Saturday, August 10, 2013

Let's Have Another Quote Quiz

It has been one year, eight months and nine days since we last had a Movie Quote Quiz around these parts, and so if I bring up another one today, no one can accuse me of redundancy.  The rules are simple--your job is to guess who said each of these quotes, and in what movie they appear.  If you can guess the person (or people) correctly, you get one point for each name; if you guess the movie, you get another point for the title.  Four questions also have blanks inserted where names ought to be-- if you can fill in the names for each you'll get an extra three points.  (The blank for question #9 corresponds to the name of Character 1, so you won't get extra credit for that one.)  That's ten questions with a possibility of two points each for seven and and three points each for five, plus the name blanks; I'm no math whiz, but that would mean that the highest score you can get is 32 points.  Make sense?

Please leave your answers in a comment.  The game will last until next Saturday (the 17th), at which time I'll reveal the winners.  To spare me the trouble of replying to every comment and calculating scores multiple times (in case we get a lot of responses), I'm going to limit guessing to one try per person.  So think long and hard before you submit your answers, as you won't get to try again!

Without further ado...

"You're like an ocean breeze. Not that you smell like fish or anything."

Character 1: "Oh! I am not really wicked at all, cousin ______. You mustn't think that I am wicked."
Character 2: "If you are not, then you have certainly have been deceiving us all in a very inexcusable manner. I hope you have not been leading a double life, pretending to be wicked and being really good all the time. That would be hypocrisy."

Character 1: "You are behaving strangely, not yourself. You did not wish to go to dinner with the _______s. You did not want to take the boys to find frogs in the park."
Character 2: "Some might say that hesitation was a perfectly normal response to both those invitations."

"I was looking for a draft of noble Norman wine, when down in the cellar I found this infidel. I was going to beat his brains out but I took pity upon his gray hair and converted him then and there."

"Remember your manners. And don't forget to cross your ankles decently when you sit down. And don't sit in a draft, either. And don't slide down the banisters."

"Well, the King is well pleased with you. All charges have been dropped. We're still going to hang you of course, but I'll spare the drawing and quartering."  [stunned silence]  "That was a joke."

"But, uh, ______... if the little bird cannot see... AND cannot fly... how is he in the sky?"

Character 1: "As a matter of interest, will a time come when I read them first?"
Character 2: "You'll enjoy this. She has a real flair for description."

Character 1: "Why is it you only feel the thorns in your feet when you stop running?"
Character 2: "Is that some sort of heavy-handed metaphorical advice for me, _____?"

"And if that doesn't leave me without a stain on my conscience, I don't know what it doesn't leave me without a stain on."

"I strongly object to the Navy. It brings people of obscure birth into undue distinction and it cuts up a man's youth and vigor most horribly!"

Character 1: "You plastered yourself on him!"
Character 2: "It's proper to take a gentleman's arm if it's offered."

(And because a blog post always looks nice when it begins and ends with pictures, I give you this to make you giggle.)


Miss Dashwood said...

Oh, and as a random FYI, some of the quotes are from period TV shows as well as period movies. Don't want to confuse anybody. :D

Hayden said...

fun, fun, fun!

2: The Importance of Being Earnest, 1 is Algy and 2 is Cecily.
3: Emma. 1 is Isabella, 2 is John Knightly...I think.
4: uuuuhhhh...something with Saxons in it...Ivanhoe?
5: Anne of Green Gables, the Sequel. character is Mrs. Harris.
6: Is this from BBC's Robin Hood, character being the Sheriff?
8: haha. The young victoria. no idea of the name of 2, but 1 is Albert.
9:uuhhhh!! This sounds very familar...I know, I know!! AMAZING GRACE! William Wilberforce and the guy-who's-played-by-Benedict-Cumberbatch.
the last 3 sound fmailar, but I can't place them!

okay, this was harder than I thought...

Emma Jane said...

Oooh, I love games! And I love quotes. : ) You played my quote game and now I am playing yours! :P

#3 Isabella and John Knightley in Emma 2009.
#5 Mrs. Harris in Anne of Green Gables, The Sequel.
#8 Prince Albert and...Uncle Leopold? in The Young Victoria.
#9 WILBER AND BILLY IN AMAZING GRACE!!! Er, that is, William Wilberforce and William Pitt. In Amazing Grace. : P
#12 Jo and Meg March in Little Women 1994.

That was fun!

Um, WHERE did you find that hysterical magazine cover??? 10 Things You Didn't Know About Cotton?!?! :D


Molly said...

I don't know how good I'll be at this, but here goes!

1. Felix King. I know it is from "Road to Avonlea" but I don't know what episode.
2. Oh, this sounds SO familiar, but I can't place it!!! Oh, wait! Character one is Algemond and Character two is--ooh, I forget her name! Ummm, is her name Cynthia? Anyway, the movie is "The Importance of Being Earnest,"
3. This may be waaaay off, but having only seen the movie twice, I'm going to guess that Character one is Emma and Character two is Mr. Knightley from "Emma." And I think the blank is Eltons?
5. Meg March from Little Woman.
12. Hmmmm, is Character one Elinor and Character two Marianne from "Sense and Sensibility?"

