Thursday, November 20, 2014

A delightful animated film about a young boy and and an old man who fly away to an exotic place in a balloon house... other words, what's up.

I've been...


Just finished Christy by Catherine Marshall (SO good, though not recommended for younger readers as it has some mature themes), am still plugging away in The Count of Monte Cristo, and just delved into Captain Wentworth's Diary by Amanda Grange.  It's quite lovely so far-- I really enjoyed her Mr. Knightley's Diary, so I'm hoping this will be as good.  (Got any book recommendations for me, friends?  This time of year is when I read the most, it seems...)  I keep track of all my reading on Goodreads, which I'd recommend (I've used that word three times now... ugh, I need a synonym) to any bookworm.  Yay for book-sharing and bluestockings!


Well, I'll tell you what I'm NOT listening to just yet, and that's Christmas music.... just pretend you can see me scowling.  (If you know me in real life that won't be hard to imagine.) I'm a stickler for Waiting Until After Thanksgiving, and this year is no exception.  Instead I'm listening to Audra McDonald whenever I get the chance, and remembering how much I love The High Kings.  Oh, and the Sherlock soundtrack. :D

(this is 3-year-old's and my special song-- well, one of them)


I've been at my nanny job for two years now... hard to believe the little munchkin who wasn't even walking yet when I started is now running around talking a mile a minute because he's THREE now and definitely not a baby anymore.  (Well... depends when you ask him.)  We're a close-knit pair, we are.  I'm also beginning a volunteer position at my library next week, so that's fun.  ;)


A lavender Civil War dress as a somewhat late fifteenth birthday present for Molly-- HOW IS SHE FIFTEEN ALREADY.  Visions of sugarplums a new Regency dress for a Jane Austen Christmas tea are dancing in my head but I'm determined to stick to just one project at a time.


Anne-girl and I just began the BBC Robin Hood together, and though it's not really my usual cup of tea, I'm enjoying it heartily.  Much is my favorite character.  Also Will Scarlet.  Because, y'know, Harry Lloyd.  Do I really need to explain that.  Didn't think so.  I'm also loving In Earnest, a new independent web series based on Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest-- which is one of my favorite plays ever, so it's quite fun seeing it adapted into a clean and hilarious modern-day vlog series.


Recently returned from a jaunt to Kansas City (again!).  It was lovely to see my Rovirosa peeps again and I miss Ally and her siblings already... but we have a plethora of new inside jokes to console ourselves with.  Since none of them are blogging much anymore I could probably say whatever I want about them on here... but I'll refrain from sharing mor'ifying anecdotes :P and simply say that we had a splendid time and made idiots of ourselves and stayed up really late every night and played games and roasted marshmallows and went to play rehearsals and watched movies and the like.  It was quite good fun.


Christmas, duh.  BUT THANKSGIVING FIRST.  Basically the entire holiday season.  *rapturous sigh*  And seeing relatives I haven't seen in ages.  And my first voice recital, because I'm really excited about that.  And seeing Cinderella (the musical!), our Christmas present from my grandmother.  And baking a ton of treats because that's what we do this time of year.  And the Victorian Christmas ball we're going to!!  Oh, and the new Night at the Museum movie.  No shame.  :D

(random quote I like)


Melody and I have a really delightful project we're currently working on... which I should devote some time to this morning, haha.  What I'd love to be planning is a trip to go visit Melody, but hey, she was just here, so I need to bide my time.  And save my money.  Heh.


Well, y'all know about Masked now.  :D  That's been keeping me pretty busy.  I've also been plugging away at a couple of movie reviews for this blog, which still haven't materialized.... but life goes on and things will be okay.  Yada yada.  Tomorrow is a brand new dayyyyy...


I'm always laughing over something because I'm a little too easily amused, but this song has had me in stitches recently.  For all you fellow low-pitched women out there...

(The chorus bit from I Feel Pretty is the best, IMHO.  And as a girl who can rock the Bishop's low notes in Les Mis and then be told by a young friend that I sound JUST LIKE his older brother, I can identify with that.  Haha.)


Soooooo is Sophie Hunter going to become Sophie Cumberbatch?  Isn't that the uppermost question in everyone's minds? :D  Personally if I had the opportunity to take on a name as unique and hilarious as that one, I'd grab it.  Despite having to spell and explain it to everyone for the rest of my life...  (HUGE congratulations to the happy couple, by the way, and NO I'm not in deep mourning or anything, to answer the solicitous inquiries of half my friends.  Snort.)


