Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Of S&S Week, NaNoWriMo and Caption Contests

Maria Elisabeth over at Miss Georgiana Darcy is hosting a week-long Sense and Sensibility event from November 6-12. I'm extremely excited about this--click on either of these banners to go to her blog and participate! (I couldn't decide which picture I liked better, so I took two.)

Miss Georgiana Darcy

Miss Georgiana Darcy

I'm participating in this year's NaNoWriMo (a challenge to write a complete novel--50,000 words--in thirty days.) So my posts will be a little bit more scattered than they once were. You can check out my NaNo profile here. I'm so excited about this!

My posts may be few and far between this month. I have quite a few in draft, and I may just post those if occasion permits. We shall see. Anyone else doing NaNoWriMo? Are you brave enough to post some of your novel on your blog? I will if you will!

Also, the results are in from the Caption Contest poll. Seven people said they would definitely participate in a monthly caption contest, three people said they might, and three people had never heard of a caption contest.

Survey says: we're gonna have a monthly caption contest here on Yet Another Period Drama Blog. I should now explain what a caption contest is, for those of you who don't know. If you DO already know, either skip this or just bear with me. I first heard about caption contest through Elise's lovely blog, Ribbons of Light (see this post). My sister Anne loved the idea and soon picked it up for her blog, and I've enjoyed participating in her contests. So I thought it would be fun to have one on my blog.

The idea is simple. I post a funny picture from a movie or TV miniseries, and it's up to you to invent a clever, witty, hilarious caption for it. Post your caption in a comment (you have one week to do so) and then we'll vote on the captions and choose the best one. I'll make a little button for the winner to put on her blog. Elise did this contest weekly, and Anne holds it every other week, but that's too frequent for me. So I'll be holding a caption contest monthly.

And we'll begin now, with the November picture.... (from Sense and Sensibility 1995, as is appropriate)
*Edit*: I have put both pictures on this post.


Ella said...

Sounds like fun!

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

I enjoyed checking out your profile at NaNoWriNO and especially reading the excerpt from your novel. Sounds love! I enjoy your style of writing!

I tried NaNoWriMo once but failed rather badly. I haven't tried it again but would like to, maybe next year if time allows.

Yay! A caption contest! I don't have time to think of one right now so I'll comment later with an entry.

Melody said...

To say the truth, that writing contest looks quite intimidating! It would be interesting, though, to try to force myself to write even when it doesn't come easy. Maybe I'll try someday. ;-) Maybe you can tell me how it works, after it's over (because I'm sure you're busy writing!). It's a wonder they don't hold it during the summer, though, instead.

I love how your novel is about a character who likes Jane Austen (and Jane Eyre) -- my characters always do, you know. :)

So, did you think of the idea for your book ahead of time? is that allowed? ha. I assume you can't use something you've already started on.

Chapter 1 of anything is always fun to read. Maybe you should post your first chapter. =)

The caption contest sounds fun! That's quite a funny picture! I'll have to try to think of something...

Melody said...

Oh rats! Right after I finally thought of a caption for the other picture! hahaha :P

Miss Dashwood said...

LOL, go right ahead and post your caption for the other picture, since you're the only one who seems to have one. Then I will declare you the winner. :)

Melody said...

Post it? Post it where? haha

Miss Dashwood said...

Oops, I guess I didn't make that quite clear. In the comment box, if you please.

Melody said...

Okay, look at the picture and then at my caption....


And then tell me whether you 'get it' or not. haha ;-)

Miss Dashwood said...

Loverly caption! I've posted the original picture, too, so it makes sense... and if anyone else wants to participate they can choose from the two pictures.