Oh, dear, those were all I could label, and some were wild guesses, but I can't wait to see the results! Thanks for doing this!

Elizabeth Rose said...

This sounds like jolly good fun, Amy! I'd love to join in. :D It's been much to long since I've commented here.

2. The Importance of Being Earnest, Character 1 is Algernon, Character 2 is Cecily, the blank is "Cecily".

3. Emma, Character 1 is Isabella Knightley, Character 2 is John Knightley.

5. Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel, spoken by Mrs. Harris.

8. The Young Victoria, Character 1 is Albert, Character 2 is Baron Stockmar.

9. Amazing Grace, Character 1 is William Pitt, Character 2 is William Wilberforce, the blank is "Mr. Pitt".

12. Little Women, Character 1 is Jo March, Character 2 is Meg March.

Have a beautiful day, dear!

Kiri Liz said...

1. Road to Avonlea!!!! Love this TV series. Haha! I laughed so hard when Felix said this. So, yes, the answer is Felix King. To Izzy Pettibone. In season 7. From the TV series Road to Avonlea. Is this episode 3? "A Woman of Importance" or something like that. Yes, my family slightly loves this series. Just slightly.

3. North and South; Character 1: Edith Shaw. Character 2: Good 'ole, stuck-up lawyer Henry. I know the family's name starts with a "P" and for some reason my brain wants to say Palmers, but I may have had too much S&S influence lately. However, I know Margaret can't stand them. :)

5. Mrs. Harris from Anne of Avonlea (second Anne, sequel, whichever you prefer). "Drrrrenched. And I mean drrrrrenched."

6. The judge from Lorna Doone. "Guilty. Death by hanging."

11. I have a feeling this is from Persuasion. Lady Russell, perhaps?

12. Ch. 1 is Jo, 2 is Meg from Little Women, speaking of Mr. Brooke. Poor Meg, if only she were the swooning type.

Melody said...

SQUEEEEEEE! Quote games, I looove them. (I've been thinking about doing one, too, heehee. I keep forgetting.)

Although you proberly put all stuff I don't know. :P You were probably sitting there thinking, okay, what can I do to stump Melody... ;D
Let's see...

(And then I see #1. HA. Which hardly anyone BESIDES me will know.)

1. Felix King, Road to Avonlea, "Woman of Importance", Season 7. *bows* Do you know how deeply I pity you, not getting to watch the full episodes when you want to so much? DO YOU??

2. Hahahahaha. That's funny but I don't know what it's from. ;P

3. EMMMMAAAAAA. 2009. :D Isabella and John Knightley. :D And I can't think of the name in the blank. :( I should pay more attention to random names like that...

4. Um, what?

5. "MAma!" "Well, that's what you did at {whoever's} wedding." "Mama, that was TWENTY-FIVE years ago. WHAT do you think I AM?"
Um, anyways. Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel. Mrs. Harris. :D

6. Heehee. Lorna Dooooone. :D OhnoIcan'trememberthedude'sname. Sir Somebody? :P Um... oh well. Heh.

7. BAHAHAHA. Totally random that you should chuse this quote. :D Ruby Pratt, Lark Rise to Candleford, Season 4, episode 2. And the blank would be "Pearl". :)

Little bird in the tree
Cannot fly, cannot see.
Little bird in the sky
Cannot see, cannot fly.

*dramatic silence*

8. Ooh! The Young Victoria, yes? Character 1 is Prince Albert and 2 is... that other guy. Is it his brother? Some relative...? Grr. Those people confuse me. :P

Anyways. Amazing Grace. :P

11. Hahahaha. Must be Sir Walter Elliot, Bart., Persuasion.

12. Little Women. :) Jo and Meg, I think. (Well, I know Character 2 is Meg, haha.)

This was fun. Should I recognize any I didn't guess? Because if so then I shall Think Very Hard. ;) Oh but wait, I'm only allowed to guess once. Argh. Well, I'm thinking ONE of these MUST be from Jeeves and Wooster so I'll pull one of the ones I didn't know and say... 10. And just for random-guessing's sake, I'll say Bertie. :P

I'll just have to proceed to educate myself with all possible period dramas you've seen, then you won't be able to stump me anymore. Heh, heh, heh. ;D

Livia Rachelle said...

I don't know many, should know more, and can't wait to find out all.
3. Isabella Knightly to Mr. (George) Knightly, Mr. John Knightly in the 2009 Emma
11. Is this Sir Walter Elliot in Persuasion? The newer one and likely the book.
12. Jo to Meg regarding Mr. Brooke in the 95ish Little Women...95 or thereabouts came out with a lot of really good period drama versions...

