Thursday, July 9, 2015

In Which Melody and I Natter On For a Very Long Time

Aaaaand here it is.  The promised, long-awaited (well, maybe) Podcast of Amy and Melody.  Recorded during our recent Visit.  For your listening pleasure.  With answers to the questions asked in this post and this one.

Strictly speaking it isn't really a podcast... it's a video... but whatever.

And if you wanted to see the dresses we were referencing... here is another shot of Melody's favorite of my dresses.

And here is a shot of her favorite of her own.  (I included only my favorites in the video pictures, heh.  How selfish of me. :P)

And there ya have it. ;)

Edited to add: after a subsequent re-watching of the Les Mis movie (when the podcast had already been recorded), Melody decided Courfeyrac was her favorite of Les Amis. :D


Miss Evelyn said...

YAY!!! =D

jessica prescott said...

Can't wait to watch this, but I'm in the university library right now so I shall have to put it off :-( (They're very strict about the whole "quiet" thing.)

Melody said...

Well, technically he's the one I'd be most likely to marry, hahahaha, but I suppose the two go together.

jessica prescott said...

Lots of fun, Amy and Melody! :-) Did you realize that you actually SOUND just like sisters? Yeah, you probably realized that. But I still think it's funny. Moreover, I cannot reliably tell your voices apart for ze life of me. Sigh.

Yeah, I was talking about your favorite dress that you OWN, because if you don't own it then it's not really YOUR dress, at least that's the way I would look at it, if ya know what I mean? However, I do understand how it could be confusing. *mental note to self* Must do better next time.

Hmmmmmm. Interesting . . . Well, I personally believe in love at first sight because it seems to me that if it weren't a Real Thing, all the countless stories written about it wouldn't touch such a deep emotional chord in us humans, which, in fact, they DO . . . However, I believe it's something that's FAR more likely to happen to men than women, so that could be one reason why it seems like such a far-out concept to us gals. Because, generally speaking, we do NOT operate like that.

But for myself--well, Fulton Sheen said he believed that love at first sight could really happen sometimes, and he was a super-wise person, so I just kinda go with that. I LOVE Fulton Sheen :)

miss elliot said...

You asked for random! ;-) AND NOOOO THAT WASN'T AN IN EARNEST REFERENCE BUT I WISH IT WOULD HAVE BEEN. I hadn't even SEEN the dear thing then.
This was lovely. You're so grown-up!!! ;-)
Yes. I kinda knew what your answer was going to be on that one, but I just wanted to hear what you had to say about love in general.
HAAAA you and your not knowing Jane Austen. That was funny. AND OHMYWORDDDD I GOT THE '-ED.' THING THAT'S NESBITTTT!!!! The Story of the Treasure-Seekers. Fans unite!! ;-)
Ooh, why didn't you SING, you lovelies??? And I can't believe it's OVER. Thanks so much for doing this, you two. :-) Mwah.

Elsabet said...

I just recently found your blog and Sink Me (yes, I am a fellow leaguette), it's amazing! You are so funny, and yours is a humor I can really appreciate. This Bolognese provided me with inspiration and laughter and I am deeply grateful, for I dearly love to laugh. (I think I ought to mention that I read some of your posts aloud to my mother, and she laughed SOOO hard. Your humor appeals to her as well. I have yet to get her to read a post of her own volition, but I hope to soon persuade her to become a faithful reader. The fun, lighthearted-ness will do her good. One can never make one's parents too happy, after all.)

Elsabet said...

(Sorry, I'm on a tablet, and my Spellcheck runs wild. I did not mean to say "Bolognese," I meant to say "blog." XP)