Tuesday, March 12, 2013

And That's All There Is... There Isn't Any More

{announcing Yet Another Period Drama Blog's first Period Drama Ending Tournament with a quote from a children's book, not announcing my cessation from blogging.  Didn't want to scare anyone there.  Bonus points that aren't actually worth anything if you can name the book.}

I've had great fun reading through all your lovely comments on the topic of North and South since my recent post on the matter, and practically everyone seems to agree that the Northbound Train scene is one of the best in the movie.  Well, for a while now I've been pondering which period drama ending scene could be considered the best... and so I'm asking all of you.

On Valentine's Day, Melody posted a Jane Austen movie endings throwdown in which readers of her blog voted for the best Jane Austen movie ending (yes, thank you, Mary).  Emma 2009 ended up winning, and I--who voted for Emma 2009, by the way-- ended up commenting to say that I'd had a very similar idea and wasn't it amazing how similarly our minds work.   The reason I'm telling you all this is a) because I find it amusing how often Melody and I have the same ideas about things and b) so that you won't think I stole her idea, because I didn't.

Anyway.  On to the tournament.  The way it works is simple.  You comment on this post with a nomination for Best Period Drama Ending, along with the reason why you think the ending is so good.  You can nominate as many films as you like (provided they are all period dramas).  The catch is that in order for an ending to be included in the tournament, at least two people must nominate it.  So if you check the comments and find that someone else has already nominated P&P95, for instance, you should just say, "I second the nomination of P&P95," and bingo, P&P95 gets entered.  Clear as a clear thing?  Good.

So... start nominating!  The comment box will be open until Saturday the 16th at 6 PM, and later that night (or on Monday if I don't get to it then) I'll post the polls.


Melody said...

YAYAYAYAY! I was hoping you would do this. :D

And I believe she didn't steal the idea from me, for what that's worth to anybody. :D

Okay. I do nominations now. But I will limit myself to five, so it won't be a long list, and then second other people's and if I see that nobody mentioned something I was thinking of I'll add that later.

Haha, Emma 2009. Duh. But seriously, Amy, making people say why they think the ending is good?? >.< Grr. Um, because. It is. Anybody can go read the comments on the post you linked to if they want to know why.

P&P95. Heehee. Because... okay, you know what, I'm just going to pick one reason I like the ending for each one, because for most of them there's a TON of reasons I think it's good. So, I think it's good because there is a kiss AFTER the wedding. :)

S&S95... I'm so boring, that's what you have pictured! :P But because it ends in a wedding. And I love wedding endings.

Cranford. Because of the '95 S&S and P&P reasons combined. :D

Anne of Green Gables: the Sequel. :D Because... it just IS great. Romantical setting, romantical words, romantical music... romantical embrace... (never mind the kiss :P).



And unfortunately I don't recognize your quote. Well, I DO... but I can't name it. I can't decide whether it's from something you recognized I read, or just because you quoted it once (which I know you did, but I don't think you cited it).

Melody said...

Not all of those were my favorites, by the way--just what I felt like mentioning. :)

Charity U said...

I so know that quote, somewhere deep inside me...where I can't remember... :P

Let's see. I second Melody's Emma and P&P and S&S. All so good. :D

I nominate...Little Women 1995. Because it's sweet and romantic and good and totally adorable.

(Can I say movies I really don't want? Like, cancelling out a second that might come to movie nominated in the future? okay, prolly not...but in case I can, the 2005 P&P. That's all.)

That's all for now. :)

Caroline L. said...

Awww, it's from Madeline. I had that whole book memorized from cover to cover when I was 4 years old.

I second Melody's nominations of S+S 95 and Anne of Avolea. Why do I like them, well... S+S's ending is so happy and beautiful (GORGEOUS wedding dress. And THAT TRAIN. Wow. Oh, and COLONEL BRANDON). The music is glorious, and when Colonel Brandon throws the coins in the air, I just want to jump up and sing and dance. As for Anne's ending, well, it's just so sweet, and I've been watching this film since before I can remember and melting in a happy puddle at "I just want you" every time.

