Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"Jeeves just hangs around saying, 'Most disturbing, sir.'"

*looks around nervously*
*clears throat*
*clears throat again*

Oh, hi!  It's so good to see you!  Of course, I can't actually see you... that would be weird...

Coughcough.  Excuse my silliness.  But one does not know quite how to act when one gets to post on such an illustrious blog as this without even being observed (yet) by its proprietress. ;)

This is Melody, in case you haven't figured that out already.  I'm just here to remind you all, on our dear Miss Dashwood's behalf during her Internet Absence, that if you have not yet submitted posts for the November edition of "I'd Like to Share," this should be done forthwith and posthaste.

And that's all I have to say.  I should probably have been doing some hilarious but harmless pranks while I have access to this blog (muwahahaha), but I'm not very clever in that way.  Pity, that.

Well, Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Caroline L. said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Melody! =]

deryn joy said...

haha, was that a jane bennet (of lbd fame) quote? x)