Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sensible Readers Must Proceed at Their Own Risk

Y'all know that I have a sister.  Well, I have three biological sisters, and a twin who wasn't born on the same day as me (but that is immaterial), but the sister I want to talk about today is known to many of you as the Anne-girl.

Well, actually her real name is Carolyn.  But she goes by Anne-girl on her blog.  And on the cover of her debut novel, she goes by Anneliese Blakeney.   I love that pseudonym, but I'm not quite sure why she chose it.  I suppose she just liked the name Anneliese-- and as for Blakeney, I think she just picked it at random out of the phone book or something.

Anyways.  For the last year or so Cara's been working on a novel known as The Princess and the Sage.  I can't put into words how much I adore this story.  It's silly.  It's ridiculous.  It's off-the-wall.  It contains pickles and mud angels and a mysterious Jub-Jub bird and foreign diggity-dogs dignitaries and a cook who lets you do what you want so you'll learn about consequences.  It's about a Princess, a perfect and prim and proper princess, whose whole life is turned upside down when a young Sage comes barreling into her quiet castle life.  Yep, you read that right-- he's a Young Sage, and don't you forget it.

First of all he was not one of those old sages with long white beards and doddering mustaches, he was the Young Sage, and if you dared address him without the Capitals... well, withered doesn’t begin to cover it.  You could leave off the young part if you wanted too.  At least he lets me leave off the young part.  But then, I’m the one writing it and that puts us on rather intimate terms.  

I could have begun the story at any number of places but I decided to begin it here: with the princess and her last lesson with a governess. Why? No reason. This is a nonsense tale you must remember; and beginnings and endings, while important, are not considered relevant.

~The Princess and the Sage, chapter one

Those are the first two paragraphs, people.  And it only gets better after that.  If you like Lewis Carroll, A.A. Milne, P.G. Wodehouse or E. Nesbit--or if you're like Carolyn and me and adore all of the above--then get thee to Create Space and purchase thee a copy of Princess and the Sage.   Your stomach muscles might not thank you for it when you're done, but it'll be worth it.  They say that every time you laugh, you increase your lifetime by a minute.  Once you're done this book, you'll be practically indestructible.

Can we take a minute to appreciate Perry Elisabeth's
perfectamundo cover design?  I love it to pieces!

Again, you can purchase it here.   Is this post a shameless plug for my sister's book?  Yes.  Yes, it is.  It is also a review of sorts for a piece of hilarity that I am strongly recommending to you.  I received this book after buying it from Create Space, and I have written an honest review-- the opinions expressed here are my own and have totally not been influenced by any other person, least of all my sister.

Have you seen her, by the way?  She owes me some dark chocolate for... something.

p.s.  Yet Another Period Drama Blog has a brand-new look, courtesy of my sweet Melody!  Hop on over to her blog and tell her how much you admire her header-making skills, yes?


Kiri Liz said...

Well, Amy... I have never considered myself a sensible reader, so I don't s'pose I need fear this book. ;)

Actually, I think I let loose a "SQUEEEE" when I saw that Anne-girl had gotten it published. I haven't been able to read yet, but I know I will be soon!! :D

BTW, I love the name Carolyn... and no, the fact that it's my mom's name has absolutely nothing to do with my opinion. Ooh, and Anneliese is gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

Melody said...

SQUEEEEE THE HEADER'S UP! :D That MMFHI. So did the bit where you referred to me as your twin. :D

Picked it at random out of the phone book... HA. So, if that was a joke, was it also a joke that you don't know why she chose Anneliese? Because *I* do not know, but I would like to. *perks ears*
And yay, I won't have to remember no refer to her as Anne-girl around here anymore. :D

I never actually haaaave read any of those authors... :P Well, not as I can remember personally doing so, anyways. But I would like to read this. And if I were the type to buy things I would buy it. Or even perhaps if I had an income. But, haha, I do not. So that's that. :P
But perhaps you could show it to me... sommmmmetime... :) (Actually I was talking about this subject in an email I haven't sent yet, haha. Like about how I can't believe I didn't know about this until yesterday. :P So for now I'll hush myself.)

Melody said...

You don't have to publish this, but by the way, on my computer screen (which as we know is wider than yours), there is like this ribbon of the darkest pink color from the background randomly stuck at the left. o.O Maybe if you tweaked the settings a little it might go away?

Elisabeth Grace Foley said...

This looks fun! (You girls must have read Milne's Once On a Time, correct?) Is there any prospect of a Kindle edition?

Oh, and I love the new header! Won me over at once with those two middle images. :)

Leanna said...

First thing I noticed was the new header! Looks lovely, Melody.

Your sister's book sounds great! I will have to check it out (literally!)

Anonymous said...


Emma Jane said...

Oh, I absolutely adore your new header, Miss Dashwood! The picture of Maria and *I can't remember the little girl's name* in the middle is simply adorable! Well done indeed, Melody and Miss Dashwood!

Kathleen Wentworth said...

Congratulations to your sister! The story seems most amusing...you have convinced me that I should get it! It seems extremely diverting...

I have a feeling that Anneliese Blakeney might have something in common with the famous Sir Percy Blakeney :). I bet that even he would recommend this book...I'll ask him the next time he drops by :).

Oh, and your blog looks absolutely lovely. I love the pink ;)

God Bless,


Holly said...

How interesting...congratulations to your sister!
And wowzers, that header is good. Though I gotta say, you've got the wrong Emma! :P