Thursday, October 31, 2013

"How much for the horse tornado?" "Madam, that is a carousel." "I must have it."

Petie came to visit me and we had the time of our lives and I'm going to attempt to write a blog post that isn't ENTIRELY WRITTEN WITH THE USE OF CAPS LOCK.

Our visit got rescheduled at the kinda-sorta last minute-- originally it was to be Thursday evening (the 24th) until Saturday afternoon (the 26th) since Petie's mom and some friends were to be attending a conference, but then things got changed around and Petie ended up going to the conference too and so she came to my house afterwards, from Saturday to Wednesday, and we had more time together with things happening that way so it was a very nice arrangement all around.  And more time together is always agreeable in my mind.  We did things that were fun and fun is good.

I think, instead of trying to transcribe a play-by-play of the Visit, I shall just give you a few Highlights and elaborate on the ones that demand elaboration.  Also I shall include pictures because pictures are fun.  (Petie took all the pictures because my camera is currently dastardly and broken.)

Some of the highlights, then...

~Showing Petie The Scarlet Pimpernel (1982) for the first time.  I am, after all, the Queen of TSP Indoctrination.  And she is now even more of a Leaguette than she was before.  Also a very good imitator of Sir Percy's weird mouth noises thing that he does whenever he's in costume.  That IS the general idea.

~Making up ridiculous nicknames for each other.  She's Elphanine, I'm Galindasette.  It all stemmed from the condensed version of Les Mis In Concert that we did with the rest of my siblings down in the basement on Monday afternoon-- we followed the story pretty faithfully but inserted "What Is This Feeling?" as a joke right after Marius and Cosette met.  Eponine was obviously jealous, you know.

~In that vein, the Les Mis concert was pretty hilarious.

"Black.  The color of dis bear." *gestures dramatically with a stuffed animal*
"Dude, that bear's white."
"Hush, it's a metaphor."

~Going out for ice cream with Anne-girl and quoting those hipster-edit pictures and making up our own and amusing ourselves a little too much.  (Yes, we came up with the one you see above.)

~Celebrating Talk Like Jane Austen Day for about thirty seconds (read: attempting to keep up an early-nineteenth-century way of speaking) and then replacing it with Talk About Jane Austen Day, which is easier to do and could be maintained for hours.

~Taking silly pictures because that's what we do best.

~Singing and singing and singing and singing.  We do a kind of awesome cover of Phantom of the Opera together and YouTube has some very, very nice karaoke.

~Drinking lots of coffee.  And tea.  Oooh, tea.  We love tea.

~Watching Lorna Doone (Petie's first time with that too) with Anne-girl and cracking up over, y'know, everything.  John's pronunciation of "beautiful," for instance.  And James McAvoy being, like, twelve or something.  And adding ridiculous pet names for kittens to the end of all the dramatic lines.  And Carver's hair. CARVER'S.  HAIR.  Seriously.

~Singing "down once more to the dungeon of my black despaaaaaair" every time we headed downstairs to the guest room (which is in our basement and which is where we stayed during the visit) and quoting all the best lines from that POTO-in-ten-minutes video.  "Hey, look.  We're at my LAIR again."

~Taking one short day in the capital city... one short day, oh there's so much to do... okay, well, it was more like one short hour because we didn't have much time, but people, we photographed a squirrel on the White House lawn.  Unfortunately we did not get to ride The Squirrel.  Hugs if you get that reference.

~Watching West Side Story together (Petie's first time... don't pretend you don't see a trend) and making fun of the romantic leads.  Because, you know... really now.  No one honestly cares about Tony and Maria.  Bernardo and Anita own that movie, whether the filmmakers admit it or not.

~Having deep conversations at 1 AM about romance and marriage and all that jazz, and a dream cast for the new adaptation of Little Women because we can't be TOO serious all the time, you know.

~Reenacting that one clip from the interview where Benedict Cumberbatch's cell phone went off... she plays Buttersnitch Cucumberpickle and I play the phone.  We're an Oscar-worthy pair, we are.

~Watching the last episode of Lark Rise to Candleford together and squealing all the fangirly squeals when our favorite couple ever finally got engaged.  THE CUUUUUUUUTES.  And have you ever noticed the trend of fainting in that episode?

