Thursday, January 19, 2012

Quote of the Week 15

Lady Cumnor: Weally Hawwiet, I cannot understand why you take such an intewest in these petty Hollingford affairs.
Lady Harriet Cumnor: Oh mama, it's only tit for tat. They take the keenest interest in ours.
~Wives and Daughters (1999)


Lauren said...

Every time Lady Cumnor speaks I laugh. Her voice is hilarious:) Lady Harriet is one of my favorite characters.

Julia Rogers said...

I love love LOVE that movie!!!!! One of my very favorites!! And the quotes!! AHHH! Nice! I like that one especially!! =)

Miss Dashwood said...

Did you know that the actress who plays Lady Cumnor (Barbara Leigh-Hunt) also played Lady Catherine de Bourgh in Pride and Prejudice (1995)?

I love it too... I need to see it again!!!

Stephanie said...

I love Lady Cumnor. It's funny to see "Lady Catherine" so different. I also have a fondness for Lady Hawwiet. I was ready to dislike her very much the first time she appeared in the movie, because of something she said to Molly. However she is truly a good person. :)

Miss Dashwood said...

"She knows her own mind, Clare. I think you will have your work cut out for you!"
I disliked her at first, too, but then I liked her later on. Lord Cumnor absolutely cracks me up, too. "What's twice eighteen? Thirty?"

Rachel Heffington said...

Awww. I love Lady Harriet and Lady Cumnor--I think Harriet is beautiful..except when she cuts her hair at the end. I mean, what's *up* with that? And then I saw her as Jane Bennet in the 2005 P&P and knew she was just as beautiful as a Jane ought to be. (Susannah Harker wasn't that lovely in my opinion.)

Lauren said...

Yes I did! I think it's hilarious to see her in such a different role.

Miss Dashwood said...

I agree, her hair was SO weird! My sister Anne says it looks like she backed into a lawn mower. :)
I agree, Rosamund Pike made a much prettier Jane than Susannah Harker did... though I somehow still prefer Miss Harker's grace and sweetness in the role, even if she wasn't as pretty as Lizzy.

I know, I love seeing different actors in different dramas as totally different characters!

Julia said...

Hi Miss Dashwood!

Actually, it's funny that you'd ask, because I am (hopefully) going to meet the Mallys at a homeschool convention this year in South Carolina. They'll be speaking there and I'll be running a booth for my jewelry and jewelry how-to books that I wrote. :) So I hope our paths cross. :D

But I heard about them through Sarah's book, Before You Meet Prince Charming. :) That book really helped me out as a young teen, and I still enjoy it now that I'm 20. :)

I would love to see the movie in this post, by the way! I've not seen it yet but loved Rosamund Pike in the new P&P. :)


Miss Dashwood said...

Hi Julia!
Homeschool conventions are such fun! I hope you sell a lot of jewelry.

I love Before You Meet Prince Charming. I think I might write a review of it for my blog, even if it doesn't quite fit the theme. But I'm feeling the need to branch out a bit into other topics anyway.

Oh! You should definitely see "Wives and Daughters", it's a lovely film.

Alexandra said...

LOVE Lady Cumnor!!! "Don't dispawage yourself" is one of our favorite quotes around here. :-)