Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Depth of Two Years' Friendship

Today is my blog-o-versary.
Or blog-a-versary.
Or blog-i-versary.
Or any of the above without the dashes.
Or whatever you want to call it.

I've been blogging for two years now on Yet Another Period Drama Blog, and I thought long and hard today about what I ought to write about this anniversary.  (It's a funny thing about anniversaries-- they're kind of an annual thing, and this one crept up on me before I realized it.)  I wanted to be Deep and Thoughtful in this post, as much as possible anyway, and properly express to you all what I feel about attaining my second year of blogging and entering my third, but I can't help putting in a dash of Silly as well.  You knew that, right? :D

I think the thing that's stood out to me the most over this second year of blogging (not that it didn't during the first) was the friendships I've formed.  So much of me is made of what I've learned from all of you, and all that.  I truly never thought when I clicked "create blog" on that pleasant day in early fall when Lee marched over the mountain-wall of 2011 that I'd be starting a journey that would bring me to meet so many kindred spirits.  (And I literally met one of them.  Best eight days of my life.  Melody is my soul-sister, cheesy as that may sound, and you probably are all quite tired of hearing me going on and on about how amazing she is so I'll shut up now and keep my slogginess for our emails.  Heehee.)

I've always rather thought long-distance friendships were a fascinating thing-- when I was younger I had several pen pals and though our correspondences faded away after a few years, it always seemed a wonderful thing to me that two people could get to know each other across many miles as well as (or perhaps even better than) two people who had only met face-to-face.  Through blogging and reading other people's blogs, exchanging emails (Puddle, you owe me a reply.  Like, sometime soon.) and even talking on Skype or the phone, I've come to know and love quite a few wonderful people over the last two years.  (And of course they all have to live miles and miles and MILES away.  SUCH IS LIFE.)

And so this post is a shout-out to all the dear, dear friends I've met and learned to love through this ridiculously fun blogging adventure.  You know who you are, my nears and dears.  Here's a giant hug for each and every one of you.

And this post is also for all the wonderful people whose blogs I read and who follow this blog (either, or and both!), whom I might not know as well just yet, but who I'm eager to learn more about and come to love.  Because kindred spirits aren't so scarce as I used to think.  When I first ventured into the foray of the Jane-Austen-etc. blogging world, I really never thought that so many people would come join this little corner of the web and share my delight in old-fashioned stories.  Just goes to show that... I don't know everything.  (What a shocker.)

Oh, and because I am not capable of ending a post on a sweet and heartwarming note, I have to throw in some of the stats this blog has enjoyed or accrued or whatever over the last year.  Because those happen to fascinate me and I want them preserved for posterity and what have you. (All stats unless otherwise indicated are for the last two years-- i.e., "all time"-- not just the last year.)

Total Posts (including this one): 295
Pageviews: 248,809
Followers: 321 (hello and hugs to all of you!)
Most Popular Traffic Source: Google Images
Most Popular Search Keywords: "jane eyre" (not sure why this is... I've written a total of ONE post on the woman...)
Most Ridiculous Search Keywords: "should eponine and javert get married" (UM WHAT)
Events Hosted: Celebrate Musicals Week
Blogging Friends Met In Real Life: Melody

Oh, and I changed my header.  Here's what I used to have:

(made by Melody)
And here's my new header for Autumn 2013.

Annnnnnd this post comes to an abrupt end.


Miss Jane Bennet said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Such a wonderful post- I was laughing and crying and feeling touched in general. I really enjoy your blog and I'm so thankful that I have the chance to read your posts and laugh and learn.
And I'm sounding really sappy I'll stop. Again, congratulations and many happy returns of the day on your second bloggy anniversary!! :)

Victoria said...

Congratulations, dear! Also, I totally got that Tangled reference and hence I am crowing about it. :)

Melody said...

Congratulaaaations! SO HAPPY you joined the blogging world. This type of blogging, that is. Since you did have other blogs before.

Soul-sister, eh? I would say soul-twin, if ya asked me. ;D
And *I* liked your slogginess.
Um, duh.
Wait, slogginess isn't a real word. Won't other people be confused? :P

I almost envy you a little. I don't know very many bloggers all that well besides you. But I suppose I can't be surprised that people seem to regard you as something of a magnet. ;)

You didn't indicate that the events hosted was only this year. Because you HAVE hosted other ones, haha.
Should Eponine and Javert get married... ooooooookay then. :P

It's rather appalling that your most popular blog post is one where what you wrote is no longer accurate to what you think. HAHAHA. As regards Mr. Rochester, that is. ;)

Blogging friends met in real life... hmmm, that makes it seem rather like in years to come you will list other people there. >;D (And hopefully me again. Even though that won't be meeting me. Never mind, you can make a new category for reunions. HAHAHA.)

