Monday, September 23, 2013

Celebrate Musicals Week: Quote Quiz

"Far too many quotes for my taste, and none of them about Christine."
~Andre and Firmin, "Notes" (tweaked slightly)

This quiz is made up of twelve familiar (or obscure...) quotes from various movie musicals.   I've chosen to use just movie adaptations for this quiz because stage versions can vary as to what's left in and what's cut.  To play, just comment with your guesses about a) which movie each quote comes from and b) who says each line.  There are twelve movies and eighteen characters to identify (though some films may be repeated, so watch out for duplicates!), and therefore you can earn a maximum of 26 points.  (Don't cheat and use IMDb. :D) I've left some blanks where names are used, but you won't get extra points for filling in the blanks because those names are the names of the characters.  :D  Winners will be announced on Saturday.  Have fun!

Character 1: I've not asked you where you and your family are going. Nor have you asked me why I am here.
Character 2: Well, apparently, we're both suffering from a deplorable lack of curiosity.

"If that be the eyes of the law, sir, then the law is a bachelor."

Character 1: More than what? She was only dancing.
Character 2: With an American who's really a Polack.
Character 1: Says the Spic.
Character 2: You are NOT so cute.

"What do they think I am? Dumb or something? Why, I make more money than-- than-- than Calvin Coolidge! Put together!"

Character 1: Hold on. What's so funny?
Character 2: You are, ______. Expensive, but very funny.

"Now what call would a woman with that strength in her have to die of influenza? And what become of her new straw hat that should have come to me? [pause] Somebody pinched it. And what I say is: them 'as pinched it, done her in."

"How was India? I'll tell you how India was. I got up this morning and I shot an elephant in my pajamas."

Character 1: She's dancing with a man!
Character 2: I can SEE that she's dancing with a man! ...And I'M going to dance with MY wife!

"As the ship lay anchored in Boston Harbor, a party of the colonists dressed as red Indians boarded the vessel, behaved very rudely, and threw all the tea overboard. This made the tea unsuitable for drinking. Even for Americans."

"How's about some extra on a day so glad?  Our little orphan girl, she hasn't done so bad. Raised in a convent, cash to spare-- we want our share."

Character 1: They think you dress like that because you shaped like that!
Character 2: Well, I most certainly am NOT!

Character 1: Wh-what are you going to do?
Character 2: I'm going to carry you.
Character 1: Oh dear. Must you?
Character 2: Well, unless you'd rather ride piggyback.


Eva said...

Yay! I know almost all of these! Must be because of all the 'kids' movie musicals my little siblings drag me into watching :D

1. The Sound of Music; Captain Trapp and Herr ?Zimmer? - I'm not sure of the guy's name :P
2. Oliver!; Mr Bumble - I must've watched this film a million times with my family since it's one of our favorites
4. Singing in the Rain; Lena Lamont :D
5. The Sound of Music; Max and the captain
7. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; Caractacus' dad. "...and how he got in my pajamas, I shall never know!"
8. Fiddler on the Roof; Golda to Tveye?
9. Mary Poppins; Mr Banks - I've got to admit that when I first read this quote, I thought of Johnny Tremain =) (did Cara tell you that I read it for the first time recently?)
10. LES MISERABLES MOVIE (hehehehehe...I read the script too); but I'm in a pickle over whether it's M. T or Mm. T. I'll have to go with Mm. T.
11. The King and I; one of the king's wives to Anna
12. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; Truly to Caractacus :)

Anne-girl said...

1.Herr Zeller and The Captain, Sound of Music.
2. West side story?
3. I told you this one so I still get the points since I knew it. Anita and Bernardo. West Side Story.
4. Lina Lamont. Singin in the Rain
5.Max and The Captain. Sound of Music
6. Eliza Dootlittle. My fair lady
7.Grandpa. Chitty-Chitty-bang-bang
8. The Rabbi's son, Tevye. Fiddler on the Roof.
9. Mr. Banks. Mary Poppins.
10. ?
11. Lady Thang, Anna. The king and I.
12.? No idea.

Melody said...

