Saturday, February 4, 2012

Two Blogs

I had originally planned to post the next installment of the Period Drama Heroines series today, but time got away from me (as usual).

However, I would like to announce (music please, maestro) that my sister's blog, Scribblings of My Pen, is now public! You may all mosey over there and check it out if you are so inclined (and I heartily suggest you do so).

Also, I have started a new blog, known as Sink Me!.  It's a nonsense blog full of... silly stuff.  And it is made up entirely of things that people send in.  So far I've been the only one sending things in, but maybe that will change hereafter.  Perhaps it will make you laugh.  Perhaps not.  All I know is that it amuses me.   "And precious little amuses me, at my age..." (name that quote!)


Hayden said...

Anne of Green Gables!!!!!!!!
We literally JUST finished watching this movie!!!! I mean, seriously, like, ten minutes ago :)

Oh, and in the future i would love to send something funny in :)

i'm really glad your sister's blog is public now! Will blogger now show when she updates it?

Melanie Boudwin said...

Aunt Josephine, from Anne of Green Gables of course! :)

Alexandra said...

Hurrah! Hopping over to see your sister's blog...

And I *love* Sink Me. I'd love to send some sometime...the caption contest inspired the siblings and I and there's been a lot of fun captions going on since! :-D

And the quote is by Miss Josephine Barry on Anne of Green Gables. :-)

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

How delightful! I shall really enjoy reading her blog!

Okay Aunt Josephine! (I love that quote from Anne of Green Gables!) :)
I've been enjoying Sink Me! So many amusing things! :)

Janell said...

Everyone should know that that's Josephine Barry, saying that Anne amuses her!!! :-)

Julia Rogers said...

Miss Josephine Barry to "the Anne-Girl" =)
BTW. I LOVE "Sink Me"!!!! Soooo funny!!!!!

Miss Dashwood said...

Wow... everyone knew it was Josephine Barry! :)
We just watched that movie yesterday, so it was fresh in my mind when I wrote this post.

Ella said...

I really like your sister's blog.
I'm going to vist your new blog very soon.

Rissi said...

Cool! I'll head over and check out your sisters blog. =)