Friday, August 3, 2012

The Very Last Award

Over the past ten months that I've been blogging (eep! Has it been THAT long?) I've received several blogging awards, each of which has delighted me in its turn.  However, I think you'd all agree that there are an awful lot of awards flying around the blogosphere, and frankly it gets a bit tiresome coming up with seven random things about myself every time.  (And pretty much all the awards ask for seven random things.)  

Awdur very kindly awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award today, and I'm taking this opportunity to go out with a bang.  The Versatile Blogger Award will be the last award acknowledged on Yet Another Period Drama Blog-- though I will appreciate it greatly if you award me in the future, I would prefer to reserve my blog posts for other topics than awards. (However, if you're doing a tag of any kind--literary-related, holiday-related, random-related, whatever--please feel free to tag me if you wish! I really enjoy doing those.)   Make sense?  Okay! On to the last seven random things.

(Oh, and since I've actually received this award before, I'm not passing it on again this time.)

1- I prefer cold weather to hot weather.  I am reminded of this every August.
2- I'm hoping to post my review of Sense and Sensibility 2008 tomorrow... which means I actually need to finish it.  Ahem.
3- I guest posted at Rachel's and AnnaKate's blogs in July and forgot to link to them.  Oops.
4- I'm currently reading Charles Dickens' Dombey and Son with my dad.  It's amazing.
5- I know he's supposed to be an absolutely amazing singer, but I just can't stand Josh Groban.  Especially that song about, "You drive me nuts, and I flee to the mountains.  You drive me nuts, just like a stormy sea..." Oh, that's not quite the way the lyrics go? My bad.
6- Banana-yogurt smoothies are my favorite summertime breakfast.
7- I've been sewing like crazy for the past few weeks--up to three and four hours a day, which is a lot for me.  Pictures of what I've been working on will be revealed all in good time. ;)


Rhoswen Faerie Wrose said...

I have to agree with you on cold weather verses hot, but the Josh Groban thing...that may be a deal breaker. ;-P

Melody said...

I prefer cold weather toooooooo! And I'm like the only one in my family. :P
Ooh, S&S review, yay!

YAYAYAY you don't like Josh Groban either!! Swellissimus! (Haha, I'm so mean.)

I can't wait for sewing project pictures. (Not that I'm hinting or anything.)

Kiri Liz said...

Cold weather is infinitely better. I'd much rather have snow than 100 degree days.

Can't wait to see your pics! I've been doing a lot of sewing lately, too, but I don't know if my projects are picture worthy. ;)

And yes, Josh Groban is really not that amazing. It's nice to find someone who agrees with that. :)

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

I know what you mean about the awards. They are sweet but I have a hard time keeping up with all of them.

Definitely prefer cold weather to hot weather and I'm in the wrong state for cold weather I'm afraid. I always say you can put on as many layers of clothing as you want when it's cold, but there's only so many layers of clothes you can take off when it gets hot!

Oooh! Dombey and Son sound fun!

Let's see, I'll be Mr. Knightley for a moment "ERMMMMMM!" haha
Okay, yes Josh Groban is an absolutely amazing singer. He's one of those singers whose been my favorite for a while and I don't usually get tired of his voice, except when he sings that song. I've determined that 'You Raise Me Up' is one of the silliest songs every written. :P

Banana-yougurt smoothies sound scrumptious!

Can't wait to see your sewing project! Does it have anything to do with period dramas?

GreenMedallion said...

I too prefer cold weather to hot weather, but I love Josh Groban!!! And banana yogurt smoothies sound delicious. ;)

deryn joy said...

dombey and son was one of my top 5 favorite dickens books (our mutual friend and tale of two cities being no.'s one and two, NO MATTER WHAT). it made me cry and I loved it so much... walter is the best. :)

Victoria said...

I think Josh Groban has an amazing voice, it's just the sort of songs he sings that I can't stand.

Rhoswen Faerie Wrose said...

Okay, I do have to agree that You Raise Me Up gets annoying fast. It's a good inspirational song and all...but, yah. I got sick of it just hearing it the few times leading up to my sisters wedding almost eight years ago. She had it played during the ceremony...sweet for the moment, sickening afterward.
Somehow, I think the difference of taste in Josh Groban, by what I see of the comments here, may be a generational gap thing...If I'm right, most of those who said they don't like him are in their teens, and those of us who say we do are at least in our twenties.

Jessica said...

I do prefer cold weather to hot, hot weather. I would be happy if it never got hotter than about 80. Ha

Your remark about that song made me laugh! We make fun of "You Raise Me Up" in our house all the time! Haha Our older little boy used to join in at 2 or 3 years old in the making fun thereof. So funny!

Miss Dashwood said...

Heehee. I think really it's a lot of Josh Groban's music that annoys me, not the singer himself. His voice is actually really good-- I LOVE his "Somewhere" duet with Charlotte Church--but his songs get on my nerves for the most part. And I think you're right about the generational gap! (Only technically it's only half a generation from teens to twenties... :P)

We agree about something music-related??? WHAT A SHOCKING SURPRISE.
Hahahaha, you've received all the sewing project pictures that I've taken thus far, m'dear. :D

Kiri Liz,
Exactly! With snow you can bundle up, but as Miss Laurie said, there's only so much clothing you can shed in the summer. :D

Miss Laurie,
Hahahahahaha, your ERMMM MMG. Apparently I am having little compassion on your poor nerves. I don't have a problem with Josh Groban's voice per se, it's just that a lot of his songs seem rather stupid to me.
And yep, my sewing project has a great deal to do with period dramas!

Miss Dashwood said...

Green Medallion,
They're delicious indeed, especially if you make them with Greek yogurt!

I haven't gotten very far in D&S (we just finished chapter 10, I believe) but I like Walter so much already! I can't get over what a good writer Dickens is. Wow.


My sentiments exactly about the heat! Seventy-five and breezy is perfection for me.
You make fun of "You Raise Me Up" too?? Why do I not have a surprised feeling?

Anonymous said...

You don't like Josh Groban. I'm crushed-shocked-amazed-stupified. How could you not?
Perhaps I'm biased because his song "When You Say You Love Me" was played at my brother's wedding. But I loved him way before then. Er, Josh Groban, that is. Not my brother. =) Well, I love my brother too... okay, I better stop talking now. =)
And You Raise Me Up is one of my favorite songs ever, thankyouverymuch. My other brother sang it to my mom on Mother's Day once. In front of our entire church. What's so silly about it?
But, alas, we can't agree on everything, can we, Chauvie dear? Maybe I can forgive you on this... ;)
~ Puddle

Alexandra said...

Ok, loved this, Adore Josh's voice, but that song...or rather, your paraphrase...made me LOL. Love it. :-D