Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blog parties and tags and more tags, oh my!

Kiri Liz over at Lianne Taimenlore is hosting a Disney blog party this week, and as part of the festivities she's shared these tag questions for her readers to fill out.  

Which is your favorite Disney film and why?

My favorite Disney film is one that not many people have heard of, actually... it's the 1946 live-action-slash-animated feature So Dear to My Heart.  I first saw this when I was about three, and it's remained a family favorite ever since.  It's heartwarming and endearing and funny and old-fashioned (takes place in 1903!), it emphasizes good Christian values, it has memorable songs and it features a square dance scene!  What's not to like?  I really should review it on here sometime... *adds to lengthy list*

Which is the most annoying/worst Disney film and why?

The Shaggy Dog (1959).  UGH.  We rented this one because it starred Fred MacMurray and Tommy Kirk, two actors whose performances we'd enjoyed in the hilarious Absent-Minded Professor (1961).  I'm not going to bother explaining what it's about-- if you're really curious, voila!  Wikipedia!  Have you ever heard of a shaggy dog story?  It's the kind that you tell at sleepovers, at 1 AM when everyone's really, really tired and goofy.  It goes on and on and on forever until finally it ends abruptly with a let-down ending.  (If you still don't know what kind of joke I'm talking about, leave me a comment or shoot me an email and I'll enlighten you.  You probably won't like me anymore afterwards, though, so I wouldn't advise it.)  I do not think it is a coincidence that this film was named The Shaggy Dog.

What was the first Disney film you can remember watching?

Bambi, but just barely.  My mom tells me I was two when I saw that.  I think I watched Winnie the Pooh before then, though.  Put it this way: I can't remember a time when I hadn't yet seen Pooh or Bambi.

What are some of your favorite quotes from Disney films?

Are you ready for this?  (Thanks, Kiri, for making it "quotes" with an S...)

"Do not speak to me of [such and such] at this time."  (Alpha, Up)
"But it's a TALKING DOG!" (Russell, Up)
"This is South America.  It's like America.  BUT SOUTH."  (Ellie, Up)
"Only one of them ram lambs is gonna win.  The rest is gonna lose.  But no matter what happens, I want to see you come out of that ring like a Kincaid.  Walkin' proud."  (Granny, So Dear to My Heart)
"Oh great.  Return of the Astro-Nut."  (Hamm, Toy Story 3)
"Don't worry! I know about Buzz's Spanish mode!" (Jessie, Toy Story 3)
"What are you lookin' at, feathers?"  (Mr. Potato Head, Toy Story 3)
"See that Lucifer gets his bahhhhhhhhhth."  (Evil Stepmother, Cinderella)
"Ooh-OOOH-ooh.  The CLAW." (Aliens, Toy Story 2 and 3)
"Madam, that is entirely beside the point!" (Mr. Banks, Mary Poppins)
"Hold my fin.  HOLD MY FIN."  (Marlin, Finding Nemo)
"They're called s'mores, Buzz."  (Woody, Toy Story 2)
"That doesn't even rhyme."  "Yeah, it does."  (Carl and Russell, Up)

Ahem... yes... I enjoy quoting.

Which Disney character do you think you are most like?

Probably Marlin from Finding Nemo.  Pathetic, I know, but I tend to be overprotective and paranoid just like him.  "Hey! That snail was about to CHARGE!"

What is your favorite Disney film song?

I have to pick one??? All right, fine.  Feed the Birds from Mary Poppins.  That happens to have been Walt Disney's favorite, too, but that's not why I like it so much.  :D

What is one Disney film you find yourself recommending over and over?

So Dear to My Heart (it's really sad how few people have seen it!).

What is one thing from any Disney film or films that really irks you?

The way they tend to butcher the book they adapt.  Now, in some cases this actually works out (see SDtMH) but in a lot of cases it makes for a crummy story.  Alice in Wonderland is just wacko.  The Swiss Family Robinson is laughable.  And do not speak to me of Johnny Tremain at this time.

Who is your favorite Disney heroine and why?

Hard call.  I'm not really a big fan of any of the Disney princesses, to be honest... Belle is the only one with any real sense about her (I don't consider Mulan a princess and I know basically nothing of Pocahontas), but it seems that a lot of people choose Belle as a favorite and I like to be different.  So I'll say Jessie from Toy Story.  Oh, and I always really liked Wendy in Peter Pan...

Who is your favorite Disney hero and why?

Bert in Mary Poppins, I think.  He's fun and entertaining and nice to everybody.  I'm afraid I'm not that partial to most Disney heroes... the princes tend to be losers (well, with a name like Charming, what can you expect?) and though I really like a lot of the other guy characters (like Buzz in Toy Story or Pooh in Winnie the Pooh) I'm not sure they could really be called heroes.   Wait, wait, I really do like the Beast in Beauty and the Beast before he became a prince.  That sounds weird, yes, but you know what else is weird?  His hair after the transformation.  Ewwww.

Who is your favorite Disney sidekick and why?

I have to choose one? Hmmm... okay, Dug from Up.  He's lovable, entertaining, loyal and always eager to help.

