Monday, June 4, 2012

This Is Where It Began

I found this video last week and knew I just had to share it during our Les Miz celebration!  This week we'll be primarily addressing the casts from the 1995 and 2010 productions, but it's fun to see the original 1985 London company as well.

Three things that struck me while watching this video (things that I felt I ought to share with y'all):
1- That is NOT a headband thingy on Colm Wilkinson.  It is a microphone.  (Why do I feel like saying that in a Kahmunrah voice...?)
2- I may bash Frances Ruffelle when it comes to the 1988 Symphonic Recording (seriously, she's awwwwwful there) but she's pretty good in this! Still not the greatest Eponine, of course, but not bad.
3- That is not Michael Landon singing in One Day More.  It is Michael Ball.  Don't let the hair deceive you.

P.S.  Having waaaay too much fun thinking up post titles that come straight from Les Miz song lyrics... :D


Alexandra said...

"That is not Michael Landon singing in One Day More. It is Michael Ball. Don't let the hair deceive you."


That made my day. Both vid and that particular comment.

And Frances Can not stand her Eponine. Heheee. Will save all cast discussions for actual discussions...I admit, though, she's not too horrid in this one. For a change. :-P

Anonymous said...

Frances Ruffelle doesn't sing on the 1988 symphonic recording. She is on the original London and Broadway cast recordings. The Eponine on the Symphonic recording is Kaho Shimada.

Miss Dashwood said...

Heh, heh, I may or may not have had you in mind when I wrote that comment... heehee. Can't wait for the casting discussions later today!!

Whoops-- thanks for the correction! I knew she was on the original Broadway and London recordings, and since the voice on the Symphonic sounds rather similar to hers, I just assumed it was her but didn't bother to check my facts. :P Thanks for clearing that up!

Molly said...

WHOA! Michael Ball needs a haircut! Badly! And Frances Ruffelle isn't bad, but she reminds ma too much of the Little Mermaid, in the way she sings.

Melody said...

I watched this whole thing.
*calmly awaits applause*
And your comment things were funny. Ehehehe. I'm glad you pointed otu that was a microphone, though, because I would be like wait, what? :P And the Michael Landon thing... SNORT. (I literally just did snort.) Even his wasn't THAT bad, IMHO.
And Frances Ruffelle still drove me notes in this. ARGHHH SHE'S SO ANNOYINNNNG.