Well, I must say your new header is quite lovely indeed. :)

You should get some new blog buttons, too. Hint. ;)

Quinlyn said...

Congratulations!!! :D

ROTFL--should Eponine and Javert get married? The question of the century.

Miss Melody Muffin said...



I can't imagine what my life would have been like without having met you. There would have been no long group emails about Les Mis and other randomness. :) In fact, it probably would have taken me at least a year longer to get into Les Mis period. Also, I would not have... the list can go on but I shall stop that depressing line of thought and just say, I'm so glad I met you!!!!

Happy Anniversary and here's to many more!!

By the by, your new header is so pretty!!

Anonymous said...

HUZZAH! HUZZAH! *dances around and throws confetti* D'awww, I'm just so happy for my little Chauvelin. :D Happy blogoversary! (I will even have an extra coffee today in your honor. Yes. I know. The things I do for you...)

And yes. I know. I'm such a terrible friend. An email will hopefully be dropping in your inbox vedddddy soon! Forgive my neglect. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME! ;)

Well, I for one am soooo happy that you started this lil' blog because if you hadn't I never would have met you!!! And you're practically the greatest ever and I love you bunches and bunches.

Here's to another faaaaaabulous year, m'dear Chauvie! :)

Alicia Showalter said...

Oh, I absolutely love reading your blog!! It keeps me up-to-date, informed, and I always learn and lot AND laugh a lot. ;) The new header you made is beautiful by the way. Keep up the amazingly wonderful job and keep the posts coming. And yes, it is rather funny that the most popular post is the one where your opinion of Mr. Rochester has changed... it has changed, right? I do like Mr. Rochester myself - well, you already new that ;)

Hayden said...

Happy Blog-a-versary! :)

ummmm...Should Javert and Epinone get married? Reeaaally? Literally the strangest ship I've heard of. cough.

But at the risk of being sentimental and sappy, your blog is one of my very favorites and I've enjoyed getting to know you through them. ;)

Kiri Liz said...

Happy two years!!!! I sincerely cannot imagine the wonderful internet world of blogs without you, Amy, so don't even ask me to do it. I know I am one among many who will give you all sorts of praise and thanks (as well as breaking into great cheering) for taking that big step and clicking "create blog." Just think, without you, I would still probably sit in the dark crevices where no Les Mis ever comes to rest. A world devoid of all things beautiful, a nothingness where no long-distance friendships cannot exist for there are no friends long-distance to have relationships with, etc. etc. Depressing, isn't it? See how much we all owe you, Amy? Besides, it's muchly due to you that I've gotten serious with my writing, many thanks to your wonderful posts over at your writing blog. *ahem* And no, I'm not trying to flatter you. I'm just stating the facts. With perhaps one too many adjectives. But I can't help it. I'm homeschooled. ;)

So, here's to you and YAPDB for an excellent past and all the best for the future! Definitely looking forward to the next two years of your posts!

Oh, and I do love your new header. It makes me *very* happy to know I'm not the only one who knows and loves Road to Avonlea. It's an epic series.

Alexander said...

Congrats on your anniversary!

Wha??????? Javert and Eponine?! is this a joke? please tell me this is a joke. :)

Melody said...

KIRI LIZ! You like Road to Avonlea??? Yay!
We need to talk sometime. ;)

Kiri Liz said...

Melody ~ Haha! Yes, very guilty. "Like" as in I've seen all seven seasons, the Christmas movie set after, and have a good many quotes memorized. What makes it even more hilarious is that my oldest sister Beth Grace was very much like the bossy Felicity when she was younger. And I do say WAS because, thankfully, Beth grew out of that stage. ;)

Maddie Rose said...

Yay! Lovely post, lovely new header, and a lovely blog! It's funny that Google Images is your best traffic source, because that's how I found you.... well, maybe not THAT funny/unusual because it IS your best traffic source.... I'm rambling. Anyway, your a wonderful, old fashioned, funny, and endearing person m'dear and I hope you have many of these Blogaversaries. :)
P.S. I love your Road to Avonlea pic

Miss Dashwood said...

Awww, thank you all so much for your kind words! Love you bunches! *hugs*

I am excessively pleased to find more Road to Avonlea fans... we should have an event of some sort. (Tween, let's talk this. Like, tomorrow.) IT IS THE BEST SHOW ON EARTH.

Alexandra said...

Congratulations...very late, of course. :P I'M SO GLAD WE MET!!!!! LOVE YA!