Thursday, January 5, 2012

Quote Of The Week 13

Pancks: Miss Dorrit, you are at your sewing I see.  Does it run in the family?
Amy Dorrit: (perplexed) I don't think so, sir.
Pancks: Now, your great-uncle Ned - he was a sailor, I believe? Is he still with us?"
Amy Dorrit: He died, sir.
Pancks: He died? Well, well. Uncle Ned... is dead! *snorts*
~Little Dorrit (2008)


Rachel Moreland said...

Oh my goodness, that's hilarious! Add Little Dorrit to the list of films I need to see!

Ella said...

That's funny and kinda sad at the same time.

Rachel Heffington said...

This is probably my absolute favorite period drama ever. Pancks...Mr. Clennam....Flora Finching....Amy's pretty much amazing! :D

Miss Dashwood said...

My review of this epicly amazing movie is coming tomorrow. :)

Well, actually it's not sad... he isn't laughing because Uncle Ned is dead but because of the implications behind this... ugh, I can't really explain without spoiling the story. But trust me, it's funny.

I. Adore. This. Movie.

Stephanie said...

Oh my! (Really this comment has nothing to do with your post because I've yet to see Little Dorrit)
I can comment on your blog now! For some reason your blog was broken for me, but since you made some very lovely changes, it works! Now I can go back and read everything. And comment, and check out links, &c. :)

Miss Dashwood said...

I'm so sorry you weren't able to comment earlier! I don't know what was wrong, but I'm glad it's all fixed now. :)

Ella said...

I've watched most of Little Dorrit,but I've forgotten a lot of it.

Melody said...

I...LOVE...THIS...PART! (As you well know)
He was also laughing because it rhymed.

Maria Elisabeth said...

I'm so glad you're going to review the movie, because I've just started reading the book and I'd love to watch it!

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Mr Pancks is so funny! I really enjoyed his character the last time I watched Little Dorrit, he's quite the investigator!
"Uncle Ned is dead" always makes me laugh so much! :D

I really like your header, the background is nice but are the trees supposed to be on only one side?

Alexandra said...

Can't wait to see your review!!!!

Lady Nessima said...

hahaha, I LOVE that scene! Actually, I love that whole movie :)

Hayden said...

Oh, I love this movie... :) Amy Dorrit is one of my favorite period drama heroines. I enjoyed the movie so much I actually went to the library and got the book. And read it. That whole, huge, monstrous thing.

And I loved it :)

Miss Dashwood said...

Oh, you should see it again!

You see, Mr. Pancks is a bit of a poet... and [I] did not know it!

Maria Elisabeth,
The book is amazing (and kudos to you for reading the book first, I'm a great advocate of that :D) but the movie is even better.

Miss Laurie,
I need to change the background... I didn't realize until just now that the picture only has trees on one side! Rather unbalanced, I think.

Posting it today!

Lady Nessima,
Me too. :)

I read the book first, and then I went to the library and got the movie and watched the whole, huge, monstrous thing. And I loved it. :)