Wednesday, October 29, 2014

"Try not to start a war before I get home. You know what it does to the traffic."

So with one thing and another (and a best friend dropping in unexpectedly) I never posted the I'd Like to Share list for October.  Abject apologies.  We'll be having a Double Dose (such a dose, old woman, such a dose!), featuring all the nominated posts from September AND all the posts you've nominated this month.  Well, actually, I'm the only one who's nominated anything so far this month.  So please do go ahead and nominate your favorite posts for this month!  (Don't worry if you already nominated something back in September-- you can still nominate another one for this time.  It's not your fault that I dropped the ball earlier this month, haha.)

Looking forward to your posts!  Don't forget to leave the links in the comments on the I'd Like to Share page, and remember to mention which category you're nominating the post for.  (Yeah, yeah, preposition at the end of a sentence.  I'm only human.)

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