Saturday, August 25, 2012

Period Drama Trivia Quiz ... Answers!

And we have six winners!  Congratulations to Melody, Kiri Liz, Jessa Bri, Rachel, Margaret Hale and Marguerite Blakeney, who earned 24 points apiece.

The quote "I have now said quite enough, madam, so... good hunting!" is a two-parter.  The first phrase comes from Pride and Prejudice 1995, spoken by none other than Fitzwilliam Darcy in the Failed Proposal Scene.  The second phrase is originally from The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling but is also quoted in The Story of the Treasure Seekers by E. Nesbit (one of the best children's books out there).

1. What does Mr. Guppy call Esther Summerson?
a) "My angel."
Do we need any further commentary? :D
(Bleak House)

2. Why does John Ridd get dressed up in his good clothes on a weekday?
b) "No reason."
Boring answer, I think we all agree.
(Lorna Doone)

3. What kind of food does Hyacinth Clare find vulgar?
a) Cheese
As Scullery Maid pointed out, it is the whole of society minus Tom and Polly that find peanuts vulgar.
(Wives and Daughters)

4. What makes Mr. Bingley special in Mrs. Bennet's eyes?
d) His 5,000 a year.
"And he has FIVE THOUSAND a year!"
(Pride and Prejudice)

5. According to Squire Hamley, an engagement is not...
b) an elephant.
"Did I say an engagement was an elephant, mum?"
(Wives and Daughters)

6. According to Lizzy Bennet, what is a happy thought indeed?
a) shelves in the closet
"Shelves in the closet.  Happy thought indeed."
(Pride and Prejudice

7. What did John Chivery want inscribed over his ashes?
c) The name "Amy"
"Here lie the mortal remains of John Chivery, never anything worth mentioning..."
(Little Dorrit)

8. Complete this quote: "Look back..."
a) "Look back at me."
And of course, she didn't look back.  Heartless Margaret.  I would have.  (Thank you my dear, I think we have all apprehended that much...)
(North and South)

9. Why doesn't Mrs. Potter want tradesmen in the house?
a) They carry dust.
"I don't want tradesmen in the house, they carry dust."
(Miss Potter)

10. What epithet should be used to summon Mrs. Forrester's runaway cow?
c) "Bessie dearest"
The best part of this scene is the look on Major Gordon's face.

11. What does Colonel Brandon offer Edward Ferrars?
d) A living in Delaford
Actually, it's poor Elinor who's stuck doing the offering.
(Sense and Sensibility)

12. What does Marguerite Blakeney drop in the library?
a) Her earring
"How careless of you to have dropped it."
(The Scarlet Pimpernel)

Thanks for playing, everyone!  This was such fun!

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