Sunday, January 11, 2015

MFL 50th Anniversary Watch-Along: The Recap

(That's MFL for My Fair Lady, not NFL.  Never that.  MFL definitely trumps that.  Can I get an amen.  *We* know how to better occupy our time. :P

Well, here we are again with our recap of this week's fabulous My Fair Lady 50th Anniversary watch-along!  Whew, that's a mouthful.  :P

My Fair Lady 50 years

On Wednesday evening, Melody and Amy convened at Amy's blog with Hayden, Ashley, Evie, Jess and Ally to watch and discuss the first act of My Fair Lady. (We called it the first half but really it's closer to the first three-fifths, as the show isn't divided evenly down the middle the way it should be.)  Hayden sadly had to leave early, but the rest of us stayed around and nattered for 254 comments.  (And made the discovery that Blogger has learned to make multiple pages in comments when we talk too much.)  We were united in our disapproval of Eliza's father Alfred, rejoiced in the delights of the Rain in Spain, and made fun of Henry Higgins and his rudeness.  Also we agreed that Freddy Eynsford-Hill, despite his nice singing voice (Prince Philip!) and his moderately nice face, is a dweeb and we hope Eliza didn't go for him.  Naturally we fangirled over I Could Have Danced All Night.  Because who doesn't.  And wondered why on earth Higgins has so many servants.  Because he's a bachelor with a medium-sized house.

Overall, the evening was quite a success.  We experienced some technical difficulties and some people had to float in and out due to company and schoolwork, but we had a great deal of fun. (See the post and comments here.)  And by the next evening, we were all ready to do Act 2 at Melody's blog.

Act 2 began with Melody, Evie, Ashley and Miss Jane Bennet-- Amy had a prior commitment and wasn't able to join the party right away, but then she did and everything became more wonderful.  (If that line's still in the final polished product of this post, it's probably because Melody was too amused to take it out.  Now Amy will be embarrassed, because it was supposed to be a joke but there are probably those who will take her seriously and think she's an uppity idiot.)  Anyway, we temporarily shipped Higgins and Eliza as they danced together, enjoyed poking fun at the Queen of Transylvania, collectively muted Alfred's stupid bachelor party song, whooped and hurrahed over the gloriousness of Mrs. Higgins and her awesomeness, and campaigned for Melody to rewrite Higgins' misogynistic torch song as A Hymn to Her.  (We will take donations at the end of the post to fuel this campaign.)  Ashley also pointed out that Colonel Pickering is really not quite such a gentleman as he is often made out to be-- he talks a lot about Eliza behind her back and only really treats her as a lady in public or when it strikes his fancy.

And we sincerely hope, of course, that Eliza made Higgins get his own dashed slippers.  Because, ya know.  (And you can see the post and them comments-- THOSE comments-- here.) 

On each of our blogs we had a little poll just to spice things up a bit, and here are the results.

On Amy's blog - 
"Which is your favorite song from My Fair Lady?"
The winner (as predicted by Amy) was "I Could Have Danced All Night" with 7 votes (28%). It was anything but unanimous, though, and here were the other choices--
"Wouldn't It Be Loverly" - 5 votes (20%)
"On the Street Where You Live" - 4 votes (16%)
"Just You Wait" - 3 votes (12%)
"Without You" - 2 votes (8%)
"The Rain in Spain" - 2 votes (8%)
"Show Me" - 1 vote (4%) 

On Melody's blog - 
"Which of Eliza's dresses is your favorite?"
The winning dress was the green one worn during "The Rain in Spain" (and part of "I Could Have Danced All Night") with 9 votes (56%).
Others were:
Purple "Just You Wait" dress - 4 votes (25%)
Ascot Ensemble, Embassy Ballgown and the Pink/peach "Show Me" outfit each with 1 vote (6%).

Thank you to everybody who joined in and made the evening fun!  We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. 


Awdur said...

Ahh, now I understand. I was looking at the comments around 8 PM Thursday night and saying, "How did they make comments at 9:24 when it's not 9:00 yet?" But I had the wrong night! :P Silly me. Well, I wasn't able to join this time around but I hope you do one again because it looked like a lot of fun!
And the Rain in Spain dress is THE BEST. I WANTS. :P

Hayden said...

I was so sad i didn't get to stay *makes disappointed face* I did like reading the comments later, though. And I'm glad I'm not alone in my dislike of Eliza's Dad and I do love that winning dress of Eliza's :D

This was a lovely, funny post and I think you should do another musical watch along sometime. When I can can do it, of course. ;)

Ashley said...

Yay! We overwhelmed Blogger!!
Temporarily shipping for the win!
You used dashed!!
Thanks again! I had loads of fun!

Aibhilin (Evelyn) said...

Lovely recap Amy! :-) it was most fun joining you and everyone! I'm the only one in my friends who likes MFL. We should do this again somtime!!! Thanks for hosting it again! :)