Tuesday, December 31, 2019

What Are You Still Doing Here?

(photo for clickbait)

Yes, you! I can see you! I still have access to this blog, you know. I see the stats. I see the traffic sources. I see the comments on old posts. (I read every single one.)

But I don't write here anymore, and if you're poking around this old site looking for something new, you're unfortunately in the wrong place. I write over at The Bluestocking Dressmaker now - I just recently wrote a whole big long photo-heavy post about the process of designing and sewing my wedding dress, I'm still slowly working on a series about re-reading Little House on the Prairie, and I'm gearing up for an exciting announcement for 2020.

So if you still want to stick around, by all means, do so - over there, if you don't mind. This is, to quote L. M. Alcott, the Positively Last Appearance.

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