Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Entries for Miss Laurie's Contest

Miss Laurie over at Old-Fashioned Charm is hosting a lovely period-drama themed Keep Calm contest, and I had a great deal of fun making up two entries!  (The downside to hosting your own contests is that you don't get to enter them... so I was quite thrilled to hear that Miss Laurie was going to be hosting one similar to my Jane Austen themed contest.)

Entry #1 (from Anne of Green Gables):

That scene where Matthew goes to buy the dress for Anne is my mom's favorite in the entire movie, and I love it too--it's so sweet and funny!

Entry #2 (from Pride and Prejudice 1995):

This one, as I'm sure you can tell, comes from the infamous Lake Scene-- I always get such a kick out of Mr. Darcy's nervous stuttering.  "And your family is--is in good health?"  You said that already...

Thanks for hosting this, Miss Laurie!


Alexandra said...

Hahahaaaaaaa!!! Love it! I love that scene in AGG, too. Makes me cry. I love Matthew. SNIFF.

Melody said...

Heehee, I love the one with Matthew... and the lake scene is a good place to employ the "keep calm" thing. :)

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

How delightful Mouse! The Anne one especially made me giggle! I love that scene too and can just imagine Marilla muttering "twenty pounds of brown sugar" and shaking her head! :)

I agree with Melody, "keep calm" should definitely be used during that wet shirt scene especially as many Janeites seem prone to squeal or swoon! Mr Darcy's stuttering is very funny too. :)

Thanks for entering!

Jemimah C. said...

You are so good at making Keep Calms! I love both of your entries so much! But my favorite is the first. I love that scene from Anne of Green Gables. Poor Matthew had to beat around the bush before getting straight to the point. Unfortunately, he had to buy all those items before getting what he really wanted. Truly sweet and hilarious!

Rose M. said...

These are some of the best I have ever laid eyes on!! Perfectly lovely! Bravo!

~Rose M.

Bekah said...

That scene in AOGG is the best! lol I am always laughing my head off. I just adore Matthew.... hence why I bawl my eyes out every time I see the scene where he dies. :(

Your other one is quite creative! :D :D

Jessica said...

Love your entries! They were so much fun!!!

Abilaine said...

I'm with everyone else. That scene on AGG is SO sweet. (makes me cry). Matthew is so sweet and kind and he had to go and die! ):

"Miss Bennet?!"
"Mr Darcy?!"

Love, love, LOVE that scene!
Have you ever watched how his expressions change throughout that scene?

(: My little sister cracks up at that part so bad!
Anyways... great entries.

Anonymous said...

Ahh! Both of those are sooo good! And they made me laugh exceedingly. =)