Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Bookish Chat with Belle

Today I have the very great pleasure of introducing my esteemed friend and patroness, Miss Martha--er, I mean Elsie-- er, I mean Isabella.   Or Belle, as I like to call her.  (Well, actually I like to call her "my child" but that's beside the point.)  We are continuing our Bookish Interview series after a brief lapse, and Belle has kindly consented to be the featured bookworm for July.

~Welcome to the podium at Yet Another Period Drama Blog, Belle!  Have some tea and a muffin to calm your nerves and tell us a little bit about yourself.  Name, general age-ish (feel free to be as vague as you like), last movie you watched (and enjoyed), least favorite food, favorite kind of summer activity, and what got you started blogging.  Ready, steady, go!

Hello Amy Dashwood's (aka Amy's) followers! My name is Isabella, but you can call mee Belle or Bella :) I am fifteen and can't believe it :P My life is just passing by SOOO fast! Oh yes if any of you would like to give me a gift I would like some time, literally! :D The last movie I watched was the Hulk, super random I know. :D Least favorite food would probably be Sushi though I can eat some, most of it gets to my stomach so I try to avoid it :) Favorite kind of summer activity would be either swimming, jumping on the trampling, or going out with friends :) I knew very little about blogging until one of my dearest friends started her blog and invited me over to check it out. I fell in love with reading it and decided I wanted to start one as well. I was rather young at the time so I started off a blog with my sisters, then when I turned fourteen started my own. Though I used to be very frequent with blogging I still love it and wish I could post more! But alas I also have life to attend to, which is not near as fun as blogging, but it has to be done ;)

~Okay!  So now that we know a little bit more about you, let’s ask some bookish questions.  Tell us about three books that you loved when you were little-- that is, under ten or so.


Three books that I enjoyed when I was younger...humm...well I read a lot of random books, like kid devotionals and stuff like that, to be honest I liked to look at the pictures mostly :D

Adam Raccoon 
Random Bible rhyming books :)
Random Tea Party books that came with tea party sets :)

~Oooh, I always loved books about tea parties... still do, in fact.  :D  Which of your favorite books would you like to see made into a movie?

Well for sure Andrew Klavan's books, (which by the way are going to be mentioned a lot in this post :P) the ones I have read that is, such as Nightmare City (more like a Doctor Who episode :D) and The Homelander Series, and a book my friend wrote called The Lost World. But to be completely honest most of my favorite books HAVE been made into movies!

What is your favorite genre to read now? (historical fiction, mysteries, sci-fi, whatever)
I'm really liking action actually, now I definitely do love a good romance but most of the time I prefer an action book with a little romance, then a romance book with a little action :) I'm weird like that ;) I do also enjoy a good sci-fi, historical fiction and mysteries too :) For instance I am in the middle of an amazingly fun series by Andrew Klavan called The Homelander series and it is everything I enjoy! It's an action packed book, with a romance, mystery and fun. I was actually very surprised at how a book with just words could be so action packed and on the edge of your seat feeling, but it was! I highly recommend it ;)

What are some of your favorite quotes about books?

This isn't a quote at all, but it's very true I think :)

~What did you most recently finish reading?  Would you recommend it?

Well I am in the middle of a couple series but like I said I highly recommend Andrew Klavan's The Homelander series.

~What was the longest book you ever read?  Would you recommend that? :D

Oh gosh, I try to stay away from long books...just kidding I am not that person :D I do enjoy a long book, though most books I read are either series or shorter books, so I guess The Homelander series :)

I also recommend Nightmare City, also by Andrew Klavan.  I mainly love that book because it reminds me of a Doctor Who episode. :P Yes, I am a Doctor Who geek, I admit.  :D

~Quick!  First inspirational/funny quote from a book, off the top of your head! 

Life is like riding a bike. In order to keep your balance you must keep moving.

~What is the best book you bought over the last year?

To be completely truthful I never really buy books, not that I don't want to but that most of my books are either given to me, or I rent them from our local library.Sso unfortunately I don't really have a lot of books that I have bought, but more rented or passed down, which happens a lot in our family :) But I can say one of the best books given to me was from one of my best friends AND she wrote it herself! How awesome is that! It is now on Amazon, btw! Here's the link!

