Saturday, December 1, 2012

In Which I Explain My Scarcity Around Here Of Late

Hey, look! It’s Richard Armitage! Yeah, over there!


But we had to get your attention some way.  So kindly look back here, and forgive us for fooling you—oh, wait, you’re wondering what the “we” is all about?   “We” refers to Melody and Miss Dashwood, and Melody and Miss Dashwood have an announcement to make.  Which may very possibly include ice cream, so we would like to have your attention.

(Note: There will probably not be ice cream.) 

We would like to announce the formation of a musical club, with regular meetings at yours or mine—erm, whoops, wrong club.  We would actually like to announce the formation of the P&P95Forever Club, and you are all invited to join.

Now, right about now some of you are probably clasping both hands to your hearts in a squeal of utter joy at the thought, some of you are glaring and scowling most ferociously, while others of you are saying, “Wait, what?  The P&P95Forever Club?  What’s that?”  Let us endeavor to expline, or if you aren’t accustomed to our Eliza Doolittle method of speech, we shall explain (while the rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain). 

Last year, Miss Dashwood wrote a seemingly innocuous review of Pride and Prejudice (1995), hereinafter referred to as P&P95 so we don’t have to bother with italicizing it.  In the aforesaid and abovementioned review, she made a brief joke about how she did not think Colin Firth smiles enough as Mr. Darcy, and hoped that the members of the P&P95Forever Club would not come at her with their DVDs at the ready.  A joke, nothing more than a joke.  (After all, she's a child, only a child.) Melody read the post and left a lengthy comment, as per, in which she only laughed a little over "the Club thing," but tucked the title away in her brain, and at some later point (we are not sure when) mentioned to Amy that a P&P95Forever Club would in all seriousness be quite a marvelous thing. We agreed to begin a blog together, but not just any blog. No, this one would be extra-special—it would be a clubhouse, a place for fans of P&P95 to congregate and learn more about their favorite miniseries. 

In June 2012, the great task began.  Together, we began organizing our information, deciding how much to include and where to find our facts.  We began collecting quotes, looking up dance instructions, researching the actors’ other works, organizing links, et cetera and so forth.   Believe us when we say it was a lot of work.  (And perhaps you will accept this as a partial excuse for our lack of posts lately.)

And now, finally, the P&P95Forever Club is opening its doors.  We do not think it is necessary to explain that we think P&P95 is the definitive adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, and that we will stick to this opinion with our last breath, unless the BBC makes another, better, truer-to-the-book adaptation which is highly unlikely. We realize that not everyone shares this opinion, but hey, if you don’t, you are under no pressure to join the Club.  But if you do agree with us that P&P95 is the best on earth (excellent taste you have, by the way) we invite you to join the Club (visit the Become a Member page so we can send you a member button.

If you are a relative newbie to P&P95, do not despair!  One of the purposes of this new site is to provide fans with everything under the sun that they might wish to know about P&P.   At the P&P95Forever Club you will find everything from trivia facts about the production to pages and pages of screencaps to instructions for dancing those lovely dances in the ball scenes.

This blog, however, is not intended to be a stagnant one-visit website.  No, indeed, for we intend to keep it hopping with new posts, games every week, polls and throwdowns and perhaps even opportunities for you to make an appearance! 

So please, go explore the blog!  And while you’re there, have compassion on our poor nerves and leave a comment.  This is the express wish of our esteemed patroness, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, and besides which, it adds greatly to our own happiness. 

See you there!
 ~Miss Dashwood and Miss Marianne


Miss Marianne said...

One thing only I have to say.

Molly said...

I should love very much to join, but I think I shall wait a little bit until after I have read the book and watched the movie. :)

Miss Melody Muffin said...

Brilliant idea!!!!!

I went post haste and looked it over and then immediately became a follower! :)

I look forward to delightedly reading it!!

And something in this post gave me an interesting thought... that I shall include in an email to you sometime this week. :)

AnnaKate said...

This is perfectly splendid! Count me in. =)

Rachel (Cynthia) Heffington said...

Wow! Such hard workers! Such industrious little fairies. ;) Love ya, Amy! and Good job to you too, Assistant Melody!

Mal said...

May I just say that that was very mean?!? :) I was scrolling through my dashboard and when I saw the first sentence I immediately clicked on the post :) Haha well you got my attention!
Even though I still like '05 P&P after seeing '95, I still like '95 because, well, it's Pride and Prejudice, how can I not like it?!? So while I'm not going to become a level 4 member, I'll still enjoy checking out the pages and reading the posts! Am I allowed to follow the blog even if I'm not a member of the club? Or is that restricted to members only?
-mal :)

Margaret Hale said...

Hooray! A P&P95Forever Club! I shall definitely become a member.

I liked the way you began the post, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Richard Armitage? WHERE?!?!


All jokes aside, what a lovely club this is! Yes, I just said that. You know where I stand on the subject of P&P adaptations, m'dear Chauvie, but there will always be a special place in my heart for P&P'95. Because let's admit it... it's just minty biscuits!

But I can't very well say that I'm a P&P95 FOREVER kind of member, because that would be implying that P&P95 is the only version of P&P that I like... which would not be true. :P But I am now a follower of the P&P95 Forever Club. I hope it is allowed for a P&P2005 fan to be a follower! =)