Thursday, February 2, 2012

Quote of the Week 17

"You have seen this kid in action, and you know what he's like.  He told Cyril Bassington-Bassington, a fellow to whom he had never been formally introduced, that he had a face like a fish.  And this not thirty seconds after their initial meeting.  I give you fair warning that, if he tells me I have a face like a fish, I shall clump his head."

"Bertie!" cried the Wickham, contorted with anguish and apprehension and what not.

"Yes, I shall."
"Then you'll simply ruin the whole thing."
"I don't care.  We Woosters have our pride."

"Perhaps the young gentleman will not notice that you have a face like a fish, sir," suggested Jeeves.
~Episode of the Dog Macintosh, by P.G. Wodehouse


Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

How is Jeeves and Wooster? A friend of mine was telling me about it.

Julia said...

I LOVE Jeeves. :D He. Is. Awesome. I also love how Hugh Laurie plays Bertie Wooster. :D

Miss Dashwood said...

Miss Bennet,
I've only seen a few clips of Jeeves and Wooster, but it looks pretty good--I'm mostly familiar with P.G. Wodehouse's original stories. I highly recommend them!

Jeeves is absolutely amazing. With him and Sir Percy around, how could anyone stay in trouble for long? :)

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Miss Elizabeth,
I've watched the whole Jeeves & Wooster series and it is hilarious and very well made! My whole family really enjoys watching our DVD copies, it's a special favorite of my mom's.
Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie are great actors and they just "are" the characters of Jeeves and Bertie Wooster! (although I haven't read very much of the original works.)
And many of the costumes are very nice! I highly recommend the TV series as much as Miss Dashwood highly recommends the books! :)

Sarah said...

Yes, you really must review this series! I've read almost every P.G. Wodehouse book in print, and started the first series on DVD-it is sublime!!!