Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I did not live until today.

Just a wee bit of melodrama there.

I really HAVE lived before today, but I just like using Les Miz lyrics for my titles. :P

Anyways, this video will blow your socks off. It's Michael Ball as Jean Valjean, ladies, in the Royal Variety Performance for the Queen in... 2007, I believe. And it's amazing. The only drawback? The fact that MB isn't playing both Valjean AND Marius. Sigh. One cannot have everything, you know.

(Also--first blonde Eponine I've ever seen, which threw me for a loop at first, but she's actually pretty good.  Not a Lea Salonga, of course, but quite nice.)

Look out tomorrow for the beginning of the Songs Comparisons. It's what we've all been waiting for... one day more!


Miss Woodhouse said...

I just watched Les Miz - 10th anniversary - oh my, oh my...I was sobbing at every song especially the way that Marius is supporting Epinone and encouraging her as she slips away. And then 'Bring Him Home' was another BIG tearjerker.

Miss Dashwood said...

Miss Woodhouse,
Congratulations on some time well spent--and welcome to the Les Miz fan club! Isn't Bring Him Home beautiful? I always melt at Little Fall of Rain too... I have seriously heard it at least 100 times (not exaggerating here) and it still doesn't fail to touch me.

Emily said...

Gosh I love this song. My sister and I sing it like everyday. She likes to sing it "they will wet themselves in sweat" instead of "blood." haha! =)

Anonymous said...

Love this ;)
It's from the 1995 VE Day celebration in Hyde Park. (I don't think the Queen was present)
Michael DID perform at the Royal Variety Show in 2007 - but it was as part of the cast of Hairspray. (He also performed at the 1989, 1991, 1992 and 1997 Royal Variety Shows)

Miss Dashwood said...

HA! That's funny! My little brother seems to have a weird fondness for Javert's lines in that song... he belts them out at the oddest moments, sometimes rather embarrassingly if we're in public. :P

Thanks so much for the correction! I think I got it mixed up with something else. :P
By the way, if you ever happen to leave another comment, would you mind leaving a name or pseudonym at the end of the comment? Thanks!

Caitlin said...

I adore this series that you are doing on Les Mis. One of my favorite songs from les mis is a little fall of rain. Are you planning on doing a comparision on that song? I would really love to read your (hilarious) thoughts on it.
By the way, I'm sure you already know this but, Ramin karimloo is the phantom in the 25th anniversary of the phantom of the opera. The music is amazing and even if you don't like the phantom play, all the actors do a fantastic job. I'm sure its something you would like.

Miss Dashwood said...

Thanks for your sweet and encouraging words, Caitlin! We did indeed do a comparison on A Little Fall of Rain-- check out the post right below this one ("Like You've Never Heard Us Ooh and Aahh...")
Yep, I did know that Ramin Karimloo played the Phantom in the 25th concert--isn't he AMAZING???