Now for my nominations:

North and South. Obviously. It may very well be my Top Favorite ending. Everything about it is perfect (aside from the inaccuracy issue and Henry Sourface Lennox). After 4 episodes of longing for them to, John and Margaret FINALLY get together, and I simultaneously squeal with joy and dissolve into a state of stupid grinning into space.

Sound of Music - I'm not sure why I love this ending so much. My sister thinks it's quite depressing, but even though they've left their palatial home and WWII is starting, I find the ending incredibly hopeful and promising.

Ever After - Because we get to see a marvelous love story close with a kiss, spectacular music, and "though Cinderella and her prince did live happily ever after, the point is, gentlemen, that they LIVED." Doesn't get much better than that.

The Scarlet Pimpernel '82. Because Percy gives a look and the most adorable snicker ever in the world and kisses Marguerite. THE END.

Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

Can we second more than one thing?

Just in case we can only second one thing at a time, I'll second P&P 1995.

And I'll nominate S&S 2008's ending... I liked seeing Elinor and Edward after they got married and Edward was chasing chickens ;-P

Lauren said...

Is your quote from Madeline?

I'd like to nominate the second Anne of Green Gables also.

Anonymous said...

I second S&S 2008. Mostly just because I love it! But I love the wedding endings too!

I also nominate Cranford. Because Miss Mattie's brother comes home and everyone is soo happy. my favorite part is when Miss Pole declares that she has spinster etched on her bones!

Also.... I nominate Wives and daughters. Not that the ending is amazing or anything, but I like when Mr. and Mrs. Gibson are talking about being old! That makes me laugh everytime!

Thank you Amy!! thins is so much fun!

~Beatrix P.~

Alexandra said...

I SECOND TSP1982!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because DUH. Like she said. That adorable smirk. And THE KISS. It's not my favorite of all the TSP kisses, but it's purty epic. Dunno what it is about those two, but they do epic kisses like, completley amazingness and all that. I could just rewind and rewatch all day. (And I often have. PRISON SCENE, PEOPLES. Talk about EPIC.)

Um....oh, and of course I second the N&S ending. Sigh. Another totally and completely epic kiss.

THE END of Wives and Daughters! Like soooooo sweet when they're up there and they're doing all the Africa stuffs together and it's like, total adorable perfect helpmeet thing going on...cuz Cynthia would have never gone to Africa with him.

Second AoGG2, of course. "I don't want sunbursts, or marble halls...I just want you." And the sweet kiss. Lovely ending.

And of course S&S95. I always feel so happy for Colonel Brandon there. Even if there isn't any kissing to speak of in the movie. I feel cheated. Hehe. ;)

Of course, *I* think the ending of Somewhere in Time is perfect, but hardly anyone agrees with me there. Harumph.

Funness, dear! :)

Molly said...

Ooh, I second..or third.... Melody's nomination for Emma '09, because I just love that Mr. Knightly takes her to the seaside because she's never been before.

I also second Caroline L.'s nomination of TSP '82, because IT IS SO AWESOME!!!!! But I guess that isn't sufficient enough, so... I second it because it shows how much Sir Percy and Marguerite love each other.

I also nominate Wives and Daughters, because I love how Roger stays behind because he couldn't lave without saying goodbye, and how he takes Molly with him to Africa. :)

Melody said...

Oookay, I second "the motions" for:
S&S08 (so cute!)
TSP (awwww)
And I'll let somebody else truly qualified second N&S... :P

Hahaha, Charity, I adored your anti-nomination. Just saying. :)

Analiese said...

How fun! :D I second Charity's Little Women 1995 - I love the proposal in the rain. :D And then I'd like to nominate the North and South ending - so sweet and a wonderful ending to the movie. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out!

Naomi said...

I second Sound of Music and Ever after (:
Love those ones (especially Ever after! I LOVE the last line!)

Miss Dashwood said...

Just popping in to say--

Miss Elizabeth, yes, you may second more than one! You all may second as many nominations as you like.

