Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tale As Old As Time

Anne-girl and I are in the middle of watching North and South (2004) and though Anne-girl keeps reiterating, "This is Pride and Prejudice all over again," the story that keeps coming to my mind is Beauty and the Beast.  (N&S is amazing, by the way.  Highly, highly recommend it.  Review coming... eventually.  When I get around to it. :P)

Anyway, I kept mentally comparing Margaret and Mr. Thornton's relationship to that of Belle and the Beast in the Disney movie.  Stop giggling.  The theme song fits, it really does! See for yourself. (I searched on YouTube but couldn't find a good quality music video combining the song with clips from N&S, unfortunately.)

Tale as old as time, true as it can be
Barely even friends, then somebody bends

Just a little change--small, to say the least.
Both a little scared, neither one prepared
Beauty and the Beast.

Ever just the same, ever a surprise
Ever as before, ever just as sure as the sun will rise
Tale as old as time, tune as old as song...

Bittersweet and strange, finding you can change
Learning you were wrong...

Certain as the sun, rising in the east
Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme...


and the Beast
(um, apologies to all Mr. Thornton fans out there *ducks*)

Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme
Beauty and the Beast.

Cue all those "awwwww"s...

Apologies again.  I really do like Mr. Thornton.  No, really! I do!  In fact, I was utterly thrilled when I found this video combining one of my favorite Beauty and the Beast songs with clips from N&S (unfortunately, however, it DOES contain That Scene in the mill at the beginning, so exercise caution).  Does the song fit perfectly or what?  (Don't say what.)

I know posting has been rather spotty lately and I haven't been putting up much of substance... life's been ridiculously busy, but things are slowing down this week (sort of ) and I hope to have a more interesting post up soon!


Ashley said...

Awwwwww.....Mr. Thornton...I love thee!!!

Hayden said...

I knew you would like N&S!!! I knew it!!!:)

And of course, Beauty and the Beast is just awesome. I think I've commented on that fact waaaaay too many times :) The song does fit North and South...except Belle is much more of a kindred spirit than Margaret is. For me, anyway :)

Rhoswen Faerie Wrose said...

I've always said N&S was Elizabeth Gaskell's knock off of P&P, but you're right. Beauty and The Beast does fit to it well, too.
So, let's just say N&S is a happy mixture of the two. :-)

Sunny Smith said...

I've been meaning to watch North and South but ever since watching BBC's Robin Hood I can't seem to picture Mr. Thornton as anyone but a villain!

The Editrix said...


Abilaine said...

Oh this great! You're watching N&S! Love, LOVE, L. O. V. E. this movie!!! My sister is not fond of it, however. :P
Mr Thornton does remind one of the Beast...

Margret is so lovely!

And can you belive that Thornton plays the villain in BBC Rodin Hood?! Nooooooooo...
I stated watching this Rodin Hood and as soon as I saw him I was having a heart attack!!!

:) ~Abilaine

Lauren said...

I want to watch it now! I LOVED Beauty and the Beast as a little girl, it used to be my favourite movie ever!

Alexandra said...


So are you like, tempting me to find N&S vids and make a B&B vid? Hm? Are you?

Heheheeeee. Glad you're enjoying it. Richard Armitage is One of the Awesome Ones in my book. And N&S is in my top five fave films. Can't wait to hear the full opinion!

Beth Grace said...

Immensely enjoyed the conglomeration of pictures paired with that exquisitely beautiful song!! How very fitting!! Absolutely adore the movie, North and South, and hold it in higher esteem then some Jane Austen films (don't tell any Austen fanatic I said that!)! :)

Melody said...

"He is handsomer, surely, than a [Beast]."

I've seen Beauty and the Beast only once and it was ages and ages and ages ago so I can remember barely any of it. Well, except I saw some of it without the sound when my niece and nephew were watching it on my sister's portable DVD player on a trip one time, but that hardly counts. :P Maybe we should put that one on the list too, eh what? ;D

I think once I read N&S I'm going to write a post called "The Many Ways North and South is Totally Unlike Pride and Prejudice." :P Because that is getting quite cliche...

