Saturday, July 7, 2012

Reminders, Announcements, and Rambling Randomness

"No... a teacher.  Well, I'm a writer.  Actually, I write books."

~I don't do bullet-pointed posts as a general rule, but I do think they're fun sometimes, so that's what I'm doing tonight.  (Okay, so technically they're not actually bullet-points.  They're... uh... flowery-dash-points.)  This is going to be a post of randomness.  Yes, I stole Alexandra's idea.  No, I am not ashamed of the fact.

~Only a Novel's blog tour has officially commenced! My first interview was with the lovely Isabel, aka Old-Fashioned Girl, at her blog A Superior Felicity.  Hop on over here to read the post!

~I'm very, very excited about all the other tour dates I've been setting up with blogging friends this week.  These tour dates include...

                             July 11th interview at Dirt and Dickens
                             July 14th guest post at The Splendor Falls on Castle Walls
                             July 19th interview at The World of a Rhoswen Faerie Wrose
                             July 24th guest post at Living on Literary Lane
                             July 25th guest post at Lianne Taimenlore

~Still working out details with Abby of Newly Impassioned Soul, Melody of Regency Delight, Maria of Miss Georgiana Darcy, Mattie of Daughter of the King, Eowyn at Inklings Press and Alexandra of Trims and Frills (yes, I abbreviate... but my sister refers to my blog as The YAP, so don't be offended, Ally. Not that you would be.).

~I'll be adding a little linky thingy to my sidebar so you can easily navigate to all the tour posts.

~You know that caption on the picture at the beginning of the post?  That's actually me right now.  I'm in the throes of teaching a literature class to a group of middle-school-aged girls (we're studying Little Women), which is the most tremendous fun, especially since it means I get to dress up in period costume once a week.  And I feel Anne-ish.  Which is a bonus.  Except it's not an Anne-ish costume because Anne didn't live during the Civil War.  (Thank you my dear, I think we have all apprehended that much.)

~I do so love the phrase "Thank you, my dear, I think we have all apprehended that much."  (Mr. Palmer, Sense and Sensibility 1995) It's like the Regency equivalent of "duh."  Funnier and much less rude.   :D

~Air conditioning is the 20th century's greatest invention.

~This little guy cracks me up every single time.

~ "I suppose that is merely a development of the classical trick with the cup and the ball, the glove being A and the dove being.... B."
"No." [dramatic pause] "It is... MAGIC."
Return to Cranford was hilarious.  Also emotionally traumatizing.  But still good.  A review is forthcoming, once I finish my in-draft gushings over The Young Victoria.

~I am beginning my first Really Big Sewing Project-- to wit, a Regency dress as a fifteenth birthday present for Anne-girl.  Yes, she already knows about it.  Yes, it was initially supposed to be a surprise.  Yes, I am terrible at keeping secrets.  And yes, you are going to hear an awful lot about it in Forthcoming Posts.

~There are only a few hours left in which to vote in the OAN giveaway... so if you haven't done so yet, well then, allons-y!


Melody said...

Heeheehee, I was pretty sure I knew what "this little guy" was going to be before I clicked on it... I was right. ;)

You left out part of the Anne quote. *sniff* Might have been purposeful, but I likes to have it all meself. "No, a teacher. No, I'm a writer. Actually, I write books."

Hah. I have definitely apprehended that you like that quote. :D

Rhoswen Faerie Wrose said...

I'm so excited about our interview! :-D And I think I've found a good balance between writerly questions and random ones. ;-)

And I must agree, air conditioning is wonderful! I just wish our central unit wasn't broken. We're living with one little window unit right now. :-P

Alexandra said...

Ah, you're a teacher of literature, eh? I don't see what's so great about reading, anyway. Reading's for looooooosers!

Sorry. Just had to keep it going. :-P

Ha! I call my own blog Trims and Frills. I found that humorous. :-P

Wasn't Return traumatic? Less than I thought but still traumatic. Camilla...erm...Charlotte...erm...Martha!!! Sniff. Anyway.

OMS, that picture is awesome. LOVE IT.

