A Tale of Two Cities review sometime before Christmas, okay?)  I've recently become fascinated (almost obsessed) with sewing historical costumes, and I'm anxious to blog about sewing and the fun that comes with it.  There are so many fun ideas and hobbies and interests out there, and... well, it's a wonderful world and I want to write about it!

So this is where you come in.  If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you'll know that I positively adore comments.  And in this post, I am going to unashamedly beg you for them.  Drop me a line and tell me what you want to see on here!  Some suggestions to get you started...

~More movie reviews (if so, is there a specific film you'd like to see reviewed?)
~Character studies (do you enjoy the Defending Heroes series?  Do you have another series to suggest?  Should I try some villains, for a change?)
~Musical reviews (for the most part, I stick to reviewing period movies but I'm also a musical buff.  Would you be interested in seeing reviews of movies that aren't technically period dramas?)
~Sewing-related ramblings (pictures of projects?  Ideas for patterns?  Costume reproduction inspiration?)
~Cooking and recipes (I promise, this would NOT be a blase posting of a "recipe of the week".  I'd make it funny and interesting and include lots of Failure in the Kitchen stories, because if there's one thing I'm good at, it's forgetting to turn the oven on.  What think you?)
~Contests (everyone seems to enjoy those... do you have suggestions for new competitions?)
~Something else you might suggest?  Have at it!


Jillian said...

Posts about your experience in the Shakespeare class!! :)

Kiri Liz said...

I'd love to hear about your Shakespeare class!! I love your blog and I'd enjoy anything that you post (unless it was just utterly boring, which your posts never are). I'd say all of the above for your suggestions! :)

Failure in the kitchen - that's me. To a T. I'm famous for brownie bricks and burned applesauce, and when my sister Jessa makes pancakes, I'm not even allowed in the kitchen for fear of flipping failure. True story. ;)

Oh, and thank you for not changing your blog name. I was disappointed when you said you were thinking about changing it because it's such a swell name. I voted for Shelves in the Closet because that was the one, if you had switched names, I would prefer you to switch to.

Melody said...

Good luck in your claaaaass! I hope it goes well. I also hope it won't be too time-consuming, tootuz that's tough. I know. :P

VERY glad you're not changing the name... but we went over that. ;)

And I'm glad you're getting into sewing, too. I remember way-back-when I asked you if you liked sewing and you said you didn't do much of it. ;)

In general, I tend to read blogs more that are more focused on period dramas and literature and especially anything connected with Jane Austen, and ones that have a whole bunch of other stuff... well, frankly I don't read them as much. But of course it would be different with your blog... just because it's you. ;) More movie reviews are always fun. Character studies--ahem, am I incorrect in thinking that you nevuh DID write that Elizabeth Bennet post? :P Villains... ehhh. I would probably read more posts that aren't about villains. HA. Musical reviews... heehee, you know how I am about musicals. :P Of course, if it was something I actually like then I would like to read it... I'm weird that way. Sewing--definitely. That would be fun. Cooking and recipes... welllll... that's not usually something I read either, but again, if you did it I might at least glance at it. ;P Contests. Definitely. Contests and games are always nice. And I have one suggestion. But it's not for your blog. It's for mine. Called, that guest post you promised me. ;)

Alexandra said...

Wooooot!!!! I didn't realize you were actually taking a college class for it!!! HOW INSANELY AWESOME!!! Hope you're ready to get to grips with some Elizabethan literature! Puleezah do keep us posted - hehe, no pun intended - on how it goes and what you do and all that. Don't be nervous, it's going to be awesome!!!

I know this is totally no help at all...but I'd love anything and everything you suggested. :) So there!

Hugs and have a blast!!!

Charity U said...

I know how you feel about that college class! I started my first one a week back from today. Western Lit. :)

Movie reviews, yes. I always enjoy those! Have you done Bleak House? That's a good one. :)

Character studies, certainly. Villains are awesome! Err, well, you know what I mean. :) You could do one on sisters (there's lots in Austen) or parents (ditto)...despicatble characters...annoying characters...there's really a great many. :)

Yes to musicals. I had a feeling you'd be good with that. :)

Contests, mmm, sure. Not as excited, but I wouldn't mind. :)

Jessica said...

Villains are always interesting. Ha
And I love sewing, too, so would enjoy posts on your sewing adventures! :-)

Hope your class is very enjoyable! :-)

AnnaKate said...

To be honest, Amy, I love it all. Every single bit of it. Every post is so much fun, and you can't go on just any blog and squeal about a certain character's sleeves-- which I can do here. It's a period-drama heaven! ;)

Keep up the good work girl! And I especially adore the Defending Heroes series. =)

Rhoswen Faerie Wrose said...

I'll take anything, really. You make everything you post about quite amusing, and those are all great topics you posted as ideas, so I cannot say I would prefer more of one or another.

