Thursday, December 4, 2014

I'd Like to Share: December 2014

Well, this is a tad bit late.  Heh.
...It's the holiday season.  Shush.

We didn't have very many nominations this month but that may have partly been because I forgot to remind everybody.  *cough*

In the Inspirational category...

Hamlette nominated Heidi for Wit, Truth-Telling and Virtue in Austen
The Elf nominated Matthew Westerholm for Worship on a Bad Day
Naomi nominated Emma Larson for How to Stay Motivated and Achieve Your Goals
Miss Dashwood nominated Rachel Heffington for Advent: The Paradox

In the Informative category...

Hanna nominated Suzanna Rowntree for Technical Excellence is Good In Itself

The October/November quote (which no one identified! how sad! how shocking!) was from a Poirot episode, namely, The ABC Murders.  :D

For this month...

"Pop, I think you're a great guy."
"Did you hear that, _____?"
"I heard it... 'bout time one of you lunkheads said it!"


Elisabeth Grace Foley said...

It's A Wonderful Life, of course! (One of the most quotable old movies ever.)

Heidi ~ Lady of Anorien said...

Oh, thank you Miss Dashwood! :) And thanks again, Hamlette, for the nomination!! ;)

(And P.S. This month's quote is from It's a Wonderful Life. :) Good one!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nomination, The Elf! :)

Anonymous said...

The quote is from "It's a Wonderful Life". George says the first line to his father and the second line to Annie, the maid. Annie then responds with the third line.