Jemimah C. said...

Oh my goodness! YOU ARE WATCHING ONE OF MY FAVORITE PERIOD DRAMAS EVER!!! Oh, sorry for that. I just love North and South so much! I agree with Anne-girl, it's Pride and Prejudice all over again. But Beauty and the Beast...hmm, I never thought of it that way. Although looking at this post, I have to admit, it's utterly befitting.

If I had not known you better, I would have thrown something at you for saying Mr. Thornton was the Beast. Yes, really.

Mykaela said...

Is this the first time you have watched N&S? I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEE that movie!!!!!! Mr. Thornton rates right up next to Mr. Darcy for me, which is saying a lot. I LOVE NORTH AND SOUTH!!

Jessica said...

I LOVE North and South! It does not remind me of P&P, however. Haha
I've read the book, too, and it is so good.
Mr.Thornton is one of my favorite literary heroes. :-)

Anonymous said...

Gah, I LOVE this movie. N&S is one of BBC's absolute best!! Mr. Thornton is... wow. Just wow. And he looks like my brother. No lie.

Margaret's lovely, too. =) I love her character.

Miss Dashwood said...

Amen and amen. :D

Oh, definitely. We finished it last night and it's on my list of favorites now. LOVED IT.
And Beauty and the Beast is just gorgeous. I'm falling in love with the songs from the Broadway show... wow.

Heehee, I wonder if Elizabeth Gaskell had read P&P? Might have influenced her a wee bit...

Well, I don't think I could bring myself to watch BBC Robin Hood because I don't want to see Mr. Thornton as a villain! ;)

I know, I love this movie! It's so beautiful! The book is fantastic as well--have you read it?

I actually didn't see Beauty and the Beast until I was almost 16, but now it's one of my favorite animated movies ever. :D

Moi? Tempting you to make a B&B and N&S vid? How could you imagine such a thing? *wide-eyed innocent look*
Full opinion coming in a raving e-mail soon, heehee.

Beth Grace,
Heehee, you just told ME that... and I'm afraid I'm one of the rabid JA fanatics. Don't worry, I'll let it go this time, though. ;)

Miss Dashwood said...

Yes, indeed he is.
You really should see B&B again. We should put it on the list. 'Twould be fun. :D
Hahahaha, yes, do write that post, dearling! I'd enjoy it muchly!

That's why I ducked. :D
But then, the Beast has always been my favorite of all the Disney heroes, so am I excused a little bit? Heehee.

Yep, this is my first time watching it-- I read the book about a year ago, but hadn't seen the movie until now. LOVE it.

Mine too! It's a pity I didn't have time to cover him during Hero Week... I'd like to put him in my top ten now, but can't do so without bumping someone else off the list... oh dear.

Aaack, I know, "wow" is definitely the best descriptive word. :D And I love Margaret. She's great.

The Mad Elvish Poet said...

I keep telling my mother that we need to see this, and she keeps telling me that it's a civil war movie! GRRR, hardheaded parents! I must see this, absolutely must see North and South before the Hobbit comes out!!!

Trudy said...

I love, love, love N&S! I'm so excited when others discover it.
Glad you're sharing the joy...!
No period drama lover should miss it. Richard Armitage's performance is incredible and has left thousands swooning forevermore.

Diana said...

Love this! I've always referred to North and South as The Industrial Pride and Prejudice. I never thought of its similarities to Beauty and the Beast before. Although, Richard Armitage is far too attractive to pass as a beast. ;)

Margaret Hale said...

This is my favourite period drama ever!

That song fits perfectly with North and South.

Mal said...

I would LOVE a full review of North and South from you!!! You really should do it sometime :) It's one of my favorite period dramas :)
-mal :)