I shall fail VERY dismally at this, but I'll try anyways. I'm being a positive participator. Haha. :P

Are you going to do a lyrics game, too? Like Miss Laurie's? You could totally get away with both, I'm sure. ;)

1. This sounds kind of familiar buuut... I dunno.

2. This sounds really familiar... but I can't place it.

3. Um... okay... :P

4. ?????

5. AHA! The Sound of Music. FINALLY one I recognize. I think this was Max and The Captain?

6. HAHAHAHA. I know THIS one. MFL. Eliza Doolittle. :D "Them she lived with would have killed her for a hat PIN, let ALONE a HAT!"

7. I think this is from Mary Poppins?

8. Um... nope. :P

9. I cauuun't.... :(

10. Uhhhh...

11. HAHAHA. The King and I. Character 2 is Anna, but as for 1 I do not know howww to spell her naaame. Even though I watched it with subtitles, I didn't pay heed to it. Too difficult. :P Lady Something-Starting-with-T who was the Main Wife. Snort.

12: OOOOH! Chitty Bang Bang, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang...
Truly Scrumptious, of course... and... oh, griefies, what was his name? Was he the one named Caractacus or was that his father? Hahahaha... :P It's been a while, you know.


That was random.

Have you actually seen all these movies? o.O

Alexandra said...

1. Sound of Music
2. Oliver!
3. West Side Story
4. Know I've heard it, but can't place it.
5. Sound of Music
6. My Fair Lady
7. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
8. Fiddler on the Roof
9. Mary Poppins
10. Les Miserables
11. The King and I
12. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Elizabeth Rose said...

I love quotes quizzes. :) Here are my guesses:

1. Sound of Music, Character 1 is Herr Zeller, Character 2 is Captain Von Trapp.

3. West Side Story, Character 1 is Anita, Character 2 is Bernardo.

4. Singin' in the Rain, Lina Lamont.

5. Sound of Music, Character 1 is Max Detweiler, Character 2 is Captain Von Trapp.

6. My Fair Lady, Eliza Doolittle.

7. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Grandpa Potts.

8. Fiddler on the Roof, Character 1 is Lazar Wolf, Character 2 is Tevye.

11. The King and I, Character 1 is Lady Thiang, Character 2 is Anna Leonowens.

12. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Character 1 is Truly Scrumptious, Character 2 is Characatus Potts.

Jemimah Davis said...

1. Ch 1: Herr Zellar; Ch 2: Captain Von Trapp; Musical: Sound of Music
4. Lena Lamont; Musical: Singin' in the Rain
5. Ch 1: Max Detweiler; Ch 2: Captain Von Trapp; Musical: The Sound of Music
7. Grandpa Potts; Musical: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
9. Mr Banks; Musical: Mary Poppins
10. Madame Thernadier; Musical: Les Miserables
11. Ch 1: Lady Thiang; Ch 2: Anna Leonowens; Musical: The King and I
12. Ch 1: Truly Scrumptious; Ch 2: Caractacus Potts; Musical: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Caroline L. said...

Oooooo... there are many here that Caroline does not know! Which means--YAY!--Caroline gets to discover some new musicals!!! *hooray* She is always on the lookout for those.


She does not have the faintest clue why she is writing this in third person! But no matter. Might as well continue.

1. Sound of Music. Herr Zela (sp?) and Captain von Trapp

2. Caroline has no idea. But she wants very badly to learn so she can watch this new musical.

3. Same case.

4. AHAHA! Singin' in the Rain. Lina Lemont.

5. Sound of Music. Captain von Trapp and Uncle Max.

6. My Fair Lady. Eliza Doolittle.

7. Oh. Oh! Ohhhhh... Caroline is wracking her brains, but she can't remember! This sounds so familiar! ARRRRG.

8. ARRRRRRGH!!!! I can heeeear the voices in my head!

9. Mary Poppins. Mr. Banks.

10. Caroline hasn't heard of this one before.

11. The King and I. Someone and Anna.

12. She hasn't the foggiest.

Mizzie-Me said...

Oh how much I love André and Firmin :D Well, I can't identify all of these quotes but I'll do my best.

2. Mr Bumble in Oliver!
3. Anita and Bernardo (Characters 1 and 2 respectively) in West Side Story
4. Lina Lamont in Singin' in the Rain' (one of the best lines ever!)
6. Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady
9. Mr Banks in Mary Poppins
11. Lady Thiang and Anna in The King And I

Thanks for the fun challenge! :)

Kiri Liz said...

