Monday, November 7, 2011

S&S Week Questions

Miss Georgiana Darcy

1: When did you first read Sense and Sensibility? Have you reread it since? (If you're so dreadfully un-bookwormish as to have never read the book just go on to the next question.)

I first read Sense and Sensibility as a literature assignment in ninth grade--and I loved it. Being homeschooled means I often get to choose the books I read, and S&S was one of the best ever.

2: When did you first watch Sense and Sensibility? Which adaptation was it?

I watched the 1995 movie soon after I finished the book--October or November 2009. My mom and I had a girls' night and watched the whole thing together with minimal interruption from younger siblings. :)

3: If you have watched/heard of more than one adaptation which one was your favorite? (Rants allowed)

I've only seen the 1995--though I'm kinda sorta considering the 2008 version--my blogging friends tell me the first scene is easy to skip and is the only one with objectionable content. I don't know though... I love the 1995 one, and I'm not sure I want to spoil my image of S&S by watching a different one that doesn't have the same actors. :)

4: Which three S&S characters drive you crazy?

Lady Middleton, Fanny Ferrars Dashwood and... uh... I guess Lucy Steele. But I have to admit I didn't realize she was a nasty character until about three-quarters of the way through the book. I know, I'm dense.

5: Which heroine are you most like: Elinor or Marianne?

Definitely Elinor. But I have elements of Marianne in me too.

6: Who would be most enjoyable: (or bearable) Mr. Palmer or Mrs. Palmer?

Hugh Laurie's Mr. Palmer is choke-on-my-popcorn hilarious. So definitely Mr. Palmer, as long as he's the one from the 1995 movie.

7: What would be your reaction if you saw a re-write of Sense and Sensibility where it was Elinor who married Colonel Brandon?

Erm. I wouldn't read it. The subplot about Mrs. Jennings thinking Elinor likes the Colonel is so funny BECAUSE it's so far from the truth. Elinor and Brandon get along fine, but they wouldn't make a good couple. Plus, what would happen to Marianne and Edward in this re-write? Would the presumptuous author just kill them off? SACRILEGE.

8: Where does Sense and Sensibility rank in your list of favorite Austen novels?

Second only to Pride and Prejudice.

This was fun! I encourage all of you to hop over to Miss Georgiana's blog and participate!

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