Monday, July 23, 2012

Mr. Collins and Disguises

First of all-- today is the lovely Miss Laurie's birthday! Stop on over at her blog and wish her many happy returns, won't you?

Secondly, Miss Laurie happens to be hosting a delightful Jane Austen caption contest.  (You can find out more by clicking on the link.)  I adore period drama photos with funny captions (I do run a blog for that specific purpose, after all) and so I had great fun coming up with two entries for her "Funny" category.

Picture: Frewen Warne in Miss Potter.
Quote: Elizabeth Bennet, Pride and Prejudice (the book).

Picture: The Old Hag Sir Percy Blakeney in The Scarlet Pimpernel.
Quote: Mr. Darcy, Pride and Prejudice 
(the movie-- he says this in the book as well but this exact wording is from the film.  Because I was too lazy to look up the quote in the book).

The contest runs until Friday the 27th, so there's still time to enter!


Miss Melody Muffin said...

Oooh, nice job on the captions! The second one is my personal favorite! It's brilliant!!!!!

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Heehee! How clever! I forgot that "Mr. Collins" was in Miss Potter as well!
Thanks for entering my contest and for the birthday wishes! :)

Jemimah C. said...

Amy, you have been greatly blessed with the capacity to make people laugh. I nearly cried with laughter over Mr. Darcy's quote and Sir Percy!

Molly said...

Ha,ha! Love the picture of Sir Percy!

Melody said...

The first one was funny and the second one made me snort. But I must tell you, my dear, that the exact wording of the second is not actually from the movie... in the movie he just said "But disguise of every kind is my abhorrence."

I'm pretty sure, anyways. :P Wait, is it from some *gasp* other film besides P&P95??
Surely not.

Alexandra said...

They were all epic, of course. 'Specially the Percy one. :-P Bravo! (The facial expression of course does everything. :-D)