Charity, your comment about canceling the nomination for FakeP&P made me laugh out loud-- but I'm afraid that wouldn't be quite fair, so I can't let you do that. (But I'd second the cancelation if I could. Heehee.)

Melody said...

Well, since nobody else has nominated it yet-- Little Dorrit. :D Because it ends in a wedding and is cute and giggle-and-feel-happy-inside-worthy.

Emma said...

Madeline! (Is it the original Madeline or Madeline and the Gypsies? Those are the two I read most often, so I cannot remember which one the quote is from.)

I want to second whoever nominated Ever After because I agree that the line about the point being that they lived is awesome! (Also, I love the frame [aka story-within-a-story] and Ever After pulls it off well.)

My favorite, however, is W&D because he takes her to Africa with him and they really are perfect together. My sister doesn't like that they never actually kiss, but I think it's perfect as is, because it shows how the relationship between Roger and Cynthia is more superficial (solely physical) while Roger and Molly's love is deeper and based on a growing friendship and respect for each other, which results in them sharing an interest in science and Africa and therefore creating a new life together in Africa.

BatZion said...

LOL... this is fun! :)

Okay... here are my 'second's:
S&S 08 - Just love this ending! It's so wonderful to see Elinor smiling and hilarious to watch Edward chase the chicken :P

North and South 04 - duh... the Northbound train scene is wonderful. I love watching them without any barriers up between them!

The Scarlet Pimpernel 1984 - Love it when Percy throws humour into that romantic scene, "Sink me! The lady's a poet..."

Emma 09 - it's not overly romantic (Like N&S and TSP), but so sweet that Mr. Knightley took Emma to see the sea.

Anne of Green Gables: the Sequel - haven't seen this in ages... but after all of you mentioning it, I remember that the ending was another really sweet one

Ever After - yes... another sweet one. I love the elderly lady saying, "And they did live happily ever after, but the point - gentlemen - the point is that they LIVED."

I'd like to nominate Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story. I know that for a lot of die-hard Anne fans this film was a disappointment because it wasn't based on any of the books, but I love it. This ending is not romantic at all really, but after all Anne and Gilbert have been through, it's so great to see the beginning of something new.

Kiri Liz said...

Madeline. Genevieve was always the best character... er, animal.

Anywho... I've lost count, but I renominate or second or third or fourth or fifth (are we going that high?) or put in a good word for...

1) S&S'08 because (to repeat Miss Elizabeth Bennet) I like seeing Elinor's happily ever after with Edward chasing the chickens.

2) S&S'95 because Throw the Coins is epic.

3) Emma '09 because way down, deep inside she had a dream (although it wasn't to seeing the floating lanterns) and it came true with her best friend right there along beside her.

4) Cranford because there's happily ever afters all over the place, even for Dr. Harrison whose one fault was being too kind to everyone.

5) Wives and Daughters only because it is so untypical for a period drama film ending. What other heroine gets to go to Africa?!

6) Actually, I'm half-heartedly wanting to nominate Our Mutual Friend '98 because I love seeing Bella's ending with a stronger marriage and a beautiful baby. I'm not a fan of Eugene, though, and I felt sorry that Mortimor Lightwood was lonely, but I do like this ending. I don't think anyone has mentioned this one yet. So, peoples... thoughts?

Hmm... yes, we should definitely un-nominate P&P'05. Don't care for that ending at all. ;)

Elisabeth Grace Foley said...

"Madeline" clicked in my brain about two seconds before I saw it mentioned in comments here. :)

All of mine have already been mentioned, so I'll second...

1) Cranford. The scene with Peter's homecoming...and then the bit with Miss Pole in the next scene...oh! From tears to laughter in minutes, which is the best of Cranford in a nutshell. And I love how the wedding scene brings practically all the characters together (just like in P&P '95!)

2) S&S '95. The moment I love best is the proposal scene, and Mrs. Dashwood and Marianne's reaction especially. And the wedding wraps everything up in such a lovely way. Even the bit with Willoughby on the hill—you can't really feel sorry for him, but he's a nice poetic touch. :)

3) The Sound of Music. I've never really thought of it as a "period drama" as I do these others, but since it's my #1 favorite movie I've got to second it! The final scene is fabulous, of course...I've always thought it was a little bittersweet too.