4. Lina Lamont from Singin' in the Rain

5. Max Detweiler (1) and Captain Von Trapp (2) from The Sound of Music.

6. Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady

7. Grandpa from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang "How he got in my pajamas I shall never know. You've heard it before." :D


11. Head Wife (1) and Schoolteacher with the awesome Getting To Know You skirt/actress Deborah Karr/singer Marni Nixon (2) from The King and I... Why can't I recall their names?! Bother...

12. Truly Scrumptious (1) and Caracticus Potts from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Molly said...

Okay, I am going to try my best! :)

2. Oh, this sounds SO familiar!!!!! Ugh, I can't remember! *sob* Oh, oh! It's from "Oliver!" The musical. And it is Mr. Bumble.
4. "Singing in the Rain." I forget her name, though. :(
6. "My Fair Lady." Eliza Doolittle.
8. "Fiddler on the Roof." Character 1: Laser Wolfe Character 2: Tevye
9. "Mary Poppins." George Banks.
11. "Phantom of the Opera." Character 1: No idea. Character 2: Charlotta

Anonymous said...

I have no idea of the first 11, but the last one is Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I'm pretty sure.
~Hannah S.

Hamlette said...

#1 is from "The Sound of Music." I don't know the name of the first person, but the second speaker is Captain von Trapp.

#3 is from "West Side Story."

#4 is from "Singin' in the Rain" and said by the ever-divine Lina Lamont.

#5 is also from "The Sound of Music." It's Uncle Max and Captain von Trapp

#6 is from "My Fair Lady" and said by Eliza Doolittle.

#8 is horribly familiar and I'm going to kick myself when you reveal what it is.

#9 is from "Mary Poppins" and said by Mr. Banks.

#11 is from "The King and I" and is said by Lady Thiang and Anna.

That's all I've got. Such fun!

deryn joy said...

I can't say I recognize *every* one, but I do have to appreciate your addition of chitty chitty bang bang. I am 18 years old, but I have a ridiculously soft spot in my heart for that movie x)

"and the big, brown bear came LOLLOPING over the mountain..."

Elisabeth Grace Foley said...

1: The Sound of Music
2: ?
3: West Side Story
4: Singin' In the Rain
5: The Sound of Music
6: My Fair Lady
7: ?
8: Fiddler On the Roof
9: Mary Poppins
10: Les Miserables?
11: ?
12: ?

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Very neat game! What fun!

1. Fiddler On The Roof. I'm thinking Perchick and the second oldest daughter, but I can't quite remember names. :P

2. Oliver!, Mr. Bumble? The quote is Dickens anyway.


4. Singin' In The Rain. Don't remember the character's name but she's the whiney voiced actress.


6. Eliza Dolittle, My Fair Lady

Seven. "And how he got in my pajamas I will never know!" Elder Mr. Potts (Grandfather), Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

8. Fiddler On The Roof, Character 2 is Tevyah (spelling?), Character 1 is Golda?


10. The Thenardiers, Les Miserables?

11. The King And I, Character 2 is Anna, Character 1 is Toptin? the King's wife.

12. Sounds so familiar, just can't put my finger on the film! :(

Thanks for this game!

Molly said...

I would like to please change my answer for number 11. I did not look it up, I just remembered the correct one. It is from "The King and I." Character 1 is Lady Tyang and Character 2 is Anna.

Sarah said...

um... let me think
1. The Sound of Music
Character 1: Herr Zeller (spelling?)
Character 2: Captain Von Trapp

2. Oliver! character is Mr Bumble

4. Singin' in the Rain, character is Lina Lamont

5. the Sound of Music
Character 1: Max Detweiler
Character 2: Captain Von Trapp

7. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (LOVE this quote!)
character is Grandpa Potts

9. Mary Poppins, character is Mr. Banks

11. the King and I
Character 1; Lady Chung
Character 2: Anna

12. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Character 1: Truely Scrumptious
Character 2: Caractacus Potts

Miss Dashwood said...

Big thank you to all who participated! This contest is now closed.