Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nine Days More...

...another [week-and-a-half], another destiny...

Recognize the quote?  No? That's probably because I tweaked it too much.  Ahem.

My extremely corny title (and subtitle) is (are) a convoluted paraphrase of the lyrics to One Day More, the finale to Act One in Les Miserables and one of my favorite Les Miz songs ever.  You might ask why I'm quoting that song today, but you probably won't, because I quote (and sing) Les Miserables all the time.  Ask my family. :)

But just in case you ARE asking, I'm quite pleased to tell you that for the past couple of months, Miss Payton (Petie) Wilson and I have been scheming and plotting and putting together a positively diabolical plot. And finally, after about a gazillion emails, some serious fangirling, and way too much fun, we are ready to spring our plot upon you. I am here to announce...

Will You Join In Our Crusade: A Les Miserables Concert Comparison

a blog series by Petie and Amy
June 4-9, 2012

It's going to be an entire week devoted to celebrating Les Miserables, the musical that swept the world.  We'll be discussing our favorite characters, actors and songs from both versions of the concerts(and hopefully getting into juicy debates with our readers, heh heh), and having an altogether delightful time.  The fun begins on June 4th! All Les Miz posts will be published on Petie's blog, Dirt and Dickens, AND right here on Yet Another Period Drama Blog.  (I encourage you to check out both so you don't miss out on any of the fun!)

And now the big question: will you be joining in our crusade? If so, post one of these buttons on your blog and link back to us!

Yet Another Period Drama Blog

Yet Another Period Drama Blog

Yet Another Period Drama Blog

Yet Another Period Drama Blog

Yet Another Period Drama Blog

Yet Another Period Drama Blog

See you then!
~Miss Dashwood (and Petie :D)


Emily said...

AHH! This is awesome! I absolutely love Les Miserables! And One Day More? One of my all time favorite songs!

Alexandra said...


Miss Melody said...

Huh. I NEVER would have guessed any of this.

Sniff. Now I have to let my Tween down again tootuz I'm not a Les Miz fan. Sniff. And I might be too confused and out of my element to leave satirical, amusing comments, but we shall see. ;)

As the Crowe Flies and Reads said...

Alas, I will not be joining in your crusade because I don't have enough background to do comparisons of different performances or broadcasts. But I will be strong and stand with thee and check in on both blogs because I'm interested. There was a time when the Les Mis soundtrack was all I listened to.

An Old-Fashioned Girl said...

I LOVE Les Miz! I have both the concert versions on DVD, so I'll definitely be checking those blogs during June!

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Ooooh! So exciting! This new Les Miz fangirl will definitely join in the crusade as much as I'm able!

It's funny too because I watched the 10th anniversary concert first and then on Friday I watched the 25th anniversary concert and took a whole bunch of notes on what I liked and didn't like compared to the first one and I was thinking "I should do a comparison post but I might not have time" so now I can save it and just comment on your interesting posts! I'll need to watch 10th again though, it's so good! :)

Looking forward to this event Amy & Payton!

Anonymous said...

YES!!! I will join the crusade! : ) And, maybe, I'll add in my two cents about the live version I saw (whatever's not on my blog, that is, lol...). Hehehe... : )

Can't wait! Les Miz is, after all, tied for first with Phantom as my favorite musical!


Miss Dashwood said...

YAY! I could listen to One Day More all day long...

Meeeee toooo...

You could NEVAH let me down, nevah nevah nevah, we went over this, remember? I will not die because you aren't a Miserable One. (Heh.)
We're trying to make the posts as un-confusing as possible so that they'll still be interesting for peeps who aren't Miserable Ones, but we shall see. :D

As the Crowe Flies and Reads,
Oops, sorry I didn't quite make that clear-- when I said "will you join in our crusade?" I only meant, "will you stop by during the week of June 4th and read our posts and comment and join in the fun?" Of course, if people want to write their own comparisons during that week, that would be awesome, but we weren't specifically asking people to do that. Sorry for the confusion!
Ooh, and the bit about listening only to the Les Miz soundtrack... guilty. :)

Old-Fashioned Girl,
You're a Les Miz fan too? Yay! (Love your new profile pic, btw.)

Miss Laurie,
Great minds think alike, eh what? I'm so glad you've become a Les Miz convert. :D Oh, and I definitely agree-- you should watch 10th again. Always a good idea. ;)

Miss Melody said...

Why yes my dear, perhaps we have been through it, and I am glad you still like me, but you must allow me the pleasure of teasing in that Fashion. It is my one comfort.
'Miserable one', honestly... Haha, you see, I must either be apologetic or exasperated. Which do you prefer? ;-)

Oh dear, and now Miss Laurie is crossing over to the dark side and leaving me behiiiiind. Sniff. But she's still not as much as a fan as you peoples. It is my one comfort.

Hmm, looks like I have two comforts, after all...