If you could spend a day in any Disney film, which one would you pick and why?

Probably Mary Poppins.  Why?  I grew up on that one and I'd feel right at home in it, I think.  Plus, the clothes.  Sighhhhh.

Choose any one Disney film character and place them in any Disney film (other than his or her own). How would the story be different?

Okay... so if you stuck Mr. Potato Head in Cinderella... wow, that'd be interesting.  He'd make sarcastic remarks about pretty much everything (including Cinderella herself) and would probably get booted out of the stepmother's house in five minutes flat.  Stepmother would probably sack Cinderella while she was at it, because she'd naturally blame poor Cinderella for the smart-mouthed tuber hanging around the kitchen, so Cinderella would be forced to earn her own living in the village.  She'd end up marrying the friendly grocer and live happily ever after with a guy who actually has a personality.  Score.

That's all for the Disney tag questions, but since I'm on a question-answering roll here, I'm going to respond to the questions Hayden tagged me with last week.  Thanks Hayden!

1. Tag five others and write a line or two on why you like their blog.
2. If tagged post your five favourite words.
3. Make up five questions for the persons you tag, and answer the five the person who tagged you asked you.

Here's who I'm tagging:

1) Alexandra - her blog is just so fun to read, and I adore her writing style.  Plus, she's an even bigger TSP fan than I am which is saying a lot.  :D
2) Eowyn - I love getting a little peek into her life when reading her blog, and she has all the right opinions regarding Les Miserables.  (Um, for the record, I DO like people who don't have the same ideas I do about Les Miz... not to give you the wrong idea or anything.)
3) Maria Elisabeth - Her blog was one of the first I started following.  I love reading her thoughts about books and movies and anything Jane Austen!
4) Petie - Her blog is so well-written and put-together... I always feel a little bit of jealousy when I read one of her brilliant posts. ;)
5) Rachel - I've linked to her "this, that and the other thing" blog, but when I first got acquainted with her it was through reading her writing blog, The Inkpen Authoress-- a constant source of inspiration to me!

My five favorite words:

1. Humuhumunukunukuapuaa.  It's a little Hawaiian fish, in case you didn't know, and it's pronounced "hoo-muh-hoo-muh-noo-kuh-noo-kuh-ah-puh-WAH-ah."  Don't listen to Mrs. Potato Head on the Toy Story 3 short.  She got it wrong.
2. Frippery.  This is just so fun to say.
3. Facetious.  I like to use this in place of "funny."  It makes me sound Wise and Learned, which is always a good thing.  :P
4. Triskaidekaphobia.  I'm not in the least afraid of the number 13, but it's fun to say.
5. Syzygy.  No vowels... it's just a weirdo.  Which is probably why I like it.  My grandfather taught me how to spell it when I was about five and it's stuck with me ever since.

Now for Hayden's questions:

1) What's one book character you think you should hate, but don't?

Oh, dear, I'm blanking on this one.  Javert in Les Miserables?  Well, I've never yet heard of anyone who actually DID hate Javert, despite his villainy... so maybe Charlie in Rose in Bloom.  There's every reason why I should despise him, but I just can't.  *sobs in corner*

2) What's the hardest thing you ever had to write?

Too many to pick from.  Maybe my research paper in 11th grade?

3) Now a little Pride and Prejudice-ness: How many Bennets does it take to change a lightbulb?

All seven, naturally.  Kitty to do the actual screwing in, Lydia to hold the ladder, Mary to make dire predictions about electrocution, Mrs. Bennet to fuss and fret about how the whole thing is frazzling her nerves, Lizzy to smirk over it all and hand extra lightbulbs after Kitty breaks each one, Jane to stand by the telephone ready to call 911 and Mr. Bennet to sit in his easy chair with his newspaper over his face (only present because his wife insisted).

4) What's your favorite type of flower?

Roses.  Standard answer, I know, but they're so pretty and they smell so good.

5) What's your favorite period in history?

Either the American Civil War or the Tudor period in England.  I also really like studying the World Wars, but that sounds rather morbid...

And now for my five questions:

1) What's the last book you checked out from the library?
2) You can have anything you like for dinner tonight-- budget, diet and what's-in-the-refrigerator don't enter into the equation.  What'll it be?
3) What's your favorite joke?  (And don't say "the one about the dog and the banana."  Tell it to us!)
4) Which famous person (living or dead) would be the most colossal bore to meet?  I'm trying to put a spin on the average "who would you like to spend a day with" question.
5) You have to pick just one-- Sense and Sensibility or Pride and Prejudice? Why?

If anyone else who didn't get tagged wants to fill out these questions, go for it! Consider yourself tagged as of now.


Scullery Maid said...

Same here for Charlie! I keep reminding myself that if he hadn't died Rose probably would have married him, and then there goes poor Mac, but I still sob every time I read the part where..he...he...(muffled sobbing)...he says goodby to her!(said in a choking wail) Well enough of that(wrings out soaked hankie). Love your answer for #3!
I don't have blog, alas. Can I answer your questions in a comment?

