Sunday, October 16, 2016

A New Venture (again!)

I'm good at new ventures lately, apparently.  And good at not following through with the last one I posted... ahem.

At any rate, check this out.  :D  Melody and I are starting a vlog series, for a very interesting reason.  You'll have to watch the video to find out just what, though. ;) And yes, the video below is me, and my face, and my voice, so HI.  Also my hair being very Frizz, as it was a somewhat damp day.  And also I apparently do not know how to look into the actual camera, so hopefully the stare-off-at-the-corner-of-the-screen trick isn't too jarring to your eye.

Did you watch it? Didja? Didja?  Now are you gonna click on the link to see the actual YouTube channel, and subscribe, and like the video? Are ya? Are ya?  (And Melody's video is here, just so ya know.)

...That's getting annoying, isn't it.

At any rate, here's the adorable photo Melody made that I didn't get to include in the video because my video editor is being shnibly unto me. Hopefully it'll work next time.

...and next time isn't too far away.


P.S. Check out more on the AGM here, if you're interested.


Naomi Sarah said...

I am so SOOO excited about this! :-D (And you are so good on camera. And I love your hair.)

Anonymous said...

For the first few parts of the video where you had your glasses on and were giving us all these lovely Hebrew facts, I can't help but mention you really had your librarian look going strong. (And I consider that a compliment, just so you know.)

I love this. Like, a lot. Also, I can't WAIT to see you TOGETHER.

~Miss Meg

Natalie said...

*Pauses the video so I can start typing out my comment before I forget what I want to say.*

Okay. THIS IS EXCITING. A vlog series by two of my favorite bloggers!!

The first couple minutes of the vlog, I was certain you reminded me of someone, and realized it was a girl I know from a church I used to attend. Funny thing is, she also loves Jane Austen. :P

*Finishes watching the video*

Hahahaha, your accent! You're just as funny in your videos as you are in your post, and OF COURSE I'm subscribing! Now I'm going to hop over and watch Melody's video, too. :) :)

Melody said...

And *I'm* the one who works at a library!!! ;P

jessica prescott said...

Awesome!! Have a great time together, and I can't wait to hear all about it!! Ah, the "Emma" theme sounds super cool :-)

(Comic Con is cool too though ;-) )

Éowyn said...

This is most terribly exciting! I can hardly wait for more. And you are very charming and hilarious. ;)

Anonymous said...

That is going to be SO MUCH FUN. I can't wait to hear all about it!

- Sarah

P. S. This is completely off-topic, but have you listened to the soundtrack to the musical "Hamilton"? And if you have, what did you think about it?

Anonymous said...

This blog is dead! :'(

Anonymous said...

This blog is sadly dead! :'(


Miss Emma Woodhouse said...

Miss Dashwood, you have a lovely, lovely blog! You have no idea how much I enjoy reading all your old posts! I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and have thouroughly enjoyed it! Do come back! Your presence is most sorely missed!

- Miss Emma Woodhouse

Fellowship & Fairydust said...

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