Vellvin said...

1 is Pride and Predjudice, I beleive, Wickam and Lizzy speaking.
5. is from Anne of Green Gables the sequel and I can't remember the Granmother's name!
8. is the young Victoria, Prince Albert and his tutor? speaking.
11. That's from Mansfield Park I think, and is Anne's father speaking. I can't seem to remember anyone's names!
12. Little Women, Jo and Meg March!

I remember their names at least! :)

God Bless,

Michal H said...

Hello, Miss Dashwood! I've been reading your blog for some time now and have thoroughly enjoyed it (especially the Rilla dream cast now that I've watched both "Little Dorrit" and "Bleak House" this summer). As an aside, could you please make a dream cast for "Anne of the Island"? (As in, one that doesn't make Roy Gardiner into a middle-aged philanderer.) It's my favorite L.M. Montgomery but I just can't think of anyone for Philippa! Romola Garai is the only one who even comes to mind, but I didn't care for her in Emma (Andrew Davies adaptations FTW) so I'm not sure how much I would like her anywhere else.

Unfortunately, I've read more than I've watched of period dramas so I don't know much for this quiz, but I am fairly confident that in #12, Character 1 is Jo March, Character 2 is Meg March, and the movie is the 1994 adaptation of Little Women.

Ugh, #5 sounds so familiar but I feel like it could apply to so many characters...I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's from one of the Anne movies.

-A devoted fan

Sadie Ann said...

I'm afraid I don't recognize many of these, but for the ones I do recognize:
#3- Isabella and John Knightly from Emma.
#5- Mrs. Harris in Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel. I love that line!
#8- Prince Albert and King Leopold in The Young Victoria. I think it was King Leopold, anyway.
#9- William Wilberforce and William Pitt in Amazing Grace. They're so cute together!
I'm afraid that's all I know, but thank you for posting this all the same!


Fiona said...

Okay, I know #6 is from Lorna Doone and #12... Not sure, but I'm thinking a Jane Austen movie. S&S...?
Sorry, I guess I'm not that big of a Period Drama fangirl! :/ Please don't scoff at me! "I suffer from short term memory loss." Hmmm, do you know THAT quote? ;)

Mykaela said...

The only two I knew offhand were No. 8 and No. 13. No. 8 is from "The Young Victoria" Albert is speaking to his...uncle, I believe? And No. 13 is from "Little Women"--Jo speaking to Meg. :) I love movie quotes. I guess not enough, though, since I didn't recognize any more than that. :D Lol.

Elisabeth Grace Foley said...

Let's see...#5 is Mrs. Harris in Anne of Avonlea, #11 is Sir Walter Elliot in Persuasion ('95).

#4 sounds awfully like something Friar Tuck would say—could it be from an adaptation of Robin Hood or Ivanhoe?

Amy Wegner said...

Ok, I have to ask about The Scarlet Pimpernel. I have never watched it... Part of that reason is because when I looked it up on imdb, it said there were a couple inappropriate scenes. I was just wondering if you could tell me if those parts were easy to skip or look away for? Everyone seems to have watched this movie but my sister and I, so I'm trying to fix that. Haha

Thank you!

Tabitha E. said...

Character one: Mary
Two: Anne

Sir Walter

Little woman
1 Jo
2 Meg

love the photo!
Thanks for doing this!
I always enjoy these!
God bless

Hamlette said...

#2 is "The Importance of Being Earnest," said by Jack and Cecily, and I think the name left out is Cecily.

#5 is from "Anne of Avonlea" (aka Anne of Green Gables II), said by Mrs. Harris

#11 is from "Persuasion" and said by Sir Walter Elliot.

Lauren said...

5. Anne of Green Gables the Sequel,
8. The Young Victoria, Character 1 Albert
9. Amazing Grace, character 1 William,
11. Pursuasion
12. Little Women, character 1 Jo, character 2 Meg

Sorry, that's all I could anwser, my mind's gone blank over so many character names.

Miss Dashwood said...

Hi Amy!
Yep, those parts in TSP are quite easy to skip. You'll want to fast-forward the part that comes immediately after Armand's visit to the guillotine. (Nothing important happens, but it does show him in bed with his girlfriend so I usually fast-forward.) Later there's another bedroom scene that I don't care for, but what comes right after it is essential to the plot, so just look away until the sound tells you that the scene has changed to Ponceau and his men storming the apartment. :D
Enjoy the movie!!

Amy Wegner said...

Thanks so much! Maybe we'll watch it next after Little Dorrit. ;)


Miss Dashwood said...

Thanks for participating, everybody! This game is now closed to further entries.

Miss Elliot said...

Ahem. But seriously, where did you get that???? I just finished watching N&S again. I love a certain person whose name begins with J and T and I want to read that magazine!!! ;-) If only it existed in real life. I wish...