"First Minnie.  Plop."
"Then Margaret.  Thump."
"Sidney'll be next.  Thud."
*noisy laughter*

~Making up insanely silly variations on the quote in the title-- which, by the way, is from a random picture we saw on Pinterest (we have no idea what it's from and Google is being singularly unhelpful) that struck our fancy.

"How much for the window bathrobes?"
"Madam, those are drapes."
"I must have them."

"How much for the spray of hydration?"
"Madam, that is a water fountain."
"I must have it."

"How much for the entrance rectangle?"
"Madam, that is a movie ticket."
"I must have it."

~Watching War Horse together (and that one was MY first time).  I intend to review it eventually but for now let's just say it ripped my heart into little shreds, m'kay? Brutally KILLING off my favorite character wasn't enough-- oh, no, they had to kill off almost all the OTHER characters TOO and put the poor HORSE through so much AGONY and GAH THE FEEEEEELS.


But it was still a really really good movie and hey, several familiar faces popped up at random times, especially Tom Hiddleston who was, you know, kind of one of the reasons I wanted to see the movie in the first place.  COUGH.  There's one particular scene where his character Captain Nicholls is sitting at a desk sketching a horse (er, THE horse) and it prompted the following exchange between Payton and myself.

"I bet that's actually him doing the drawing."
"Of course-- he does all his own stunts and all his own horseback riding and all his own flawless drawing."
"And he designed and sewed all his own costumes."
"And went through like three hundred of those snappy military jackets because he kept giving them to people."
"Yes, yes, this pleases Cute Owl."

~Singing random bits from The Lion King while parading down the street in public.  Maaaaaa sowenyah mababeeeeeet seebabah... (There was no one else around, but that's not the point.)

~Walking past a group of British students when we were in the city and going verrrrrrrry slowwwwwwly so we could hear the teacher's lecture.  Because, um, it was educational.  Very.

~Reading aloud the book-a-minute classics to each other and nearly killing ourselves laughing.  (People are MEAN to JANE EYRE.)

~Just plain enjoying being together.  Because that's what friends are for, oui?

{yes, bad scoop-ish sounding thing on my part during the third-to-last "because I knew you"... 
just be ducks and pretend it's not there, m'kay?}

And now whatever way our stories end
I know you have rewritten mine by being my friend.
I do believe I have been changed for the better
And because I knew you, I have been changed for good.


Christina L said...

That sounds so awesome! Congratulations on your meeting!! You two are hilarious!! Hil-ar-i-ous.
That book a minute site is great! Lol I laughed so hard!
By the way, who is who in the photos?

Anonymous said...

Dream cast PLEASE !!!!!! That would definitely please Cute Owl :D

Emma Jane said...

Oh, I am so glad for you both! It sounds like you had a marvelous time together. Your singing is so beautiful! I love that song! : ) One of these days I really must see Wicked. : P
I've never seen Lorna Doone either, but I do not think I would be opposed to seeing James McAvoy as a twelve-year-old. : P
Lovely post! I am so happy for you!


Hannah said...

Aw, it sounds like the two of you had such a lovely time :) And it's really, really cool that you live so close to Washington D.C! After New York City, Washington D.C. is the American city that I'd most like to visit.

Er *nervous pause* would someone who didn't particularly like The Scarlet Pimpernel book still be able to enjoy the 1982 movie?

I think Amanda Seyfried could make a wonderful Older Amy in this new Little Women movie. Sure she's 27 but she could pass for much younger. And I'd love Michael Fassbender to play Professor Bhaer. He was born in Germany, he's half-German, and he speaks the language fairly fluently! And if he played Bhaer I might actually end up preferring him over Laurie which would be a first! I still have some misgivings about this new LW movie though.

I LOVE Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston! I'm such a massive fangirl! They were the two main reasons why I watched the War Horse movie :) And although certain things which must not be named here left me very sad I still really enjoyed that movie.

Anonymous said...


I was laughing so hard while reading this, and simultaneously trying to muffle my laughter considering Little Wilson was asleep in the same room.

GIRL WE WROTE LIKE THE SAME POST. That is crazy. I had mine nearly written, then I read yours, and I was all, "WHAAAAT."

~ EEEEEEP THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL. I forgot to mention that one... Yup, my favourite scene was definitely the one where he's disguised as the peasant. :D That was the only one of his disguises where he doesn't do his weird mouth noises thing, right?

~ The Les Mis concert was soooo much fun. :D "Boo!" "AHHH!"