(YES.  People, go check out my sister Molly's first novel!!!)

~What would be your response to someone who told you she never read books?

I would think she has no life...:D jk. I would actually think she does have a life but she might be too busy to read books (which I personally think is absolute poppycock but to each his own :D).  And besides, these days you can read books on a kindle or watch the movies. :) (I feel like an old grandma, *shaky voice* "In my days children actually read books, books made out of cardboard and paper!" :D)

~If you were going to be stuck in an airport for three days and could only bring three books with you (and no other source of entertainment), what three books would you choose?

Let's see... probably three of the Homelander series, one because he has to survive and I would probably have to do that at an airport, and two they are just enjoyable and pass the time when I'm bored. (Ok it might sound like I am being a complete fangirl about these books, but I will be honest I love them to death and they are one of the best most recent books I have read, so yeah. :))

~Who are your top three favorite authors?

Andrew Klavan, DUH! :)
Suzanne Collins
J. K. Rowling
Charles Dickens
Sorry, there are just so many! :D

~(I see not the great Jane Austen  in this list... we are no longer friends.  :P  All right, all right, kidding...) What is the best book-to-movie adaptation you’ve ever seen?

Eeesh, well I would say one of the Jane Austen movies but I haven't read a lot of the books yet, I only ask my younger sister about them, (she's a reader :)) so I guess Hunger Games, Catching Fire because that is one of the few book-to-movie adaptations I've read. :D

~All right, all right, you invoked The Name in your last answer... I'll let ya slide.  Quick, name a book you love that begins with C (“the” does not count. :D).

(My first thought was Cat in the Hat but I haven't read that, I know "WHAT WAS WRONG WITH MY CHILDHOOD!!! :D) I'm going to just say (Hunger Games) Catching Fire. :D Sorry Amy!!!

~Bahahahaha... s'okay, I still love you.  :D And now... recommend six titles for the lovely readers of this blog.  Any titles.  Six of ‘em.  Do it.  Now.  (No, I’m not bossy.)

Amy, you are that bossy. "No rush" :D JK. (inside joke everyone sorry about that :))

The Last Thing I Remember
The Long Way Home
The Truth Of The Matter
The Final Hour (all of which are a series, sorry I was trying to think of six titles :D)
Nightmare City

Yeah, I'm a little lazy when it comes to picking titles. :P

Thank you so much, Amy, for having me post on your blog! I enjoyed it immensely! And sorry for all my naming-one-book-all-the-time-thing I just haven't read a TON of books recently, my bad! :D But you have inspired me to read more! :)


Thanks so much for joining us, Belle!  I enjoyed reading your answers immensely, and your pictures (especially the random ones :D) were a splendid addition.  Belle and I are great friends and I am so happy to have her as a guest here... she's a tremendously fun person and does a killer imitation of Martha Mahinsky.  Also, she understands the importance of obeying her father.  (sorry guys... inside joke again...) Everyone, don't forget to visit Belle's lovely blog here!  And don't forget to check out my sister's book, either... not that I'm hinting or anything.

(Also don't forget to submit your nominations for the August I'd Like to Share, right over here, if you haven't already.)


Sara Lewis said...

Glad to see that Bookish Chats are back!

Alexandra said...

Loved it! Although Cat in the Hat was her own fault, I have read it many times. :P

Miss Elliot said...

Hi Miss Dashwood!
I'm not exactly sure what the rules are for ILTS- can people who don't follow you (yet) share? Anyways, 'it' wouldn't let me go to the 'right over here' link, so is it okay if I nominate here?
If so, I'm nominating you in the Humorous category for "Lorna Doone (2000) Review".

Emma Jane said...

Charming interview-- I'm glad to see the bookish chats are back. :-) By the way, if you're looking for more bookish people to interview, I'd love to do it.


Miss Dashwood said...

Hi Emma!
I'm so glad you're enjoying these. :D Thanks for your interest in being interviewed, but I'm afraid I already have people lined up for the rest of the year... perhaps you could start a bookish series of your own if you'd like to continue this sort of thing on your blog. :D