Sunday, June 9, 2013

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehn, goodbye and all that...

(random pretty picture that has nothing to do with the post)

I'm not leaving permanently, of course (don't start celebrating just yet)-- I'm only going to my grandmother's for a few days, but I shan't be here during that time (do tell!) and so I'm just popping in really quickly to apologize for my absence of late.  (I'm a high school graduate now, by the way.  Which I think is supposed to mean I'm supposed to act grown-up.  Have to do a little research on that.)  At any rate, there will hopefully be a nice period drama review popping up in the next few days (scheduled to appear while I'm gone so nobody dies of heartache) and that should tide you over until my return.

In the meantime, the lovely Melody will be chatelaine of YAPDB, in charge of comments and what have you.  Be good and do what she says, and I shall see y'all on Friday!


Little Lady said...

See you around girlie! :)

Melody said...

Nonsennnnnse. Being a high school graduate merely means you get to be crazy and nobody can tell you not to.

That's my way of looking at it.

:P ;D

One minute you joke about us celebrating and the next trying to prevent us from dying of heartache... "Well, you've got to admit, {s}he has a flexible mind." (Erm... another DickVD quote. I might show that episode to you, actually. It's one of the classics. ;) )

Anonymous said...

Hi, quick question, from which movie is the fourth
to last pic. PLEASE answer!!


P.S Awesome blog!!!!