Good luck with your Shakespeare class!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Shakespeare. Except for Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet. Both of those absolutely and positively get on my nerves. You'll have a blast. It's impossible for me to comprehend taking a Shakespeare class and not have a blast. And something I've learned, as I've been slowly been becoming a little less sheltered is that public-schoolers and the classes they take aren't all that bad. :P

I missed that poll...and I think your blog name is perfect, so please don't change it.

Just about everything you've ever written on this blog is worth reading, so my only request is to keep up the good work! All of the topics you mentioned sound fun. Especially posts on musicals.

Mykaela said...

I want to tell you that I love your blog a lot!! And one thing I think would be interesting is posts on literary villians. Because they are interesting, ok? :) Just a suggestion. But whatever you want, because whatever you write, I never fail to find it excessively diverting! :) Thanks for your hilarious posts!

Rachel (Cynthia) Heffington said...

Posts about your Shakespeare class! Though I'm technically graduated I have decided to read a deal of Shakespeare this fall! Also, contests! I l<3VE contest! Especially writing contests, which I think would be fun to do! ;)

Sarah said...

YESSSSSS!!!! You kept that name! 'Shelves in the Closet' was okay, but YAPDB wins hands down. : )
Oh and please post more characters studies, musical reviews and movie reviews! Your movie reviews are my favourites! (North and South and Tangled? Pretty please? *makes puppy face*)

Miss Melody Muffin said...

You are taking a college Shakespeare class?????!!!!!!!!!

I am officially green with envy!!!!

Best wishes on the class. I know you'll do great.

I'm glad you're keeping the blog title the same.

I'm with everyone else, all of the above post options!! I love character studies, reviews of all kinds, sewing... yeah, all of it. And do, do post about your Shakespeare class experiences!!!

I think my favorites of all the posts you've done are the Les Mis week posts. (Well, you *are* the reason I moved Les Mis to the top of my reading list!) Any more theme weeks in the future? Looking for co-authors?

Anonymous said...

Chauvie, let me tell you something. And I'm not just saying this because I'm your darlingest Puddle and I say nice things to you. But you have the ability, m'dear, to write exceedingly well. And you make everything you write about interesting, enlightening, lively, entertaining, diverting, hilarious, and fun. So whatever you choose to write about in the upcoming months will be most outnormously splendid.

Personally, my favorites are your movie reviews (and I would love to see your Cranford reviews!), but really, all the topics you listed sound epic. =)

Love you, dear.

Paula said...

I'd love to hear about your shakespeare class too. Having said that, you have such a way with words that I find myself engaged about topics I didn't think I could get engaged on (with? in?) when you write them. So whatever you choose I'll still be reading :)

Abby said...

Good luck with the Shakespeare class! It sounds really interesting and I'm sure you'll have a great time :) Like a few other commenters, I'd love to hear about how you get on.

Frankly, I will read anything you write :') I enjoy all your posts, but I suppose my favourites are reviews, although I'd love to see posts on things like sewing and cooking as well. Variety is the spice of life and all that! Oh, and themed weeks are always fun :D


Hayden said...

As soon as you wrote "get down to business" my own mind completed "to deafeeeet the huuuunss" even before I read your next paragraph.

It's not just you. Don't worry.

Have I ever mentioned that "I'll make a man out of you" is my favorite-est disney song EVER? We just watched that movie....

Your taking college classes??? Cool! I took a high school Shakespeare class, which was fun, and i learned a lot...except I think there were maybe only three of us who really cared about Shakespeare. Sigh. Today's youth.

I understand about the name change! I found out that there are at least three other blogs named "Story Girl" but I still can't bring myself to change my blog name because I'm rather attached to it...

I'd love more character studies and movie reviews!

And I also think some cooking disasters would make lovely posts... :)

Marie said...

Fist off, congrats on the college class! Have fun! Second, I would love to see Cooking and Sewing posts, as well as more movie reviews. What about Amazing Grace? Or have you already reviewed that? Book reviews would be interesting too. You could spread the word about Eva Ibbotson,(I have just started part three of The Dragonfly Pool, BTW. Journey to the River Sea is still my favorite so far, but of course the ending is always the best part...) Anyway, I'll be back if I have more ideas!

Miss Margaret Dashwood said...

Hi, my name is Bethany. I love your blog!! I have one too which you're welcome to visit. My posts are nowhere near as long as yours. I love period drama too, ESPECIALLY Jane Austen. Keep blogging about all of those! I love cooking so I'd love to see your recipes. By the way, how do you make those excessively diverting videos??

Margaret Hale said...

I hope you enjoy your class on Shakespeare! I think more character studies (especially on villains) would be interesting, and the recipe posts would be fun to read too. I can't think of any ideas of my own right now, but if I do I'll leave a comment.

Jessica said...

Hmmm I know I don't comment very often - time is a sad allowance in my world, but I do love to read your blog whenever I get the chance. I love what you do with it.

Shakespeare aye? Hmm, I've never read quite as much of that delightful stuff as I wish. I usually satisfy myself with an odd play of sorts and thrilling at his work. Enjoy it!

Miss Woodhouse said...

Okay... don't want to say too much much, but go Shakespeare and MORE competitons, puhLEZE!!!!