Katelyn said...

The quote is from Madeline. I grew up watching/reading those with my sisters, so I knew it right away.

For best endings:

I must agree with all the votes for the '95 S&S and P&P. Also, I second BatZion's nomination of the 1984 Scarlet Pimpernel. Sink me! Also, can't tell if it's already been mentioned(probably has), but the ending of North and South is just one of the best, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Ooooo!!! I was just thinking... Amy can I nominate a non-romantic movie? If I can I nominate the ending of Master and Commander!! I was also kind of thinking of It's A Wonderfil Life... but I guess that doesn't count!

Hey Alexandra, My family watched 'Somewhere in time' last night and... no offense but the ending disappointed me a little bit... my sister did reason with me that Marguerite was not really meant to marry Superman :)

~Beatrix P.~

Scullery Maid said...

I nominate Northanger Abbey! It has the most perfect, sweet, romantic ending ever! (I can't believe it's not already spoken for!)
I second the nominations for North and South, and Wives and Daughters.
And now I'm going to do something truly dare-devil-ish and nominate P&P'05(runs and hides)............
Partly because I feel sorry for it, and partly because I actually like it;)

Anonymous said...

First off, I would like the second Melody's nomination of Little Dorrit...one of the best Period Drama endings EVER!! It was awesome seeing Amy and Arthur receive the happy ending they so richly deserve, not to mention all of the other characters and hearing 'Sparkler, be quiet' one last time!

Return to Cranford: The choice of a magic show and a dance is such a perfect way to end this chapter of Cranford's life; it's sad because we're saying good-bye, but it also smacks of new beginnings and hope.

Anne of Green Gables: I know it’s not as romantic or satisfying as the Sequel or even the Continuing Story (both of which I whole-heartedly second!), but it does mark the start of Anne and Gilbert's awesome friendship in an extremely sweet fashion.

The Young Victoria: That image of them in the freeze-frame, so united, in-synch and in love is just so beautiful to behold, and also bittersweet, as we know that he ends up dying way too young... but for now, they are together and on top of the world.

The Life and Adventure of Nicholas Nickleby (2001): A double wedding!! It's great seeing Nicholas and Kate so happy and content in a wonderful wrapping up of an amazing story...and it has J.J Field!!

Les Miserables (2012): It's Les Mis!!!...need I say more?

Jane Eyre (2011): Yes, I am going to be the first to nominate a Bronte adaptation, because I think it is simply brilliant...Rochester is broken, blind and lost, and Jane comes back to him...true love wins!!

Thanks so much for this competition....it’s been a blast :)
God Bless
Eleanor Rose

Scullery Maid said...

I second the nominations for Master and Commander(can't believe I did'nt see that one before) and Les Mis 2012.

Robert said...

I second Scullery Maid's nomination of Northanger Abbey.

I also agree with the votes for Sense and Sensibility(95),Little Women(95) and Wives and Daughters.

I would like to nominate Sarah, Plain and Tall and Persuasion(95).

Emma said...

Ooh! I do love the end of Our Mutual Friend, so I'll second that one.
Also, I like movies that make me cry, so I'll second The Young Victoria and nominate Bright Star.

Mykaela said...

I love these things! :) I want to nominate:
Wives and Daughters (1999)
Because...I think it's SO COOL how they go to Africa together, and he is helping her climb that mountain at the end, etc.

Because it's just too utterly cute for words. Lol.

Little Dorrit
Because all of the hilarious and even obscure characters are there praising her beauty, and because of ARTHUR CLENNAM!!!!! Sorry.

I also want to second the nominations for Ever After, S&S, and Nicholas Nickleby.

Anonymous said...

I third Northanger Abbey and second Bright Star (this is so much fun!)
Eleanor Rose

Miss Dashwood said...

Thanks for your nominations, everyone! We've reached our deadline. I'll be posting polls on Monday!