That this crazy thing we call life is happening right here and not now-- that I'm not waiting for anything, but instead just discovering how to enjoy and accept each day as it comes without constantly worrying about the future.  Now is the time to seize the day, stare down the odds and seeeeeeeeize the day... you don't get anywhere by staying stuck in a rut fearing what's to come and worrying over what's already happened.  The God who controls the universe controls every aspect of it, including my own uncertain and small existence, and He has a perfect plan for each and every part of it.  Someday I'll fully grasp that.  Hopefully. :D

How's it been with you lately?  


Hayden said...

Oh no. You're one of THOSE people. ;) My sister is a stickler for waiting after Thanksgiving before listening to Christmas music as well, but for me November 1st is the official start for Christmas-music-listening. :) But I do love Thanksgiving, so I can't wait for that, too.

Isn't In Earnest just the best??? I love Algy sooo much. He's hilarious.

Yeah, there needs to be more Cumberbatches. So Miss hunter definitely needs to take the name :D

Have fun seeing Cinderella! I am very much jealous. ;P (and I am waiting very impatiently for Masked... :D)

Melody said...

I find it rather hilarious that the reason I knew you had a new blog post was by seeing the In Earnest picture pinned on Pinterest and seeing that it was from your blog and knowing I hadn't seen it on your blog before. Haha. :D


You "rock" the Bishop's low notes, do ya? That ought to be interesting to observe. Ehehehehehe. Now I'm having funny mental images. :P

SO JEALOUS OF ALL THE COOL STUFF YOU'RE GETTING TO DO, just sayin'. I wanna go to a Christmas ball. Especially since I didn't get to go to the autumn one. And I want to go to Cinderella too. And the JA birthday tea.

I want pictures of the Civil War dress (lavender? :D :D) and keep me updated on Robin Hood. :D

I wish you could come visit me nowwww. But yezzz, saving money is sort of practical. And waiting until the roads aren't icy. And a respectable distance between visits. Snort. :P

Melody said...

Oh, and I find it kind of amusing that you are asking for book recommendations when you have about ten million books on your to-read list on Goodreads. ;D

Sophie said...

I haven't been following your blog for too long, but I love it and so I feel like I should comment and say hello...
And so this isn't a post about one of my favourite cartoon movies ever. Ah, well. :D (That pin is very amusing.)
I agree completely about Christmas music. Despite being forced to play it in an Orchestra, it belongs at Christmas, therefore in December. End Of. Otherwise I'm tired of it before Christmas Day. :P
Oh, I love BBC Robin Hood so much. And Much and Will are two of the best characters.
That Alto's Lament is the story of my life. Arrrghhhh. It doesn't feel natural to be a girl and able to hit the Bishop's low notes better than Cosette's high ones.
... Sophie Cumberbatch? OH MY GOODNESS. Heeheehee.

Awdur said...

YES, Waiting Until After Thanksgiving is the way to go.

Have fun with Cinderella! I love that musical.

I've never heard of Mr. Knightley's diary. I'll have to check it out.

Victorian Christmas ball! Those are so fun! I'm planning one right now. :)

After that very un-chronological comment, adieu.
~Lady Awdur

Lois Johnson said...

Once again I am reminded how much we have in common. :)
I love High Kings too. :)

payton marie said...

This is hilarious because I have a very similar post to this in my drafts right now. :P Great minds think alike, m'dear...


Hmm, I haven't heard of In Earnest! I tried watching Green Gables Fables, but I didn't much care for the Anne actress. She seemed to be yelling all the time. :P Maybe I'll give it another go someday... But In Earnest looks very entertaining!

I AM SO HAPPY YOU STARTED WATCHING ROBIN HOOD. Now we can discuss it and Will Scarlet and his all-around awesomeness.

Also, your last paragraph. Perfection.

Natalie Monk said...

OMGoodness, I cannot WAIT until Cinderella comes out!!! And I'm pretty excited about the Night at the Museum movie as well!

Thank you so much for sharing the vlog series of Earnest. I was unsatisfied with the movie version I saw and look forward to this one!

Now I can't wait to look into the rest of these things you've recommended.

I must ask, what film is the Olivia De Haviland photo from on the right with the blue dress? Is that from Rebecca? Or The Heiress?

At the moment I'm enjoying the 1995 Pride and Prejudice with my mom. :)

Anna S. said...

The quote that you like is from a song called 'I Hope You Dance" by Lee Ann Womack. Listen to it if you want. I love the song! :)

Natalie J. Williams said...

I've recently begun reading your blog, and have found it amusing. Keep it up!