Monday, December 3, 2012

W&D Read-Along Kick-Off

Welcome, everyone, to the Wives and Daughters December read-along, in which Miss Dashwood freely acknowledges that she has no clue what the Gaskell she's doing, and in which she prepares to just fudge her way through and hope no one notices.

Because seriously.  What DOES happen in read-alongs?  I've never hosted one.  Iv'e never even participated in one, for Pete's sake.  So if someone wants to shoot me an email (see my Other Locations page--which has been revamped, by the by) and give some suggestions or advice, that someone (or someones) will be heartily welcome.

For now, though, I'm on my own.  *resists urge to burst into song*  So I am doing things in my own way.  Which means... scattered ramblings.  And nonsense.  Hey, have you ever noticed that in the rain the pavement shines like silver and all the lights are misty in the river?

As the hostess of the read-along, I guess it's my prerogative to give reading assignments, so... I'm dividing the book into four sections of fifteen chapters each (there are sixty chapters... yes, this is a tome).  So for this week, let's all read chapters 1-15 and then next Monday we can discuss it and start the next part.

I'll confess, I haven't actually begun reading yet.  I should have done so on Saturday but I had a million relatives in my house and we were baking Christmas cookies and playing Trivial Pursuit.  Plus, Melody and I launched the P&P95Forever Club that day (if you haven't yet checked it out, you should).

If you're still reading this post in hopes that something fascinating is going to happen, you may as well go read something more interesting, because that's about all I have to say.  More posts will be coming later this week as I actually begin reading the book and have things to talk about.  (And I'll expect you to do your part, darlings, which means commenting and talking about things too.)  I see this read-along as being somewhat like a bunch of friends in a coffee shop... informal, laid-back, with lots of laughs.  And everybody ordering something different.

Because hey, we're all going to be reading the same book, but we're each going to have a different perspective on it.  Some of us have read it before.  Some of us are experiencing it for the first time.  Some are going to love it and some may finish it with an "ehhhh" feeling.  But we won't know until we try, and that's why I'm so very excited.  I'm one of those who's read it before, and I'm looking forward to diving into the story again--with all of you.  Seriously, it's really fun to read a book with someone (especially when it's your second time around)-- you end up learning things you never knew you never knew, because no two people will look at Wives and Daughters in the exact same way.

So... happy reading!


Miss Melody Muffin said...

The first paragraph set me laughing right away!!

*Settles down to read the rest of the post.*

60 chapters!! I didn't remember there being so many! Probably because when I'm reading everything except the most boring of books, I tend to not pay any attention to chapters, unless I'm being called away from it and have to find a convenient place to stop. :) I just read straight through. :)

Heehee, I haven't started reading yet either. I've been too busy catching up on things I neglected during Half NaNo.

Can't wait to start the reading and discussions!! Seriously, reading a book is ever so much more fun if you can discuss it with those of the race of Joseph while you're reading!

Mal said...

Have you ever read Wives and Daughters before? If so, it is a good book? I just watched the movie, and I didn't really like it (it kinda annoyed me) so I'm not sure if I would like the book. The read along sounds fun though, but then I also have tons of schoolwork, and I would need to go get the book...Haha I'm on the fence and I need to get off it since it's already December 3rd :)
Let me know!
-mal :)

Caroline L. said...

Goodie, goodie! My first read-along to participate in (though I won't be reading along. A-Hem. Memory, do your stuff!).

Anonymous said...

I am loving this read-along already! I've already completed the first three chapters of W&D. =) Ahh, I love this book! I had forgotten how enjoyable it is. I can't wait for more!

And I LOVED your description on how you want this read-along to be... "being somewhat like a bunch of friends in a coffee shop... informal, laid-back, with lots of laughs. And everybody ordering something different." :D Now that's something I can relate to!

Melody said...

Resists urge to burst into song?? RUBY RED, AMY.

What is Trivial Pursuit? I want to know, Anne!

Anonymous said...

I think you'll do just fine as a read-along hostess =) I quite enjoyed your ramblings!! I'm sure this we'll be a challenge for all of us what with the bustle of the holiday season around about us!! But I'm sure we'll all thoroughly enjoy ourselves. I've seen the movie and listened to BBC's audio drama so I'm pretty familiar with the story and it's players. I'm looking forward to actually sticking my nose into the book!

Leanna said...

Even though I'm in the middle of several other books, and I don't actually own W&D, and I'm getting a late start, and Dec is a busy month...I think I'm going to join you! :) I've read it once before and LOVED it but that was over a year ago, so it's time for it again, I'd say!


Jack said...

Looks like fun! (I'm too busy to join in, but I shall keep an eye out to see how everyone is doing!)

I featured your book today.

Marie said...

Ooh, this looks like so much fun...I'd almost do it, but I wanted to read Jane Austen and Les Mis this month. Of course, I'm sure you wouldn't have a problem with that :)