Miss Dashwood said...

Awww, I know about Charlie! Ack. I like Mac so much but I feel so bad for Charlie... couldn't he have reformed and found some other girl??
Of course you may answer the questions in a comment-- I'd love to see your answers!

Kiri Liz said...

Thanks for participating in the tag, Amy! I loved reading your answers!!

So Dear to My Heart is such a good movie!! And yes, it's very sad that not many people know about it. Epic fail, in my opinion.

Haha! Yeah, my family quotes way too much, too... I just had to put it as quoteS because I knew that I would never be able to pick just one favorite. :)

Scullery Maid said...

1) What's the last book you checked out from the library?

As it happens, I just returned from the library(Hurrah for Tuesday!), and returned with five books:Attack of the deranged mutant killer monster snow goons : a Calvin and Hobbes collection, The battle of the Labyrinth,
Enchantment, Pictures of travel in Sweden : among the Hartz Mountains, and in Switzerland, with a visit at Charles Dicken's house, and The sword : a novel. Nothing very serious, as you see, there's enough dull books at home, I usually only get novels from the library.

2) You can have anything you like for dinner tonight-- budget, diet and what's-in-the-refrigerator don't enter into the equation. What'll it be?

Oh, did you mean real dinner food? Steak, mashed potatoes, and biscuits with no gravy, no pepper, AND NO SALAD! And then...ICE CREAM!

3) What's your favorite joke? (And don't say "the one about the dog and the banana." Tell it to us!)
OK, this is easy;)
There were four men on an airplane, a Mexican, a Brit, a Texan, and a Frenchie. About halfway through the flight, the pilot comes out and says; We're having engine problems, we need to lighten the weight, could we please get a volunteer to jump off? The Brit steps forward and says; I will do it. FOR THE QUEEN! and jumps off. Fifteen minuets later, the pilot comes back again and says; We're having trouble again, would one more man jump off? Please? The Frenchie comes forward and says: I'll do it. VIVI LA FRANCE! and jumps off. Fifteen minuets later, the pilot comes back once more, and says; If just one man more will jump off we'll be fine. could I get just one more volunteer? The Texan steps forward and says; I'll take care of this. REMEMBER THE ALAMO! and throws the Mexican off.C= Yep. My fave.
4) Which famous person (living or dead) would be the most colossal bore to meet? I'm trying to put a spin on the average "who would you like to spend a day with" question.

Hmm... Herman Melville,maybe? I don't think a very amusing person could have written Moby Dick.

5) You have to pick just one-- Sense and Sensibility or Pride and Prejudice? Why?

Northanger Abbey. Fine. Pride and Prejudice, because I've read it more(3 times to S&S's almost twice). But my absolute favorite is Northanger Abbey.
This was such fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm new to your blog and I think it's wonderful!! It's nice to know that there are girls out there as obsessed with Jane Austen as I am! Where I live no one has even heard of Pride and Prejudice!!!

- Hannah

P.S. I was so mad when Louisa May Alcott killed Charlie off!! I will never forgive her! NEVER!!!!

Hayden said...

hahahha. I love your mr. potato-head-in-Cinderella bit.

I admit I *don't* like Charlie. However, I always felt bad about that because I thought he was supposed to be likable...but I didn't like him.

sorry. :(

Melody said...

YAY YOU DON'T LIKE THE SHAGGY DOG EITHER! I hate that thing. :P But now I'm curious to know if you could tell me anything that would make me not like you anymore... heeheehee.

Still don't get what is so great about Feed the Birds... but whatever... ;D

I might feel offended that you didn't tag me but I was gone when you posted this, so I forgive you. I guess. ;P

HAHAHA. That's funny that facetious is on your list. Because I was thinking about that word recently. You see, I couldn't remember actually seeing it anywhere, just hearing it--but the thing is, I HAD seen it places, I just didn't realize the two were the same word... (pathetic, I know) until one day it randomly snapped in my brain that they were the same word... heh, heh... sort of an "oh, THAT'S how you spell it!" and "oh, THAT'S how you say it!" at the same time. :P

Research paper in 11th grade? You say that as if it was such a long time ago. :P Is that the one that had you pulling out your hair?

Ooh, favorite joke is a good question. You know, ever since we swapped Duck Jokes, I can never tell one without the other. ;D

Hmm, that was a rather long comment. I really haven't got any ide-er how THAT happened.

Miss Elliot said...

Ohhhhh, WHAT do I say? Bravo, Miss Dashwood, as usual.
I did not know that Lizzy SMIRKS but come to think of it, she kinda does.
And yes, we say the "entirely beside the point" QUITE, QUITE OFTEN.
If you like Fred Macmurray, then you should watch Follow Me, Boys. It's a sweet film.
We like Johnny Tremain, but we always laugh when about halfway into the film Dr. Quincy goes, "How's the hand, Johnny?" and Johnny goes, "Oh, fine, ever since the operation" and wiggles his fingers. Ha ha!!
SEVEN Bennets to change a light bulb?!! HA HA!!
Well done, Miss Dashwood.