WHAAAAAT?!!?!?!?! You let the cat out of the bad!? You naughty, naughty child. Tsk, tsk. :-P Can't wait to hear all about it. It'll turn out lovely, I know.

Anyway. Love these random posts! Muchly awesomeness! :D

Miss Dashwood said...

Whoops! I'm good at leaving out bits of quotes. As you know. :D And isn't that little guy hilarious?

Great! I just received your lovely questions and will hopefully answer them in the next couple of days!
We have window units in my house too. :)

Reading is for geniuses, which you, little madam, air definitely NOT.
Heehee. Couldn't resist.
Oh, good, you call your own blog that? I feel bettah.
I KNOW! There were a few moments there where I was like, "I HATE this movie," especially when... um... that really Horrible, No Good, Very Bad thing looked like it had happened in the last episode. But then... it hadn't happened! And everything was happy! And it was a little bit exhausting!
Naughty child indeed. I'm a GOOD girl, I am. Aoowwwwww. But hey, now I get to blog about it. :D

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read your Return to Cranford (and Young Victoria!) review. =) I do hope I will get some credit for introducing you to the fabulousness that is you-know-what. =) Heehee! =)
~ puddle

Miss Dashwood said...

Heehee, well, you must remember that I watched it without having a clue as to who you-know-what was. :P But I will give you credit, m'dear!

Miss Melody Muffin said...

'The Regency equivalent of "duh"'! I love that!!! Methinks I shall start using it; thereby causing my family to roll their eyes at what will seem to them (because they won't know where the quote comes from) like another one of my many oddities!!!! Cue, evil laugh. :) And, by the way, since there are so many females in my family we all have rolling eyes down to a fine art. Oh, wait, we were born experts at it. Aren't all females?

'This little guy' cracked me up!!!

Regency dress!! How exciting! I made one a few years ago but the pattern needs some adjustments to fit my figure properly. It has been on my list to adjust the pattern and make another dress, but it just hasn't moved to the top of the list yet. What pattern are you using? I'll be looking forward to the forthcoming posts about it!

Mental note: must see Cranford and Return to Cranford. Mental question: how many more movies will you say you simply must see? Mental reply: far more than you can imagine right now. :)

I envy you, teaching a literature class and getting to dress up while you do it! Talk about a dream job!

Anonymous said...

Loved that picture!! Methinks I need to get on Pintrest or something...

Ooh, dressing up while learning about Little Women!! Are you showing clips of any of the movie versions?

18th century duh - HA!!! I'll HAVE to use that! And on the air conditioning - AMEN!

Ooh, Return to Cranford! We found it on YouTube right after watching the first one. I looooved it! So funny - and MUCH less, ahem, bloody than the first one.

Ooh, a sewing project! (Yes, my third paragraph starting with "Ooh!" Your point is?) I'm doing my second big sewing project - a medieval dress for a ball in three weeks. *sigh* (We learned some new swing dancing steps from a few guys at church today after we cleaned up - now I'm REALLY excited!)

I'm not on the list... : ( I guess you decided against letting your grace bestow her presence on my 'umble blog.... Excuse me while I go sob....


Miss Dashwood said...

Miss Melody Muffin,
Oh, yes, we are all born knowing how to do so. :D
I'm using the Simplicity pattern 4055--it seems pretty straightforward which is nice for a beginning seamstress like me! :D
Indeed, you must seen Cranford and Return. You will love them. :D (Mental note: must not use so many garishly grinning smilies in replies to blog comments.)

My dear, I am so sorry I forgot to include the link to your blog! I am so very much looking forward to doing the interview with you! We need to set up a date. :D
Oh, wow, a medieval dress for a ball... pray excuse me while I go die of envy in a corner somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Amy - You are forgiven. : D (And garish smiles? Ha!) Me, too! As soon as I can come up with the questions.... : P

Yes, a medieval dress for a ball... I'm sighing myself! It's not even started yet - just cut out - and I already can't wait to wear it! I'll work on it today and post pictures. (But Arwen's dress is probably much prettier than mine - hers is nearly done!!)