Monday, June 2, 2014

"I want to know, Anne!"

Every so often, even the very best of writers falls into what can only be described as a very prosaic "funk."  Since I am not the very best of writers, I have the happy excuse of being able to fall into said funk a little bit more often than "every so."  

Which is why I'm writing this post-- because I'm in one of those at the moment.  In short, I'm in need of Stuff to Write About, which is why I'm resurrecting the Questions Post I did a while back.  Yes, yes, I've obviously already done this, but it was over two years ago (sheeeeeeeeeesh...) and there are more of you know than there were then, and perhaps those of you who are newer have thought of something you'd like to ask me-- and perhaps those of you who are older than dirt have some yet-unanswered pieces of curiosity floating about, so at any rate we're playing the Questions Game again.  (Oh, and if you want to see the answers to last time's game, they're here.  To avoid duplicates and all that.  Though of course it HAS been two years so if, just for fun, anyone wants to duplicate a question just to see if my answer's changed, that would be cool too.)

A post like this sort of feels like a cop-out because I have basically nothing to say except to ask YOU to ask me things, but... well, at the very least it'll give me subject matter for a post this time next week, and possibly even more to follow if I get Especially Inspired.  So do please leave your questions in the comment box-- ask me anything you like!  Anything you might have ever wondered about me, my blog, my hobbies, my pet peeves, whatever floats your boat.  (I do reserve the right to skip over anything that I deem too personal, of course.)  I'll write an Answer Post next week and endeavor to give satisfaction on all accounts.  

...I said endeavor.


Melody said...

Ooooooh. I'm gonna think of some things. Somewhere in the deep, dark recesses of my brain I am sure there are things I don't know about you, and of course silly nonsensical things that might be amusing to read your answers for. ;)

a reader said...

Whose work do you favor? Austen or the Brontes, and why? (The why is the actual part of the question, because I'm guessing I know which you favor!)

Favorite literary quote?

Favorite male historical figure? Favorite female historical figure?

Favorite Austen heroes in order?

Favorite Austen secondary character?

(Can I say Austen again?) :-)

Would you rather play the piano, walk in the woods, or write a play? (I don't actually know if you play the piano, but you seem like you do.)

Emma Jane said...

Ooooh I love this sort of thing! I'll have to come up with some questions....*Emma thinks hard* I'll be back, 'kay?

(Btw, I know I haven't commented in a super long time, but I am still reading and enjoying your blog, just so ya know.) ;-D


Anne-girl said...

If someone told you you had to give up writing or sewing which would you pick {{pretty sure I know the answer but I was curious}

Also I had to read the title like four times before I remembered the Davy quote. I feel like I did when i was little "Are you talking about MEEEEE?"

Sara Lewis said...

Cool!! I love interviews!

OK, here are my questions:

What is your favorite Alfred Hitchcock movie?

Which do you prefer, deep dish or thin crust pizza?

Which font do you most like to type in?

Do you prefer to write with a pen and paper or on a computer?

Which actor do you think has the coolest-sounding voice (and it can be anyone from any period in Hollywood's history)?

Who is your favorite Founding Father?

What's one fashion trend from some goneby era that you reeeeeally wish we could bring back?

Sara Lewis said...

Oh! I also meant to ask you, where does this quote come from:

"How much for the horse tornado?" "Madam, that is a carousel."
"I must have it."

Is that from a book, a movie, or did you just make it up?

The Elf said...

Oh fun :)

Are there any book / movie characters who don't marry each other but you really wish they did?

Are there any new blogs you now follow / read that you discovered through your "I'd Like to Share" series?

Have you read any regency novels written by modern day authors (eg Georgette Heyer / Julie Klassen etc)and what did you think? (I realise a lot of the modern ones arent suitable reading but there are a few out there which are fine)

If you could invite any five people (living or dead) to a dinner party, who would be on your guest list?

Do you think this blog will still be going in ten years time?

Looking forward to reading your answers to some of the questions your readers are posing! :)

- The Elf

Ashley said...
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Ashley said...

Hope you get more ideas soon! I love exploring your blog! Ok here are my questions:

What is your favorite Dickens novel?

Do you play any instruments?

What is your favorite food?

Do you like Mountain Dew?

If you could learn any other language, what would it be?

Who is one of your historical role models?

Do you like watching old non-animated Disney movies?

Naomi Bennet said...

Ohh! Fun!
I gave these questions to Melody once, and I'm going to give them to you now. After all, you ARE tweens, haha.

What would you have done in Margaret Hale's (North and South) situation when she got asked if it was her that was seen at the station with her brother?

Had you been Miss Lizzy Bennet, would you have been able to find an excuse NOT to dance with Mr Darcy?

What are your top ten period drama dresses?

What was the funniest book you've ever read?

What is your favourite dance?

What would you have done in Kitty/Lizzy/Mary's case when you saw your mother winking at you?

Do you prefer dancing to reading?


Molly said...

Hmmm, something I don't already know.......... what was the title of the oldest story you remember writing?

Miss Elliot said...

