Thursday, February 14, 2013

Single? Really?

You guys! It's a holiday today! And you all know what THAT means.


Sigh.  It means that Amy ditches this blog's normal fare of Jane Austen and Les Miserables and writes Deep Stuff that pertains to the holiday in the hopes of convincing someone that she really does think about things other than balls at Netherfield and Regency fashions and Marius Pontmercy.  (See here.)

So.  Today we talk about hearts full of love.  (And I'm totally NOT going to drag Les Mis into this. I promise.)  Today is Valentine's Day, and most people over the age of ten are either A) celebrating the day with a Significant Other or B) bewailing the fact that they don't actually have a Significant Other.  Then there are people who honestly don't care that it's Valentine's Day (so I suppose that's C) and then there's the final group.  D group is made up of people who aren't romantically attached but aren't about to let that spoil their enjoyment of a fun holiday lots of chocolate.

Maybe I'm just noticing it more this year since I'm older than I was last year (thank you for pointing that out, my dear) but it does seem as though everywhere you turn, someone's making a joke about Singleness Awareness Day.  Or bemoaning the fact that they're celebrating V-Day alone.  Or saying how much they love being "single."  I've made my own plethora of jokes along those lines (spinsters unite, and all that) but to be honest... am I really single?

I mean, the world's definition of "single" is "someone who isn't romantically involved with another person."  I'd add a qualifier--"and someone who is actually old enough to be romantically involved with another person."  (Because a thirteen-year-old dramatically wailing, "When will my Prince Charming arrive?  I want a boyfriend soooooooooo bad!" is not the kind of person I'm talking about here.)  I'm not quite sure I'd think of myself as someone who is actually old enough, heh, so there you have it. I'm not single.  I'm just a kid.  Good, we wrapped that up pretty quickly.  Now I'm off to eat chocolate.

...Okay, well, you're not getting off that easily because I actually do have more to say.  I don't consider myself single.  Not just because I don't think I'm old enough yet, but also because... I'm not.

I have a family.  An amazing family.  The best-ever mother and father, three beautiful sisters and one hilarious brother.  I have friends.  Many friends.  Wonderful friends.   The only thing I don't have is a boyfriend.  And you know what?  That's okay.  At this point in my life, I don't want a boyfriend.  Don't get me wrong, I haven't become a rip-roaring feminist who shrieks to the world that she doesn't need a man to be happy and successful and fulfilled in life.  I do want a wonderful man to come along someday for me.  I'm just saying that I'm not single.  I'm surrounded by loving people, for pity's sake!  If I were single, I'd be without a home and without a friend and without a face to say hello to.  People are made to be dependent on each other, and I'm incredibly blessed to have a godly and supportive family and a warm circle of friends.  Alone this Valentine's Day?  Me?  Are you kidding?  No one sent me flowers, chocolates or promises he didn't intend to keep today.  No, today I got handmade paper hearts from my sisters and brother (and lots of chocolate, so I kind of lied in the last sentence, but I had to complete the quote) and a gorgeous old-fashioned valentine from a dear friend.  (A female friend, people.)

Now don't start misunderstanding this post.  I do not have a problem with the term "single," nor do I have a problem with people making jokes about their relationships (or lacks thereof).  I'm just saying that I don't have anything to complain about this Valentine's Day.  I didn't spend the morning drifting about the house and soulfully rendering "On My Own." (I'll do that tomorrow when I vacuum the upstairs, never fear.)  No, today I put the finishing touches on handmade cards for my family and did an impromptu version of "Circle of Life" with my siblings while we were supposed to be cleaning up after breakfast.   And at lunchtime I exchanged valentines with my family members and laughed myself sick over my sisters' demonstration of talent.  (Seriously.  How many romantic Prince Charmings out there are going to send valentines with Adventures in Odyssey quotes and hand-drawn original cartoons carefully rendered thereon?)

I'm not single, and I'm not going to die (um... to  all of you wrinkling your brows... it's a quote.  My sister will laugh.  Petie and Eowyn will too, I think).  Isn't that revolutionary?
How about you?

...Eh, well, forget all that I said up there, okay?  Because that picture you see above sums it all up much better.  Obviously, I am not content with being unattached.  I am, of course, unhappily in love.  Just ask my mom.


Melody said...

Love the picture at the top. That joke amused me before but 'tis bettah with Emma.

GASP. You mention Les Miserables as if it is just barely one tiny little step lower than Jane Austen.


M'dear, that should read "this blog's normal fare of Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Northanger Abbey, Emma, Mansfield Park & Persuasion, and Les Miserables".
Do you see where I'm coming from? Please don't say that Les Mis itself can compare to Everything Jane Austen, or I'm sure I shall never speak to you again.
Well, maybe after a week or two.
But perhaps you DO think that.
Oh dear. *long sigh*

Um, anyways. What was I saying?

Haha, I never bother trying to convince people that I think about Deep Stuff. (What's the use... I'm not sure I DO. :P)

I am so D group. :D I haven't even gotten to the point where Valentine's Day makes me consider myself as single. I'm just like, eh, whatever. Give me chocolate and I'll think it's a great holiday. (And I did get chocolate. Yay. Not lots, but some. :D Also candy that Mom brought home from the preschool... she kept her chocolate, though...)

You'll do it tomorrow when you vacuum the upstairs, never fear-- HAHAHAHA. For some reason that made me burst out laughing. Don't ask me why. :P
That song wouldn't go with feeling single anyways. Unless you count imagining somebody up altogether. "Without me, his world is still not real..."
Ahem. Sorry.

A quote that I don't get but a few other people will... oh. *sad sniffle*

Anyways. Very glad you're happy with being not-boyfriend-ed, and don't feel single or lonely either. :D
But hmm, perhaps I'm somewhat of a rip-roaring feminist myself...
Well, I do do a lot of announcing that having a husband isn't the meaning of life and that it is certainly not a necessity, if that's anything along the same lines. :P

Happy Valentine's Day, m'dear!

Hamlette said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I've never viewed this as a strictly romantic holiday -- it's a time to tell people you love them, not just tell one person you are in love with them. My whole family exchanged valentines when I was a kid, and I'm continuing the tradition with my kids. So enjoy your chocolate and cards (esp. that Adventures in Odyssey card!) and realize that you are having a far better, more fulfilling Valentine's Day than most people who are in a romantic relationship.

PS On our first Valentine's Day as a couple, my husband-to-be gave me a thesaurus. See why I married him?

Holly said...

You do decidedly state your opinions...and I LOVE it!
This was very amusing and interesting to read and I agree with pretty much everything you said :)
But that last photo, it's pretty priceless!!

Katherine Sophia said...

I like you quite decidedly, my dear.
This post is brilliant. XD I am certainly quite a bit older than 13, but "single"? Not how I would describe myself. My life is filled to bursting with relationships and love, and...everything you said. XD
Thanks for posting! :D

Anonymous said...

I laughed.