Wednesday, January 15, 2014

*clears throat importantly*

*random pretty photo to keep the Real Photo for this post from showing up
on people's dashboards*

"Good afternoon, young ladies, and welcome to Camp Inch.  My name is... *flips note cards*... Miss Inch.  Yes, Miss Inch."

Um, no, scratch that, reverse it, and insert this instead.

"Good morning, bloggers, and welcome to January 15th."  (That's today.  It's a joke.  Stop looking at me funny.)  Today is a big day, because today the cover for a very great book is being revealed to the world.

In July 2013 I did a lot of exciting things-- I visited a blogging friend for the first time, rode on four different airplanes, and beta-read a manuscript.  It is the latter item that I wish to address today-- namely, the manuscript.  Because, people, that manuscript was the cat's pajamas, and now it is a book.

I'm not sure that you heard what I just said.  NOW IT IS A BOOK.  A REAL BOOK.

It hasn't actually been released yet (February 14th is the big day) but the public gets to see the cover today, and I am thrilled and honored and divinely delighted and all that jazz to be one of the people revealing the cover to you all.

*reveals cover*

Fly Away Home, as the book is called (I'm saying that for the benefit of those who can't read-- all the rest of you, one would presume, saw it on the cover photo up above), is a simply smashing novel.  And though I am a biased sort of girl and the author happens to be a personal friend of mine (let's hear it for Rachel Heffington, known to me and my sisters as Jeeves the One and Only), I can truthfully say with absolutely no malice aforethought that this book is a winner.  YOU MUST READ IT FOR IT IS WONDERFUL AND SPLENDID.

You probably would like to know something of what it is about.

Callie Harper is a woman set to make it big in the world of journalism. Liberated from all but her buried and troubled past, Callie craves glamour and the satisfaction she knows it will bring. When one of America's most celebrated journalists, Wade Barnett, calls on Callie to help him with a revolutionary project, Callie finds herself co-pilot to a Christian man whose life and ideas of true greatness run noisily counter to hers on every point. But when the secrets of Callie's past are hung over her head as a threat, there is space for only one love, one answer: betray Wade Barnett to save her reputation, or sacrifice everything for the sake of the man she loved and the God she fled. The consequences of either decision will define the rest of her life.

Self-preservation has never looked more tempting.

Seriously, guys, it's awesomeness sauce.  It's clever, it's funny, it's tear-jerking, it's romantic, it's witty, it's a breath of fresh air in the modern world of Christian fiction.   It's better than cough drops, I tell you.  You should read it.

...But of course you can't, as it's not out yet.


In the meantime, go stalk the Goodreads page.  Good hunting!


Melody said...

A blogging friend, eh? You mean I'm still one of those? Hahahaha. :P

Well, you told me I'd like this book, so I daresay I would. :D Therefore I look forward to it. ;)

Natalie said...

Oh, I know of another character who's a pilot and his name is Wade! He's from the Cherry Ames nurse books, and is so funny and great.
Anyways, this books sounds really good!

Miss Dashwood said...

Ehehehehe. Yes. You are still one of those. That's how we met, after all. :P

Actually in this sense the term "co-pilot" is just figurative-- Mr. Barnett is in fact a journalist. But I'm quite thrilled to hear you know and love the Cherry Ames books! I've always fancied Lex myself, however. Wade's certainly funny but I think Lex is the better guy. What do you think?

Katelyn said...

Sounds like a good read!! Can't wait to check it out!

Anonymous said...

I'm getting this book. I have been this determined to buy a book in months. The moment it is out, it is mine - well, I will order it. The only bad part about self-published books is I can't run down to the book store and pick it up. I have to wait for the mail.