I didn't read all the other comments, so there might be repeats of questions, but, oh well.
What character (for ANY period drama) do you think you most resemble?
(Fun fact: I have been imagining you, Miss Dashwood, as Fantine (Anne Hathaway) of course before she cut her hair & so on. Then when I saw a picture of you & Petie, I almost flipped out! One of you actually looks like her! It's probably Petie, so I shouldn't get my hopes up, but whichever one of you has dark hair LOOKS LIKE ANNE HATHAWAY!!!)

Arwen Undomiel said...

Ooh! Well, first, can I just say that that Princess Bride gif is epic;)

Second, I've been wondering this for a while (and please believe me, I am NOT trying to judge you or get on your case for this!): I know you don't watch/read LotR or Narnia because of the magic content, and I respect your reservations. But I've seen quite a few references to the musical "Wicked" on your blog, and since, from what I know of the musical, that has more magicky content than Lotr or Narnia, I was Slightly Puzzled;) Any thoughts? Because I'm going to try to figure out where I stand on Wicked, as the music is simply stunning:P

And last, just for fun…who is your favorite character in Frozen??:D

Elsa Hosch said...

I recently subscribed to your blog, so it will be really fun to learn more about you. 😊

What heroine, besides the ambiguous Miss Dashwood, do you identify with the most?

What period dramas have you watched without reading the book before hand?

Do you have a tendency to be more critical of a movie if you have read the book in the past few weeks/months?

Ginger said...

Adding to what "The Elf" said...

Who are some literary couples that you wish didn't end up together?

Other questions:

Film adaptations: Dickens' Little Dorrit or E. Gaskell's Wives and Daughters?

Film adaptations: Wives and Daughters or North & South?

Which bothers you more: Gilbert Blythe's greasy hair or Mr. Thornton's spectacularly long nose?


Emma Jane said...

Okay, here are my questions!

~Did you love P&P from the first time you watched/read it, or did it take a while to grow on you?

~What's the oldest movie you've ever watched?

~Who in your opinion is the most hilarious Dickens character? (Or who do you think are some of the funniest?)

~ Do you have a particular favorite phrase that you say often? (Like a figure of speech, or movie quote, or just a word.)

~Do you ever get tired of reading classics?

~What's your favorite movie that's not a period drama, or do you even have one?

~Are there any authors that you've read, any genre, that you really pointedly dislike?

I hope that's not too many. ;-P I also want to second Sara Lewis' question, who is your favorite founding father? Or not favorite, exactly, but who do you most respect and admire?

Looking forward to reading all your answers! :-)


Marie said...

Oooh, fun! Okay, sorry if there are repeats dear, there were too many comments to read them all.

What is your favorite Disney movie (this may or may not include Disney/Pixar as you prefer)?

What is one modern fashion trend/style/etc that you do like very much (if there are any)?

Would you rather wear pearls or rubies?

If you had to choose between never being able to watch the next two seasons of Sherlock (and never being able to see pictures or find out what happens or anything like that) or never see any musical ever again, which would you choose?

Which do you like better: reading or writing and watching films combined?

Would you change your eye color if you had the opportunity? Would you ever consider changing your hair color?

Would you rather be extremely tall or extremely short?

What is your favorite punctuation mark?

French or British accents (or Scottish)?

Favorite color combination?

Would you seriously go to live in the 1800s if you had the chance? (Assuming this would be a permanent decision and all your family and friends would be automatically transported as well.)

Sorry that these questions weren't very creative (I can usually only seem to think of "What's your favorite" or "This or that" ones). :D

Melody said...

I might think of more later. :P Anything in brackets is not to be included in the post. :D

~What's your favorite thing to make for dinner?
~If you could change one particular thing about your looks, what would it be? (Be specific, Bob.)
~If you could go back in time to the year 2010, what one thing would you do differently since now you've seen whatever's happened since?
~Is there any particular question you've been hoping nobody will ask, and if so, what is it?
[Yes, that was evil. If the answer is no, you can just ignore it. Of course, you *can* ignore it anyways... as long as you tell ME. :P]

Melody said...

Wait, one more.

~Will you please post the five funniest pictures you've seen on Pinterest within the last two days for our laughing pleasure?

Danaya Huber said...

If you could ask Jane Austen one question, what would it be?
If you had to give up either chocolate or tea, which would you choose?
Super fun post:)

Jill B said...

I know I haven't been reading your blog for a while, but I am getting back to reading and most definitely enjoying your blog.

Here are my questions:

1- How should someone go about becoming you friend?

2- Do you have a song that you sing over and over and that drives you family crazy?

3- Who is your favourite missionary? And your favourite historical figure?

4- What is your definition of a writer? A wordsmith, one who pours out the his breathings of his heart, or one who just writes?

5- Do find it hard to write male characters?

6- What are your tips for beginner bloggers?

7- Do you have a Beginner's Guide to Les Misérables?

8- I think you said somewhere that Javert was your favourite villain. Could you explain why?
I'm starting to like him (even though I've never seen the movie or the play), but I'm not sure how to explain him to my friends.

Thanks, Jill.

Anonymous said...

What is your opinion on romance novels/stories?

Have you ever read a book that you enjoyed but you still wanted to rewrite it? How would you have rewritten it?

What is your opinion on Amy March? Do you like or dislike her?

Have you read L. M. Montgomery's short stories? Is there one that was your favorite?

-The Scarlet Pimpernel