Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In Which We Play The Questions Game

Most of the time when someone mentions The Questions Game, I think of the one in which everybody has to conduct an entire conversation solely made up of questions.  (It's harder than it sounds).  But in actual fact (of point), I'm not talking about that Questions Game here.  (Note to self: The Questions Game might be fun to play on Blogger.  Must try this sometime.)  No, I'm talking about the latest trend in blogging circles.  First Rachel did it, then Maria did it, then Abby did it, and now I am joining the ranks with a "me too!"

Because, y'know, I steal people's ideas.  All.  The.  Time.

But I am redeeming myself by citing the people that I've stolen from, and therefore... well, as Mark Twain said, "When you copy one man's ideas, it's called plagiarism; when you copy many men's ideas, it's research."  Anyways.  I still haven't told you what I'm driving at.

Is there anything about me that you want to know... but don't?

Yep, peoples, that's the question.  I'm opening the comments-- you can ask me anything you like and I'll do my best to answer! I do, of course, reserve the right to skip over any questions that I'm not comfortable with (i.e., invasion of privacy &c.) but I'll do my best to tell you what you want to know.  And I shall not say that you can't just come bursting in here saying you want to know, you know, because far be it from me to ever quote Tite Barnacle.   Wait.... I just DID quote Tite Barnacle...

Never mind.


Ashley said...

Dear dear, this shall be fun!!!

Outside of period drama, what are some of your loves?

Top 5 favorite blogs?

What are you currently reading?

What movies have you yet to see, but wish to?

Last question, Have you ever been to a period drama ball, or some other gala affair that requires dressing up?

Alexandra said...

I love this idea! I don't think I have any questions...none that I can't ask on email, haha (that "haha" was done AA style, you understand...). Anyway. BUT. I love this post idea and I think I might copy it. Do you mind?

(trots off to copy it)

Miss Dashwood said...

Ally, you don't have to explain when "haha" is done AA style, because I now hear his voice in my head every time I read "haha". HA, ha...
Of course I don't mind, especially since I copied it off a bunch of other people already... cough...

Rose M. said...

Was there anything/anyone in particular that inspired you to blog?

What's your favorite thing to blog about?

Where do you wush you lived?

~Rose M. from www.thegoldenroadblog.blogspot.com

Charity U said...

Ah, I excel at asking questions. ;)

Have you read Jane Eyre? Seen any movie versions? Read anything else by the Brontes?

What inspired your blog name?

Why Miss Dashwood and not Miss Woodhouse or Bennet?

Any favorite not-period-drama movies? Unheard of question, I know...

Elinor Dashwood or Anne Elliot?

"Favorite" villain? (yes, you're getting some of Miss Georgiana's questions -- I'm curious!)

Favorite period drama actors (up to three)?

Some favorite not Jane Austen books?

Anne Shirley or Emma Woodhouse?

Have fun. :)

Melody said...

You know.... I was EXPECTING this post to pop up on your blog. Am not I clevuh?

I will be thinking.


Melody said...

All right dearest dear, you must give me a limit for how many questions I can ask. Tootuz I am coming up with way too many. :P

Miss Dashwood said...

Very well, you shall be limited as to number--only three at once. (And if you have more you can always email me, you know. :P I certainly never hesitate to ausk YOU lots of questions, heehee.)

Melody said...

Oh, come now, let's not be stingy. Even you asked Maria Elisabeth FIVE questions. :P

Muwahaha, but the questions I email you aren't answered in a post for all to see.

Rose M. said...

I thought of a couple more that I have to ask!

In writing stories, what is the hardest part for you (introducing characters, etc.)?

What do you say about the common advice about writing about what you know very well (the time you live in, where you live, etc.)?

~Rose M.

Somersaulting Through Life said...

Heehee, my letter for the PDAE was by Mr Tite Barnacle! :P
Question: which is your least favourite period drama adaptation ever? :)

Somersaulting Through Life said...

Ooh and another one I've just thought of: are there any film/tv adaptations out there which you found more enjoyable than the original book? (likely to spark off a bit of controversy!) :D

Miss Dashwood said...

Well, I couldn't resist the opportunity to quote Emmer. Very well, if you have five to ausk, you may ausk five. :D

Lydia said...

do you live in the Us? or in another country?

Maria Elisabeth said...

What are your opinions on poetry?

Do you start your stories with knowing the plot pretty well, or do you find it out as you write?

What's your least favorite school subject?

What's your candid opinion of Edmund Bertram.

Do you quote as much in real life as you do on your blog?

What made you call this blog 'Yet Another Period Drama Blog' instead of, well, anything else?

Melody said...

Okay, here are five, just since I don't know when you'll stop taking questions. ;-) But if I think of something else, I'll be back. 5-question limit or Not. ;) Also, I'm putting numbers after the questions I want to comment upon, but the comment is not intended as part of the question. They are just for You to read. :P

~Would you rather marry Mr. Darcy or Mr. Tilney? (1)
~If you had to write a sequel to a Jane Austen novel, which one would you choose?
~Who do you consider yourself more like: Elinor Dashwood or Anne Shirley?
~Will you be good enough to list the Jane Austen heroines from favorite to not-so-favorite? (Because really, none of them can be called "least favorite," right?) (2)
~Are there any particular phrases you come across in books that you find just plain irksome? (3)

1. That's right, Mr. Knightley is not an option in this question. ;P
2. Haha, "List the Jane Austen Heroines..." is not actually a question, so I had to change the phrasing. :P
3. Such as, referring to someone's hair as a "mane". I had just read that when I came up with the question. hahaha. (You know me and my pet peeves...)

Abby said...

Everyone seems to have asked a lot of my questions already, but here's a rather random few anyway!

- What colour is your bedroom?
- How tall are you?
- What is your favourite chore? (or the one you dislike the least, anyway!)
- Do you have a favourite artist? If so, who is it?
- Which invention from the last 100 years do you think is the most brilliant?

I look forward to your answers, hehe! :')


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Okay, I have a few. Feel free to NOT answer any of these if you want. lol.

Where do you live? (In the US or somewhere else)

How many siblings do you have?

Have you ever actually finished anything you've written (e.g. short stories, novels, etc)? (hehehe - this is a challenge for me and I'm wondering if it's just me and I need to get my act together, or if it's normal to start things, get a better idea, and start that...)

Do you like any non-period dramas?

Last one... Are you homeschooled?

Thanks for doing this! I can't wait to read all the answers to everyone's questions!