~ Ahhhh, yes. Lorna Doone! See, I knew as soon as I read your post that I would remember all sorts of things I had forgotten to write in mine... John and his denseness was definitely the best part of that movie. :D That and the way he said "beautiful." Hahahaha.

~ THE SQUIRREL!!! I'm just curious as to how many people will get that reference...

~ Bernardo and Anita... YES. How do they say it... "You are not so cute!" :D

~ Ya know, we never did cast anyone for Mr. Lawrence... Haha, the first person that just popped into my head was Charles Dance. :D



~ I think my favourite one was the entrance rectangle. :D And just this morning I was reading a Lamplighter book, and one of the characters said, "Look at those road-side roses! I must have them." :D

~ Heeheee, our Tom Hiddleston conversation was hilarious. "He probably designed and sewed all his own costumes." :P

~ The best part of singing The Lion King was doing all the music ourselves. :D "Oh, I just can't wait to be king!! Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da....."

~ Sniff, sniff. I couldn't listen to that recording without some moisture happening...


Molly said...

Oh. My. Word. You both sound soooo good! Having Petie over was so much fun!!!!!

Isabella said...

THAT LOOKS LIKE SO MUCH FUN!!!!!! I am so glad it worked out and you guys- er girls could get together! LOVE the pictures! And good job on the song! Loved it! I also very much enjoyed reading what you two did together! Yes I caught the reference, "ride on a squirrel" or whatever it was :D lol.


Alicia Showalter said...

(I am jealous :( ) Haha, but happy for you both! I love the pictures and oh, I must know the story behind the one with the stuffed animals... :D
I have so much more to say, but I'll see you tonight dear Coffee!!!

Natalie said...

Awww, you had so much fun!! That's awesome for you both!

Natalie said...

Oh, I just looked at the Book-A-Minute-Classics--HILARIOUS!!
How did you find that website?

Kiri Liz said...

THIS WAS AWESOME!!! I loved every minute of it. And yes, it took me several minutes to read this post because I read everything more than once. *ahem* No, that's not weird...

"Black. The color of dis bear." Ha! "It's a metaphor." My dad always says it's, "Black, the color of this pear... because it sat on the counter for two weeks!"

Bahahahaha!!! "Maybe that's because you're a flip-flop." *grins all the stupid grins!!!!*

Question: did you ever go to Red Robin? (Yum!) ;)

Window bathrobes!! *Lydia-snort*

YOU WATCHED WAR HORSE?!? Isn't it just the best movie ever?? Well, you know other than P&P95 and TSP and all those other marvelous films, but War Horse is definitely one of my top favorites. Yes, yes. I know what you mean. My mom always says that it would have been much more satisfying if Albie had married the girl from the motorcar scene and had a little baby named Emilie. And oh, yes, he did all the drawing himself. I'm sure he even made Charlie's fancy cap.

Annnd... this is getting way too long, so I'll stop commenting here. I'm off to read Petie's post!!

Kiri Liz said...

Ah, yes. The Squirrel. BEST PART.

Alexandra said...

Um. This made me laugh. Lots.

Also the weird mouth noises. DIED.

SO GLAD y'all had such a good time!!!!!!! And gorgeous song, btdubs.

deryn joy said...

okay, "POTO in 10 minutes"? can someone please give me the link to this promising hunk of gloriousness??

glad you had such a fun time!


Melody said...

Deryn Joy,
You can see it here. :)

Marie said...

Oooh I've been waiting to hear about this! ( Hope that didn't sound too creepy...well, I have. :) )

Wow, you have posted your Very Own Face on the Scary and Dangerous Internet. :D That's a first.

I got the squirrel joke! Can I claim my hug now? *crushes Amy in cyberhug* Thank you.

I reeealy want to see War Horse now.

Your pictures are so CUUUTE!

Wow, you did the capital in an hour? How'd you do THAT?

I can't think how to end this comment...:P

Joan said...

Sounded like a DEEEELIGHFUL visit!
Do you take voice lessons? Both of you are really good! I'm rather picky about how people sing too!


Elizabethany said...

Sounds like you had awesome fun! Was that quote a reference to Night at the Museum 2??

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a simply wonderful time! There should be more Mizzers in Korea...I'm tired of singing along to Youtube karaokes on my own!

Natalie said...

It's so neat getting to see what you look like Amy! You're so pretty!