Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Angel or Father, Raoul or Enjolras?

So one of the fun things about hosting a blog party is sharing all the little gems you come across in your travels through the Internet that you might not normally post all by themselves.  But where a specialized musical celebration week is concerned, one wants as many posts as possible, and that's why I'm delighted to share this wee video with you all today.

If you've been reading my blog since the Les Mis concert comparisons last June, you'll know that I'm a pretty huge fan of Ramin Karimloo.  Not only does the guy have a fabulous voice and incredible acting talent, he has (mostly) excellent taste in musicals.  (I say "mostly" because he unfortunately created the role of the Disfigured Coney Island Sideshow Manager in an Andrew Lloyd Webber mistake entitled Love Should Die.  Or something like that.)  He's played Feuilly, Enjolras and Valjean in Les Mis, as well as three roles in Phantom (Christine's father in the movie, Erik himself in the Royal Albert Hall production and Raoul on the West End).

And today it is with great joy that I bring you a high-quality medley of clips from Phantom-on-the-West-End in 2003, featuring John Owen Jones as the Phantom (SQUEEEEEEE) and Ramin himself as Raoul.  The fangirliness is strong in this post, folks.  If you're looking for just Ramin in the video (and wish to avoid the Point of No Return clip... cough), he's in at 2:09 and then again at 2:44 (that VOICE in "Wandering Child"!!!!!!) and 3:12.  "Final Lair," guys.  This video has Final.  Lair.  Okay, so there are only a few lines, but STILL.

*faints from the excitement*

Ahem.  I'll stop stalling and just give ya the video.  :D

Oh, and if you were as disappointed as I was that "All I Ask of You" didn't appear in that medley, here's the audio recording at least, to help you hold back the tears.


Anne-girl said...

*sigh* but I really do like his Phantom better. Sorry.

But oh my word his voice!

Anonymous said...

Gah, who doesn't love Ramin Karimloo? I love his portrayal as Erik in the 25th Anniversary at the Royal Albert Hall!
~Hannah S.

Melody said...

Ahhhh, I wish it would have had mooore of Final Lair... and btw, as soon as it got to that bit of the video it started getting CHOPPY on me and I was like ERRRRM.

Anyways. This post title MMG. It's too bad that he wasn't a fourth character in POTO, then it would have been poifect...

I wish I could see his entire performance as Raoul... but I would still say him as Phantom and Hadley as Raoul is bettah, I think. ;)

Oh, and the bit about Love Should Die--BAHAHAHAHA.

And I do not believe you were anywhere near fainting from excitement. You were just sitting there snickering, I can see it now. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ok, so maybe sometimes Christine should marry Raoul. LOL. Love how for some strange reason in this one, Raoul overpowers every song he's in with his beautiful voice. LOL

Anonymous said...

Thats not Raoul! That is the Phantom disguised as Raoul so he can marry Christine >:D MUH-HA-HA!!!

Caroline L. said...


I know! I saw this a while ago, and !!!! This video is absolute amazingness! JOJ AND Ramin in POTO? TOGETHER? *throws hands in the air and shrieks with delight*

Sierra Bailey said...

*sighs* I just love Ramin's voice no matter who he plays. Personally though I prefer Ramin Phantom and Hadley Raoul. The two of them together is just *fangirls*

Ruby Danderfluff said...

Well, that's.... disorienting. Thanks for sharing! =)