Saturday, June 28, 2014

"If you ask me, Jeeves, art is responsible for most of the trouble in the world."

(Jeeves' Disapproving Face is better than anyone else's Disapproving
Face. Also, wolves are ignorant, and nothing will convince me otherwise.)

Dooooooooon't forget to submit your nominations for the July edition of I'd Like to Share, folks!  It's the comment box right here on this page (don't comment on this post to do it), you get one nomination per customer per month, and remember that it needs to fit into one of the listed categories.  (Miscellaneous is totally a category if you get Stuck, though.)

Also! Don't go away, for I have another announcement to make!  I should like to direct your attention to a brand-new and extremely helpful site that has just made its appearance in the blogging world: the Period Drama Screencap Source.  I'm always on the lookout for good screencaps when I write blog posts of any kind (especially movie reviews) and a delightful high-quality collection is a rare gem.  So this site is, I'm sure, going to prove very useful to me, and to you too.  Plus, if you just want to scroll through pages of Lark Rise to Candleford and look at Daniel Parish's face (which does a good job of being a face), you can totally do that.

So, yeah. Go check it out.


Alyianna Baggins said...

What is the "I'd Like to Share" nominations? I'm a new follower, so I'm not sure what I would have to do for this...

God bless,
- Anna

Anonymous said...

"I'm a JOURNALIST." : D Thaaaaaanks!!


Miss Elliot said...

Hi Miss Dashwood!
I have a question about the submissions to your Sink Me! blog, but I couldn't get the comments box to open on that blog because "they" kept telling me " is not responding". So, here's my question:
Can I just comment with links to pictures, and then tell you the captions that I would like to go under the pictures, instead of e-mailing you the pictures with captions on them (because I don't have access to picture-making websites and I can't e-mail you)?

Miss Dashwood said...

Hi Alyianna! You can find out more information about ILTS right here (

Miss Dashwood said...

Hello Miss Elliot! Sorry, but in order to submit a picture to Sink Me!, you must put together the picture and caption yourself (I get a lot of requests to make pictures for people and unfortunately just don't have the time). You can use or to get started-- or any photo editing program you have on your computer that allows text. Hope that helps! To submit a picture, simply email missdashwood95 (at) gmail (dot) com. :D

Miss Elliot said...

Thanks so much! I will seee what I can do!

Miss Elliot said...

Yay, here's my new blog!!!! If you would be so very kind, Miss Dashwood, as to come check it out!