Saturday, April 25, 2015

"Nobody's talking to me except a bunch of dead French politicians who I'm pretty sure are just in my head."

Remember Masked?

That project I talked about back in October and have brought up occasionally on here since then, but haven't gone into a whole lot of detail about?  Yeah, that one.

Turns out I've been working pretty steadily on it all this time, and it's getting pretty close to what they call actual production.  That is, pre-production's almost over.  Filming will begin soon.  (Then comes post-production.  Yip yop yoop.  ...I have no idea what that means. It's supposed to be a Noise of Apprehension, I guess.)

But anyways! Things are progressing pretty well now and I'm pleased to inform you (if you didn't know already) that we've already cast almost all of the lead roles!  We haven't announced all their names yet... there's one particular chap who's being kept in reserve as of now, muwahahaha... but if you're curious about the few who are Out and About already, here they are.  (Just for fun, see if you can figure out who these characters' counterparts are in the novel, and leave a comment with your deductions. :D)

Alexandra Rovirosa is playing Margot James 

Isabella Rovirosa is playing Suzanne James

Jacob Funke is playing Drew Ffoulkes

Kristian Jett is playing Angelo St. Cyr

Michael Reiser is playing Tony Dewhurst

Maggie O'Neal is playing Julie Denman

(Julie is a character with a difficult-to-discern counterpart, as she's a blend of several different novel characters, haha. So don't bother trying to figure hers out.  ;))

Bonus puzzle-- the quote in the post title is an actual line from one of the scripts and it's spoken by one of the characters pictured here.  Care to guess which one?

To read more about the cast and the creative team, visit our website (oh yeah! we have a website!) and check out the Cast & Creative page.

Also we're on Twitter and Tumblr and Facebook and Pinterest.  Just so ya know.

...Yeah, this post is pretty shamelessly show-promoting.  But if you've stuck with it until now, thank you muchly, and here's a tidbit of Interestingness at the end.   Though most of our main roles are cast, we ARE still looking for at least two actors to play supporting roles... and we have a way in which you might be able to get involved, if you're interested.  So go check out this post on The Day Dream. Seriously, go do it.

(Also, while I'm at the business of self-promoting, go check out all the spring stuff in my Etsy shop, too.  Please.  Because all the proceeds from that are going toward Masked.  Worthy cause and all that. Just sayin'.)

(Also, I promise my next post on here will be an actual real thoughtful-and-intelligent piece of writing.  Like, a review or something.  Or a Musing.  Or something remotely intellectual.  But my brain's a little zapped right now. So I leave you.)


Melody said...

Splendid post. :)

Naomi Bennet said...

Wow Amy. Just wow. Thank you for doing this. It's going to be so squeefully good, I feel it, I feel it!

jessica prescott said...

Wow, Miss Dashwood--this is so exciting! I LOVE modern adaptations of old fiction--not because there's anything wrong with the original stories, but because it's so fascinating to try to see how they can be made to fit into contemporary culture. Good luck!!!

Natalie Monk said...

Thank you for an update post on Masked! I'm eagerly anticipating this series!

Emily Blakeney said...

As soon as I saw the post title I thought "Aha! Now this sounds like a post I HAVE to read!" Yay! Thanks for the updates - they're eagerly awaited! Oh, how I wish I were in the USA, I so love acting....alas, I shall have to wait and see how you lovely people do a wonderful job of it....
Anyway, keep it up, and can't wait to see it!

Avery said...

Whoa, are you making your own adaptation of the Scarlet Pimpernel?!
That's one of my favorite books!

Anonymous said...

This really looks like a great cast! I'm excited for all of you!

miss elliot said...

And your Andrew Ffoulkes (yes, I guessed who they all are. ;-)) looks wayyy better (sorry, Dominic Jephcott) than the one in the movie. Ha. *awkward smile*
I CANNOT wait till this premiers. And can I just say, I really admire you, Melody, and everyone else doing this - it's so creatively splendid.
Oh, I wish I could be part of this. But I'm too young and I live to far away from MO to do anything, anyway.
Have a lovely day!

ButterflyBailey said...

OHHHHH!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!! This is going to be amazing!!!!!

Awdur said...

Hi! I second everyone else's comments – this is going to be so cool! Are you rewriting just the first Scarlet Pimpernel or bringing in parts from any of the other books?

Marie said...

I'm looking forward to this soooo muuuuch... :D Hope you find everyone you need in time!!

Emily Blakeney said...

Okay, I'll have a go at guessing the characters here, if I may:

-Margot James is Marguerite Blakeney
-Suzanne James is Suzanne de Tournay
-Drew Ffoulkes is Sir Andrew Ffoulkes
-Angelo St Cyr is the counterpart of Angele St Cyr, I'm assuming (or possibly the Marquis??)
-Tony Dewhurst is Lord Antony Dewhurst

Um, let's see, whose line is it....I'll go with Tony Dewhurst.

Katelyn said...

Can't wait!! I check the Facebook page regularly.

Hayden said...

Can't wait for this!

And I've tagged you...

Abby said...

I am so excited for this! I discovered all the Pemberly Digital shows long after they were released, so I look forward to watching an adaption in "real time," especially of this book!
On another note, I cannot access the masked website for some reason. Every time I try to open it, I get a blank page. Is there something I am doing wrong perhaps? (It did it from the link here on your blog as well)

Aibhilin (Evelyn) said...

So excited Amy and Melody!!!! xD I just liked the page!