Friday, February 8, 2013

Period Dramas, Blog Parties and Valentines Gone Wrong

We strive towards a larger goal... those little games don't count at all!

The picture placed strategically above these words has nothing to do with this post.  It simply informs the world that I have zero interest in football, a fact which you probably already knew, but I had to include that picture here because I burst out laughing every time I see it. (I am told that the Crows won the Super Bowl.  Or maybe it was the Rooks.  Some kind of large, flappy, ugly birds.  Whatever.)

At any rate, today I shall be answering the lovely Miss Laurie's Period Drama Challenge tag questions.  I signed up to participate in the PDC about a month ago, and the idea is simple: choose a certain number of period dramas to watch between January and July, and review each one.  They don't have to be films you've never seen before, but they do have to be films you've never reviewed before.  I chose to do 10 films, and though I haven't done any reviews yet (cough...) I'm participating in the tag because it looks fun.

Old-Fashioned Charm

1. What period dramas have you watched in January?

Jeeves and Wooster (season four), Lark Rise to Candleford (season one, almost done) and North and South (the whole thing).

2. Do you prefer period dramas peppered with humor or laced with dark emotions?

A combination of both.  Humor is always good ("TAKE IT, EAT IT") but I like a bit of drama now and again pretty much all the time.

3. What was the first period drama miniseries (two episodes or longer) that you ever watched?

Pride and Prejudice (1995).  I saw Anne of Green Gables long before that, but I'm not sure if that one really counts.

4. How many Jane Austen adaptations have you seen?

Nine.  P&P95, Sense and Sensibility (both recent versions), Persuasion (both recent versions), Mansfield Park (1983), Northanger Abbey (2007), Emma (1996 Miramax) and Emma (2009 BBC).  Oh, and I've seen the Wishbone episode "Pup Fiction" which is based on Northanger Abbey, but I don't suppose that counts.

5. What period drama, that you haven't seen before, are you most looking forward to seeing in the future?

Ivanhoe (1982).  My sister and I are planning to watch it next Saturday... I haven't read the book yet, but she has, and I know the basic story, and-- forget all that.  ANTHONY ANDREWS AND OLIVIA HUSSEY.

In other news...

Jessica is hosting a Literary Valentine contest over at her blog this week, and since I can't resist such things, I made a wee Les-Mis-themed entry.  I thought about making a Jane Austen card, but decided that I had more opportunity for humor with Enjolras, so... here ya go.

Yes, well, the poor chap's not the romantic sort.   (Kudos to people who can identify Patria.)

And to top it all off, Kellie is hosting her third annual Literary Heroine Blog Party! This will be my third year participating (the first year was when I had a private blog) and I'm quite excited.  Do hop over to her blog and take a peek at the festivities from February 16-28!


Hayden said...

haha. I pinned that same super bowl pic and my 14-year-old brother (who's a football fan) whacked me on the head. :)

I love that valentine...hilarious!

I'm doing the period drama challenge, and it's very fun!

Hayden said...

oh. And Patria is fatherland.

Anne-girl said...

Do I get kodus? Cause I wouldn't believe patria was a girl...

Any way Both pics are hilarious! The Pony is growing on me . I think I'll move from acceptance to enjoyment of his portrayal soon.

Rachel (Cynthia) Heffington said...

I KNOW WHO PATRIA IS! And that made me laugh. :D As for AA's version of Ivanhoe, it's all very good, of course, but he just sort of lays about dying the entire movie. Not very Percy-esque. But I did enjoy it. :D

Melody said...

Haha, I suppose I must have a negative zero interest in football. ;D

Wait... you did finish episode 10 of Lark Rise, didn't you? Tootuz that'st he last one.

Oh my word. I've seen almost twice as many Jane Austen adaptations than you have. That's crazy. Haha...

Who is Olivia Hussey? o.O Ha, like I really care... :P

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Really enjoyed all your Enjolras photos and your answers to the Tag Questions!
Ivanhoe 1982 is REALLY good! You're gonna love it! I don't know how close it is to the book but AA is delightful as always! How did he rate getting to play TWO literary heroes in the same year? Well I guess he is just that awesome! :)

Don't feel too bad about not reviewing any films in January, many of us got a late start to reviewing. Look forward to seeing what you do review in future! :)

Victoria said...

I KNOW WHAT PATRIA MEANS! *jumps up and down* It means fatherland or country. Though I've not seen Les Mis and don't plan to, I know the story and I found both of those jokes quite funny...especially the football one.

Not to be a wet blanket, but I've seen that version of Ivanhoe and didn't like it. I'm a true-to-the book freak, and that one...wasn't. A lot of the characterization was wrong. Still, if you're an Anthony Andrews fan, it'll probably be worth it. :)

Livia Rachelle said...

It is Latin for fatherland; if it is also French for fatherland, then that is because French is a Romance-Latin root language. I take Latin, so no great praise for me :P

Are you going to review the Ivanhoe? I love Anthony Andrew from The Scarlet Pimpernel, but I have only seen the Elizabeth Taylor Ivanhoe (horribly inaccurate btw), and the relatively newer BBC (cannot recommend-morally and graphically repugnant)one.

Molly said...

Haha! I loved the valentine and the super-bowel pictures! But I must admit, I thought Patria was a girl until Anne-girl kindly informed me other wise. So please forgive my ignorance. :)

Jessica Greyson said...

Love these! Thank you so much for entering!