Monday, April 28, 2014

"So we go 'round the sun. If we went 'round the moon or round and round the garden like a teddy bear it wouldn't make any difference."

Good grief, I've been scarce this month, haven't I?  What with Melody's visit (and the mopey lethargy that followed Melody's visit and pretty much zapped my interest in blogging) and the novel editing after the mopey lethargy departed and my trip down South with my family to a friend's wedding, blogging has kind of taken a back seat.  And that review for Somewhere in Time is still sitting, half-finished, in my drafts.  Heh.  Ahem.   I will finish it.  I WILL.

In the meantime, please do visit this page to submit your nominations for the May I'd Like to Share event-- one per customer, if you please, and don't forget to mention which category you'd like the post to appear in.  Enjoy your day and go brush up on the Solar System!


Melody said...

I'm not sure I had a particular period of mopey lethargy... it comes off and on, I'm afraid. And still does. :P

I love the quote you used. Ehehehehe. (Well, as you know, since I giggled quite enthusiastically at that part. ;P)

Miss Jane Bennet said...

@Melody It amused me very much as well--I was wondering if you were going to comment. ;)

Hamlette said...

My little ones are a huge fan of the "round and round the garden like a teddy bear" rhyme, so that moment in Sherlock makes me laugh endlessly :-)

Alice said...

I am absolutely loving exploring your blog!!! So happy I found it! :D You have a charming sense of wit, dear girl- keep us laughing! ;)

~Alice, from Wonderland